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    Website Tuneup This is a section to help "tune up" your website. It will take you through Home Pages, About Pages, Contact Pages, Sales Pages, and more. Let's say Bobby is starting a new website....and he finally get's his brand new site up, check it out! But now what?  How does he know what to put on each page?
    • What belongs on the Home Page?
    • What should he do with the About Page?
    • How should he structure his Contact Page?
    These are all questions that will be answered in this Website Tuneup section. These tips can help money stop leaking out of your website. Mentality of a website: For an ecommerce biz - Like your storefront. For a restaurant - Like a fancy business card. For a Consultant - Like a fancy business card. For a Portfolio - Like a fancy business card. Diff pages: Home Pages About Pages Contact Pages Sales Pages,
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