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    What makes kopy gooooood


    20,000 B.C.

    People grunted and understood basic concepts (threats, friendship, food etc)....

    3,500 B.C.

    Crude alphabets and words developed, and someone drew a hieroglyphic penis on the men's room wall.


    The printing press starts gaining momentum, and books become more available.


    Ability to record the human voice.


    Ability to record moving pictures (aka video).


    Television makes spreading video much faster.


    The spread of the internet quickly allows all these mediums to be cheaply transmitted across the world instantly.


    The widespread use of smart-phones quickly allows all these mediums of communication to be accessed literally anywhere, at anytime, by anyone.

    Currently through the internet we can convey text, images, audio and video.....and even interactive versions of all of those.

    And some mediums are better at transferring information from one-brain-to-another.....for certain cases.  

    Let's explore this concept, because it's going to be super-important for the way you communicate anything.

    Watch this video on why you should get familiar with several different communication forms.  Here's the direct YouTube link to watch:



    I can't wait to see the new forms of technology that we'll use to transfer information to each other in the near future!!

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    Guest Avril Oliver


    Great Neville, love that your blog always delivers straightforward step by step info and the video add on this week made it rock! Tnx
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    20,000 B.C.? . I thought concepts of threat,food,friendship are inbuilt .
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    Guest Keeley


    Fully geared up to read the Boron Letters and Advertising Secrets ... however the Sugarman book doesn't appear to be available on Amazon anymore. I could purchase for $114 on eBay plus shipping to the UK ... I have a feeling you're gonna tell me it's worth the money ....

    Any ideas where I might find a cheaper (said in tiny voice) copy?

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    Guest Rhonda


    I love me some Neville! As always, you're the man when it comes to copy education.
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    @ 1:51 of video "they don't feel gypped off..."

    Really!? You are presenting a video on communication and yet you can't keep your so called "good kopy" free from racist comments. Be a little more careful, Neville!

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    Guest Cecil


    Rumor has it that "The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy from One of America's Top Copywriters" by Joe Sugarman (available on Amazon for $16.90) is a word-for-word copy of "Advertising Secrets of the Written Word . . ."
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    Neville—love the video on different forms of kopy. Can you comment on why your rave email with images performed so poorly compared to the long text copy that sold 120 orders? You'd think that images of bright colors would be more tempting, or maybe that pictures never work... What are your thoughts?
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    Guest Virginija Masandaviciene


    Neville, I recently have found you


    You're fun, entertaining...and the beast of Kopywriting


    Thank you for value given to us,

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Why thank you Virginia! Much appreciated, and hope I can keep bringing you great articles/videos :)
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