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    What's the best copywriting book you've ever read?

    What's the best copywriting book you've ever read?
    Neville Medhora and Dan McDermott go over their top 3 copywriting books each.
    Neville's Top 3 Copywriting Book Recommendations:



    Dan's Top 3 Copywriting Book Recommendations:



    Hope you enjoyed this set of recommendations, would love to hear yours!
    Neville Medhora & Dan McDermott
    P.S. Here's some other Resources:
    - Joseph Sugarman Triggers
    - My top copywriting book recs

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    Guest ian george


    Wow this is a journey I want to enjoy and learn this course is what i will use to become successful.
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    Guest Shelley


    Thank you! This is great. Love the plain vernacular review btw , can’t stand reading other ppl describe books half the time. Also the historical backgr n diff types of books for diff kinds of ppl.

    Havent had time lately to read as much as I wanted but I still haven’t unsubscribed from nevilles emails cause I know when one day I have time to click into em it’s gonna be soo good 😭


    have a good one guys !

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Thanks Shelley! Yeah I've read some of the more historical books on copywriting, but they were often VERY scammy and aggressive, something I don't want to do, nor works as well in the modern age where consumers have better tools to research things!
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    Love it. Neville names three of my favourite copywriting books then Dan gives me three completely new ones to add to my list! :)


    If I can make a recommendation it would have to be: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G1743XG/


    More psychology than copywriting but it's on a similar level to Cialdini, though Nicks writing style is far more engaging. His website has loads of free guides too that are top class: https://www.nickkolenda.com/free-guides/

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