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    The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday Feb 5th)

    (Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

    This is a fun Friday email. Hope you like it :)


    I love when pages of data are condensed into simple graphs you can understand in a second.
    Here's an example of Dog Vs Cat ownership (West Virginia loves them some cats)!!
    US-dog and cat ownership by state

    ​And here's an example of Apple's revenue sources. This is taken from their extensive financial reports, but this chart breaks it down in one simple image:
    whats behind apples huge revenues


    I've been filming + editing video more often, and it's VERY similar to writing an article:
    - The starting material is long and sloppy.
    - It usually turns out differently after editing.
    - You might spend more time editing than filming.
    - The end result is short, tight, and seems effortless.
    The cool part about editing video is you can visually SEE the editing, whereas an article you can't.
    Here's the amount of editing it took to make
    copy ai video edits


    More and more people I know have jobs that 30 years ago didn't exist or would be considered super dumb:
    - YouTuber
    - Blogger
    - Funny TikToker
    - Podcaster
    - Newsletter Writer
    - Professional Nomad
    The distribution power of the internet allows people to become 1-person media companies, then use that platform to parlay into bigger things:
    - Software Company
    - Investor
    - Promoter
    - A Real Media Company
    - Consulting Firm
    - Agency
    This means people get to do more and more of what they love doing:
    what to build venn chart


    In 2005 I was running a popular personal finance blog where I listed out all my income.
    This was a SUPER WEIRD concept back then, and most of my friends/family had no idea about the blog.
    Then this New York Times article came out....and that's how my parents found out I was a blogger 😂
    2005 newspaper clipping


    This "Guide to Oysters" ad was the first ad David Ogilvy wrote for his own agency.

    • He was 38 years old when he started writing copy.

    • It was designed to showcase different oysters.

    • It tells you a cold Guinness is a good pairing.

    • He wanted an ad so helpful “People ripped it out of the magazine.”

    I love how useful this ad is, it's 90% value!
    David Ogilvy Guinness Advertorial


    This is the drawing I did for a concept I call Sell Why You Sleep:​
    It means you create a small digital product that can be:

    • Promoted.

    • Purchased.

    • Delivered.

    .....all while you sleep:
    In fact we'll be getting 20 people together who want to create/sell their product, and have it selling by March 29th! Would love to have you in that group, I'll be with you every step of the way.
    Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits :)
    Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com

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