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    What program do you write in?

    How to Write Pseudocode

    What program do you usually write in?

    Leave your answer in the comments below!




    P.S. Example responses might include:

    - "I write in Google Docs."

    - "I write in the Wordpress visual editor."

    - "I use Notepad and then copy/paste it into Aweber."


    P.P.S. Want to see a visual representation of everyone's answers?

    You can see them all in this Google Spreadsheet:

    google sheet visualization example

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    I write in Google Docs. Clients love it. I love it. Google is my most favoritest company ever.
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    I write my blogposts in Atom, in Markdown format. Then copy paste HTML into Wordpress editor.
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    Guest Nicholas Newman


    I write in the WordPress , then spell and grammar check using prowritingaid
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    I like to draft in Word but deliver in Google Doc (I just can’t get used to writing directly in there)

    That, and the notes app on my phone

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    Guest Therese Kay


    Word, Goigle docs, the Notes app on my phone, Scrivener... all depends on what, where, when, and why!
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    I draft in Scrivener. I produce in whatever final form the brief requires.
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    Guest Yair Katz


    i usually use:

    1. google docs.

    2. then ginger to check spelling.

    3. them hemingway to make sure all is short and to the point.

    4. then paste into wordpress, and do some seo optimization.


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    Guest Britt Malka


    Depends on what I'm writing.

    Emails to my lists: Markdown Monster

    Notes about everything: The Journal 7

    Ebook to sell as PDF: Word

    Fiction: Scrivener

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    Guest Kathryn Sweas


    Google docs. I think I would prefer Word, but all I have is docs. I would love to hear what your experience is and any wonderful suggestions. This is a great question. I enjoyed reading the responses.
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    Guest Ron Herman


    If it's going to be multi-published, eventually to be in a book, Scrivener. If it's a PDF, usually Word or Pages. If it's an email, I usually write it in Edit plus first, then paste it in Drip, ConvertKit, or Mailchimp, whatever I'm using at the moment for an AR.
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    I love writing in Sublime, its actually for coding. You can have many tabs open and organise them into projects..
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    Guest Piiiills, baby


    Bear - it allows me to have that-box-thing were I type words on top of everything else on the screen. Useful.
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    Guest Gwen Cole


    I use Scrivener for book writing and Pages and Google Docs for copy.
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