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    Why I was "everywhere at once"

    A friend came up to me and said, "DUDE.....you are following me everywhere, and it's WORKING!"

    He was referring to my face on his Facebook feed.

    He was referring to my blog posts which he would get distracted and read.

    He was referring to my writing which came to his inbox several times a week.

    This guy thought I was some kind of content-creating machine, but in reality I'm just a lazy-ass Indian kid who writes FAR less than I should.

    It sometimes takes me hours of time to make a simple blog post.

    It took me THREE FULL WORKING DAYS to make this one post about going to Cuba and edit the photos and video on it!

    ....and that was for a personal post on my personal blog, that brought me zero dollars of income.  And if you glance at the article, it looks like it should've taken only 3 hours!

    So how was I fooling my friend into thinking I was "everywhere"?

    Well......it's simple:


    Seeing me on his Facebook feed:

    Either myself or AppSumo will sometimes promote a product I'm selling.  And since your Facebook Ads only ring up a charge when something is clicked, a person might see your ad 15 times before they actually click....giving this "appearance" that you're always advertising to them.


    Seeing all these crazy blog posts on NevBlog.com:

    I started my personal blog in 2004, which is nearly TEN YEARS of writing.  Hopefully in ten years I've accumulated some "greatest hits" material, and he is seeing the end result of that.  So he'll see my Homeless Experiment (2009), or that Facebook tried suing me (2010), or how I wrote/published my first book in just two weeks (2011).

    ...but notice all three of those things were in totally separate years.  He's just seeing the end result of all that work condensed into his 20 minute reading session.


    My emails came to his inbox several times a week:

    In addition to blowing up his Facebook feed and all of a sudden discovering some of my copywriting blog posts, I would be sending my friend awesome stuff via email too! He'd get random stories from me, awesome copywriting advice that tripled his email conversions, business hacks etc.....

    And the best part about these emails, he BOUGHT stuff from these emails!  Meaning I was getting richer for sending an email.  Giggity.


    So with this lethal combination of Facebook ads showing up all the time, seeing my blog posts everywhere, and getting insanely-useful emails in his inbox from me.....I seemed like this busy bad-ass to him.

    In reality I don't put in much more work than anyone else, but I have it structured so that all this stuff automatically happens.  This is amazing stuff to incorporate into your business.


    I will talk more about this on Monday, and even give you exact scripts I follow.

    For now....go have a kick-ass Friday!!


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    Guest Greg Watson


    Hey Nev,

    Great new website for the Kourse!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your "being everywhere" strategy as I've been searching for info on how to take advantage of FB advertising, that is STRAIGHT FORWARD and I know you can deliver that!

    I'm heading to Mexico for 3 weeks and was planning on unplugging while away, but your tease of more info may just entice me to bring a device along.... damn you ;-)


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    Guest admin


    Thanks Greg!

    It's still a work in progress. I like to just GET THINGS UP first and then modify.

    More info is coming soon man, have a fun time in Mexico.....don't drink the water :-)

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    Guest The Kopywriters Toolkit – Ear Plugs :: Kopywriting Kourse


    […] Friday I mentioned how I automate business stuff yadda yadda….. […]
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    I love this Jim if you want to solve your problems or just ipovmre and graduate to the next level in life or business, you must take action to get results and there is no better time than the present. I mentioned your post in a blog post I did recently thanks for the inspiration
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