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    The ten thousand dollar day

    Yea so now that I realized that I could type words differently and people would buy lots of stuff from me.....I was eager to apply this newfound superpower to something else.

    I repeatedly wrote HouseOfRave promotions that did very well, and I started bringing in more money from that business despite drop-shipping becoming a harder business to survive in.

    There was a slew of other uses for copywriting, but my favorite part of the journey was when my good buddy Noah Kagan would come over to my apartment and co-work with me (pictured here):


    He was building a side-project called AppSumo.

    And the whole business was based off of sending emails to subscribers, and presenting them an awesome deal.

    The problem with getting constant emails from someone is that you quickly get annoyed if all they're doing is SELLING SELLING SELLING.

    And that's all AppSumo emails were.

    The selling part of the emails included really cool (and deeply discounted) deals on stuff computer nerds liked, so people were reasonably interested in at least checking out the emails.......but they still blended in with the 20 other newsletters people would get per day.

    So it was at this time I convinced Noah to let me try this "Copywriting stuff" on the AppSumo email list.


    The first line of the original email I wrote was "If you get a boner when I whisper the word 'Garamond' into your ear.....you might be interested."

    This first email I wrote was also three full pages long....whereas the previous emails were not even half a page, had barely any text, and just a "VIEW DEAL" button.

    So once again.......I was sending out an email that was the complete opposite of the norm.

    I included the original Kernest email kopy I wrote at the bottom of the post.

    Some of the original stuff I wrote was modified to make sure it didn't set off spam filters at offices, but otherwise that was the ghetto email we sent out.  It was a complete departure from the previous email.

    Anywho, we sent the email and waited.....

    Waited to see what people thought.

    Waited to see if people thought it was offensive.

    Waited to see if spam filters hated it because it was too long.

    Waited to see if people would ever buy from an email like this.

    The results were:

    The day this email was sent out was the first day AppSumo made a $10,000 profit in one day.  

    How bout THEM apples!!!!!!!

    Tomorrow I continue the story.......


    Neville Medhora


    P.S.  If you wanted to see the historic Kernest email  that went out, here it is:



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    Guest John Kozar


    You know what. I received one of the Kernst emails way back when and promptly purchased it. I think it was the term "Font-Whore" that reeled me in.

    Highly entertaining!!! I feel like the AppSumo emails as of late are not as edgy and fun as they used to be. Did something change?

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    Guest Eugene Hennie


    Hey Nev, true story. I got the Kopy Writing book and printed out all the GH letters. Applied some of that AIDA jam to my emails and ran a cool easter promo for my import course. Got 8 sales over the last couple hours.

    I know it's the emails because of tracking and boring first email in the promo had a horrible... HORRIBLE CTR. It went up 4X when I added some copy magic to it.

    People love the stories and emotion.

    The subject line of the email that kicked ass: "Easter + Washboard Abs + 24hrs Left"

    Cheers buddy!

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    Guest admin



    We weren't sure how well the phrase "font whore" would pass the spam filters, but apparently it did just fine.....glad that funny term sucked you in!

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    Guest admin


    Dude that's AWESOME!


    It's that insane that you wrote a simple EMAIL that made you 4X more money? So much Return On Investment on words

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    Guest admin


    Hmmm.....nice first attempt, but it missed the mark a bit.

    It's kinda funny which is good....but that's not enough to get people to buy over and over. There needs to some reason for them to buy:

    ---Awesome deal for a limited time.

    ---This jacket is TRULY better in a number of ways you explain to them.

    ---They get only get this jacket for a little while longer.

    Preferably if you mix all those elements in the email will do better.

    Lemme know the results anyhow!! Super curious!

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    Thanks for the feedback, the data shows that you are right. It was a bit off.

    Our email list is ~1600 right now.

    The email got an open rate of 32% (pretty standard for our emails) and a click through rate of 9% (this is better than average, but not by a lot - our usual CTR is between 2%-6%)

    So far we have sold 16 of the shirts, which isn't a crazy amount of sales like I had been hoping for. (The deal does go through Friday, but we get most of our sales in the first 24 hours when we send out a deal like this)

    I will keep working on it and keep getting better at my kopy though!

    Thanks again Nev,


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    Guest the passive income thing :: Kopywriting Kourse


    […] I told you in these other posts (first, second) how I knew my income would be higher […]
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    Guest admin


    Hey Dave.....just remember it's not always the Kopy.

    MOST of it has to do with your product.

    If people reaaallllyyy want something, you can have horrible Kopy and still sell it. So with a shirt it's tricky because some people will like and other won't. It's difficult to change their mind about that.

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    Definitely a printworthy email for re-reading. As was the finger lights one.
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    Guest yolanda


    I bought that deal. And I almost didn't open the email because the headline seemed yet another cheap, sleazy reference to Steve Jobs.

    Got my attention with "I'm going to save you a bunch of time" and hooked me with:

    " If your knees go weak when I whisper, "GARAMOND."

    ...you might be one of em.

    You can call yourself a designer or a developer to normal society, but behind closed doors we know the elegance of Verdana's curves turn you on...and that's why we're here today. "

    That you said "designer or a developer" is worthy of pointing out. I'm a developer who likes fonts & design. When someone calls me a designer I don't like it. If you had simply called out designers, I may not have been as "connected" and hooked and identifying that this deal was for me.

    Kernest did save me time. I still pull up the font collections.

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    Guest Neville


    Thanks Yuriy! They both definitely have a special place in my heart :)
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    Guest Neville


    Thanks Bruno! I enjoy seeing them too so I can see the evolution of my writing.
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    Guest Neville


    Oh snap, you were EXACTLY who I was trying to speak to (or whisper "Garamond" in your ear to)!

    I originally thought about doing just "designer" but I knew A LOT of designers who were also developers, so decided to go with both.

    Looks like I made the right choice!

    Thanks for the feedback Yolanda, cool to hear it from the other side of that email :-)

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    Guest Silvestru


    But Neville, you totally avoided his "change-of-style" part of the question...;) I would love to hear an answer to that one as well!


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    Guest Awesome Place To Feel Dolores Eos – Ignite My Site


    […] Kagan’s company AppSumo did it’s first $10,000 (profit) day when they invested in good copywriting. And no, it didn’t look like it was coming from a fancy […]
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