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    🗞 The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (8-20-2021)

    (Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

    This is a fun email for Friday August 20h, 2021. Hope you like it :)

    🎤 Listen to this email here:



    This is a fantastic ad for moisturizer that gets rid of "tired eyes."
    tired eyes makeup ad
    This ad is foreshadowing to how “makeup for men” will happen:
    Products NOT called makeup that solve specific issues.
    The industry of "looking better" is huge, and will likely grow, and men are 50% of the population yet consume a fraction of these products.
    I believe the exact same products being sold to women will start to become more common amongst men, but promoted differently.
    This trend will likely follow the playbook of:
    • Lotion for men
    • Loofah’s for men
    • Expensive hair product for men


    I've been more and more interested in large paid online communities.
    The communities I'm interested in observing are:
    - Not on Facebook Groups.
    - Have 1,000+ paying members.
    Since I run a paid community I'm always looking for ways to make it better, so I put the word out and found these communities also:

    • eCommerceFuel: eCommerce

    • Bigger Pockets: Real Estate

    • Copywriting Course: Marketing

    • Futures.io: Trading

    • Wiz of Marketing: Marketing

    • Fastlane Forum: Entrepreneurship

    • Seeking alpha: Trading

    • Dynamite Circle: Entrepreneurship

    • Location Rebel: Freelance

    • GIN (Global International Network): Empowerment

    • Liminal order: Men’s Accountability

    • Common Thread Co: eCommerce

    • Visualize Value: Images

    • Markerpad: Apps

    • Be On Deck: Entrepreneurship

    • NomadList: Travel

    • The Pen Island Group

    So far in August the stats on our own community are:
    17 videos added
    741 posts
    2,933 reactions
    110,787 words
    471,814 characters
    Do YOU know of any other online communities that are:
    - Not Facebook Groups
    - Have 1,000+ paying members


    I interviewed a barbershop owner to learn more about the business, and there were some interesting nuggets:
    • People still like using phone to schedule appts.
    • For local marketing Google Reviews are the most powerful.
    • This particular barber shop also sells clothes in-store, and it makes more money than the barbering services bring in!

    It's wild how in the brick-n-mortar world most small businesses are completely not adept at keeping their local listings maintained.
    Jason was telling me by simply saying this to customers as they walk out, they've far surpassed most local barbershops in reviews in less than 12 months:
    "Good reviews online are like GOLD to us....if you wouldn't mind leaving a Google Review we'd really appreciate it."
    That simple statement gets them tons of reviews.


    This is how V2 of my current home studio is looking like on camera:
    This is how it looks walking in:
    This is how V1 looked a few months ago:
    I seriously suck at room design....so maybe by V3 I'll have someone help me pick out furniture and chachkies to put around the room.
    There's still more furniture and stuff to add but it's being reallllyyy slow on the supply chain of things.


    It's my job to stay on top of content marketing, so I decided to test what would happen if I post random TikTok videos:
    • Did zero promotion.
    • Didn't tell anyone about the account.
    • I lazily took random YouTube Shorts that were already made and posted them to TikTok.
    Now I've seen an ass-ton of social networks be "hot" thing:
    It used to be del.ic.iois
    It used to be Digg
    It used to be Craigslist
    It used to be Orkut
    It used to be MySpace
    It used to be Xanga
    It used to be Geocities
    It used to be Friendster
    It used to be Periscope
    It used to be Meerkat
    It used to be LinkedIn
    It used to be LinkedIn posts
    It used to be Google Video
    It used to be Google Plus
    It used to be Facebook Pages
    It used to be Facebook Notes
    It used to be Facebook Groups
    It used to be Medium
    It used to be Facebook Ads
    It used to be Instagram posts
    It used to be Instagram stories
    It used to be Instagram TV
    It used to be SnapChat
    It used to be YouTube
    So while I'm not fully hopping on the TikTok train, there's a few things I like about it:
    1.) It's mobile-first.
    2.) It's mobile-creation first.
    This means the need to have fancy software on a desktop computer to create videos is almost gone. That's HUGE.
    I've seen some very clever storytelling methods on TikTok, and THAT to me is interesting.
    After all, I've always thought that:
    So while many TikTok's might be of low production quality, their ability to teach concepts quickly (under 1 min) is unmatched.


    This isn't exactly a drawing, but these old 1980's ads kind of look like drawings!
    This was a famous Bud Light campaign from the 1980's featured a "cool dog" named Spuds MacKenzie:
    spuds bud light ad
    This ad campaign was created by a 23 year old art director named Jon Moore working out of Chicago.
    Spuds MacKenzie first appeared in a Super Bowl XXI ad in 1987 and was a huge hit!
    While the advertising campaign worked well, by 1989 Budweiser retired the campaign because too many organizations claimed the dog was trying to advertise alcohol to children.
    I remember seeing these as a kid and they were awesome! It didn't really make me want to drink beer at all, but it was hilarious seeing this "cool" dog playing guitar 😂
    Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday :)
    Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed

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