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    Two different Antennas

    Us humans are horrible at sending and receiving messages.
    How many dumb-ass arguments have sprung up between friends/employees/lovers because of dumb misunderstandings?
    In a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship it might look like this:
    Him: "I want to spend tonight alone at my place."
    Her: "Oh my god what did I do wrong? Something clearly must be wrong!  Are you breaking up with me?!????"
    In a boss/employee relationship it might look like this:
    Boss: "Can you take out that pile of garbage please?"
    Employee: "This asshole is always giving me the worst jobs....I know he has it in for me.  I can't wait to quit this shitty job....."
    In both these examples, the situation just spiraled out of control for almost no reason.
    ....actually, there is a reason:

    There was static between the Sender and the Receiver.    

    The Sender is the person sending the message.  Here he is represented as a "sending signal" that I stole from the internet:

    Sending a signal


    The Receiver is the person getting the message.  Here he is represented as a "receiving signal":

    Receiving a signal






    So in a normal conversation with your best friend, if everything is perfect (no one is tired, intoxicated, or emotional), the exchange of messages can go pretty smoothly, like this:

    Sending and receiving

    BUT.....nothing is ever perfect in personal human communication!!

    There are literally hundreds of subtle things that screw up our Senders and Receivers like:

    • Body language cues we don't even realize we're giving off.
    • Pre-conceived notions we have in our heads.

    • Different values and opinions.

    • Different experiences with situations.

    • Varying levels of intelligence or knowledge. 

    • The Sender is bad at communicating.

    • The Receiver is bad at communicating.

    • Both Sender AND Receiver suck at communicating.


    So very often the Senders message is all static-y by the time it gets to the Receiver.....and the Receiver might be all static-y too, just compounding the problem!!

    Static between communication

    So of the hundreds of things that cause static between a communication, it might end up looking like:

    Mom: "You're only 12, you can't go to that rock concert alone."

    Mom's Intention: To protect her young daughter from a seedy event.

    Daughters Reaction: "You think I'm a little baby and can't do anything by myself, you never let me do anything fun you jerk."

    (I can't wait for my future kids to say that so I can slap the hell out of them)!

    OK smarty......so how the f-heck can we clear up all this misunderstanding??

    Well for personal interactions, that's a very very difficult question.  

    But for business, it's waaay easier.  

    Bidnaazzz is all about delivering a certain value for a certain price.
    So it's MUCH more simple.  




    YOU enter what you're looking for on our website.  

    WE will find you the best result and show you a small ad in the process.  




    YOU pay us $8/month.

    WE let you watch all the TV and movies in our library.

    Individual Web Designer:

    YOU pay me $1,000.

    I will build you a full Wordpress website.



    When there's a clear "WE do this" and "YOU do that" exchange, it makes things A LOT easier.  


    It's what I've built my Kopywriting Kareer on:

    I change the words on businesses, so they send a clearer message.  That results in mooar monaay. 


    This art is known as "Copywriting".  And if you learn it well, it will permeate everything you do.  




    Neville Medhora

    Neville Pic

    P.S.  If you wanna watch a fun misunderstanding, here's one of my favorite scenes from Pulp Fiction where Vincent gets mad at The Wolf: 

    P.P.S.  For today, when someone pisses you off, try to think if that person DELIBERATELY meant to piss you off....or if it's perhaps just a simple mis-communication.  All that pissy-talk in your head is very draining on yourself, so it's easier to rationalize that the person isn't being complete asshole, and you two just had a bit of static between the Sender and Receiver.

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