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    Turn a "process" into a digital product

    A few weeks ago, we invited a couple of Copywriting Course members to join us to build a digital product together.
    Here’s the process we used:

    1. Get on a group call.

    2. Come up with a list of things we’re already doing in our businesses.

    3. Turn one of those things into a small digital product.

    4. Upload to Gumroad, or AppSumo, or PayPal.

    Here’s what we built:

    Kyle’s Sales Compensation Calculator:

    Kyle is an SDR consultant. He turned a spreadsheet-based calculator he uses with clients into a digital product.
    He called it "The Greatest Sales Compensation Model of All Time."
    kyles digital product
    He published it on Gumroad and AppSumo, and got a couple of sales within a week of publishing:
    kyle morning email

    Shaadi’s Human Design Guidebook:

    Shaadi is a Human Design consultant. She wrote an intro guide to Human Design that answers all the basic questions she gets from new clients and leads:
    One of the best digital products to make is answering questions you get over and over from clients.
    I personally started Copywriting Course because so many people from AppSumo emails were asking how I wrote intriguing emails.
    I answered that question so many dang times I decided to make 8 quick video snippets on how I did it.....that turned into Copywriting Course!

    Neville’s Problem Solving Checklist:

    I created this short checklist of 10 hacks you can use to solve problems quicker + better.
    problem solving checklist
    This simple PDF sold 10,000+ copies. I sold it for $10 each through a small PayPal button.

    Dan’s Content Master System:

    Dan turned a content strategy he uses with clients into a template for editors trying to grow their content teams. It’s just a Google Sheet with 5 tabs.
    That's it.
    He turned a process he uses over and over, into a helpful product:
    If you’re a business owner, you’re probably sitting on a ton of value for other business owners. Your experience and the way you run your business is something other business owners can benefit from.
    Here's some other ideas of small micro-products you can sell:

    • A process you use to hire people.

    • A process you use for writing or creating.

    • Mental models you use.

    • How you set pricing on products.

    • How you create resumes for students.

    • How you do product photography.

    • How you manage your team.

    • How you track revenue.

    • How you create macros in Excel for automating work.

    • How you stay productive and manage your time.

    • Templates of the cold emails you send.

    • A template for how you negotiate.

    • Sales scripts you use for selling products.

    • Templates for invoicing and miscellaneous processes.

    • Thank you letters you send clients.

    • Schedule for keeping in touch with past clients.

    • A video showing how you find clients and customers.

    • List of freelancers you trust and recommend.

    ....basically anything you do over-and-over can often be packaged and sold as a product.
    All of the ideas listed above can EASILY become digital products.
    If this is something you're interested in, we're doing a small cohort class called Sell While You Sleep that will guide you through this process:


    - Work together to build a digital product -
    - 1 month of support over March -
    - 5 day sprint to build -


    Neville Medhora

    P.S. This class is not about creating a big, complicated, brand new idea. It’s about quickly creating a finished product and shipping it.

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