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    The Secret Government Project I've Been Stealing From For Years

    Library Stealing

    I'm not sure if I should be publicly writing about this, but I've uncovered a pretty massive government conspiracy, and have secretly been stealing from this government-funded project for several years.

    This isn't like torrenting a music file from the internet.....we're talking about picking up products and walking right out of this place without paying for them.

    It's a pretty massive government operation:

    • This place has the knowledge of a thousand years compiled into one building.
    • This place houses all the laws and rules of the United States, and has access to every public record on file.
    • This place contains millions of dollars in assets.....and we're going to rob it blind.

    I've found out the codename for this government project is "Codename Library."

    I know "Codename Library" is a secret because despite being millions of dollars of goods inside these buildings, not even a small percentage of the U.S. population knows about them!!!

    Today I am going to expose the Codename Library conspiracy wide open.

    (If I am captured after this exposé of Codename Library, avenge my death by taking lots of resources out of one of the locations).

    Read on if you'd like to hear more about how to rob the government blind of valuable information, books, and real estate.......


    Locations of these Top-Secret Government Facilities:

    Codename Library Secret

    Turns out the United States Government has been running "Codename Library" facilities since the 1800's.  Each facility houses millions of dollars in products, and more inventory is added each month.

    Turns out there's 119,487 of these "Codename Libraries" in America alone!!! Look at this chart of all these top-secret libraries:

    Libraries in USA

    There's so many of these secret government facilities, that 96.4% of U.S. population has close-by access to these "Codename Library" facilities.

    I can only speculate that the government has setup sooo many of these libraries close to every person in the USA to spy on the citizens. Why else would they store massive amounts of information, books, resources, and computers next to every person!?!?!????

    These government pigs are hiding a wealth of knowledge and resources from the population.  In fact, each library has massive amounts of resources that people in the normal world have to PAY for:

    • Fast Internet.
    • Bathrooms.
    • Tables. Desks. Workspaces.
    • Loitering is totally allowed.
    • Tons of Books.
    • Tons of Magazines.
    • Tons of CD's.
    • Tons of DVD's.
    • Video Games.
    • Every Newspapers.
    • 3D printers (some locations).
    • Archives of all laws/records.
    • Comfortable places to work/read/chill.
    • Expensive subscriptions.
    • Government workers called "Librarians" who will help you research any topic.

    So if you live in the United States, you're super close to one of these secret "Codename Library" facilities.  I want YOU to go spy on these operations and rob them blind by utilizing all these free resources they don't want you to have!!



    Secret Hacks: Codename Library

    Library Steal

    So how can we massively exploit and get the most from these top-secret government facilities??

    Well I've been taking from "Codename Library" for years.....and I want to help others do the same.  So here are my 8 favorite Secret Hacks  to rip off "Codename Library" and leech massive value off the government!!!!

    Read on my rebellious friend.....



    Secret Hack #1: The Monthly Magazine Read

    Library Magazine Stacks

    These sleazy government fat-cats have subscriptions to EVERY MAJOR MAGAZINE and get them delivered weekly.  There's very little security in their magazine vault, so if you sneak into a "Codename Library" facility like I do.....you can read all the magazines for free!!  SUCKERS!!

    Every month or so I go to the magazine section of "Codename Library" and read through 6 - 12 magazines.  I personally like the science-y and entrepreneur-y magazines....but they have a wide variety for whatever topic you're personally into or curious about.  I'll grab a whole stack and start powering through.

    The above picture is just half of the magazine section at the "Codename Library" facility I routinely break into.

    There's a lot of speciality magazines there I would never in a million years purchase, but are interesting to peruse through quickly and read a few good articles.  Sometimes I might quickly flip through a photography magazine or read a full Reader's Digest....neither of which I'd ordinarily subscribe to, but sometimes pickup some good information.

    I usually end up snapping photos of pages with my phone if there's something interesting, or taking a bunch of notes.  Here's some example pictures of random pages that caught my eye during my last trip to the library:

    I thought this ad was clever, so I snapped a picture of it and put it in my "Swipe File" folder in my phone:


    I came across this article about Tony Robbins and it had a quote I thought was interesting:


    There was a great article about a guy who produces all the major comedy specials and it had an interesting blurb about a book I wanted to read:


    The point of all this is you can pick up a lot of un-expectedly good information by browsing through a bunch of magazines.  I think taking notes (or pics in this case) really helps retain that information.

    ......best of all, the government will never know you're stealing from their precious "Codename Library" facility  ;-)



    Secret Hack #2: Your Home Away from Home (and free co-working space)

    My favorite way of sticking it to the government is by breaking into my local "Codename Library" and using it as a FREE co-working space!!  The security guards there are so incompetent they let me stay there for hours for free!!  What idiots!!!!!

    The best part is ALL THIS STUFF IS FREE and ANYONE CAN USE.   Since "Codename Library" facilities are kept secret by the government, of course there's barely anyone in there (except those two (most likely) undercover FBI agents).....


    I used to live about 5 miles outside of Downtown Austin, and I would hate just going home and being isolated.  So I would break into the downtown "Codename Library" just to chill for a while.

    If I went to a coffee shop I'd end up spending $20 or more on food and drinks, would 90% likely have crappy semi-working internet, and have tons of distractions which prevents long periods of solid work.

    Going to a coffee shop was often a net-negative in a time and money.

    However in the secret library facility it's generally very quiet (I bring ear plugs for extra silence), the internet always works and is very fast, there's computers for you to use if you don't have a great laptop, and if you get bored on your computer you can just go browse the books or magazines!

    Those greedy government bureaucrats never want normal citizens like us to know you can just hang out at "Codename Library" for free all day......but now you know, and can take advantage of it yourself without spending a dime!!



    Secret Hack #3: Practice Speed Reading

    Speed Reading

    The government doesn't want you to read fast and gain knowledge.....this is why they keep "Codename Library" a total secret from society.

    But learning how to absorb information at a faster pace is like having a super-power.....and the "Codename Library" is this fantastic place you can practice learning speed reading across many different types of mediums (Magazines, Books, Newspapers).

    I learned in middle school that it's pretty easy to speed read, and it took me about a month of practice everyday to train my brain to handle the rapid amount of information intake.  It's also super handy to speed read through "boring" parts of a book.

    Here's a super-brief synopsis of how I learned to speed read from "Codename Library":

    1.) Grab a random book from the "Codename Library" secret archives.

    2.) Read the inside and outside jacket of the book for context.

    3.) Look at the table of contents about the book first (this helps you pre-understand what you're about to read).

    4.) When some chapter gets "boring" just bump up the speed of your reading by 2x.  Your brain will naturally slow back down when something is of interest to you again. On some really lame chapters I'll spend little as 5 seconds per page.

    Just because it's in a book doesn't mean it's good or interesting.  Use your own judgement to extract the knowledge you want, and skip the rest.

    For example: I was reading a looonngg biography about Benjamin Franklin, and there were several chapters on his uncle and his uncle's complete background.  It went down such a random rabbit-hole that I quickly decided:

    1.) I don't give a shit about Benjamin Franklin's uncle's entire life story.

    2.) This information wasn't delivering anything super-useful at the moment.

    .....so I started turning the pages fast as I can, giving the page a quick-skim to see if there's anything interesting.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with skipping parts of a book.

    If you're not interested or it's boring, then just skip it.

    Since we're simply stealing books and resources from the government at "Codename Library" who cares if we don't read it???  It's free for us!!!!



    Secret Hack #4: Learning Random New Stuff

    absorbing knowledge from book

    The best part about "Codename Library" is the vast amount of different subjects kept under one roof.  The government doesn't want YOU to know about this though, because they want to keep YOU dumb and stupid.  But me & you are rebels and will break in to "Codename Library" and steal this knowledge anyways ;-)

    So to learn new stuff you'd never otherwise think to learn, I would do this hack:

    I would stand in the middle of the archives at "Codename Library", close my eyes, and randomly point at a direction.  I would then walk straight towards where I pointed and pickup that book and force myself to read the entire book (although I would grant full permission to hyper-speed-read any shitty parts of a book).

    Here's an example of random things I learned:

    I once picked up a book about ammunition.  I thought, "Ugghh this is a waste of time, I don't care about how bullets are made!"

    By the end I was fascinated with how many different types of ammunition there were, and how much money could be made off making weapons that take proprietary ammunition!

    If an army buys 10,000 of your guns and buys 500,000,000 rounds of ammo per year, that's a HUGE business!

    It's not like I ever want to build a weapons company, it's just something new I learned, and now I understood more about the world around me because of this random tid-bit of knowledge.



    Secret Hack #5: Bring a Notepad and Take Notes (aka Steal Information)

    A lot of the books at this top-secret government facility aren't books I'd normally buy or even rent.  However I AM interested enough to sit down and read a bit of each book and pull out some of the interesting parts:

    For example, I saw a book on Self Hypnosis and decided to give it a quick read and take some notes.  I took a few pages of notes (and pictures of the book since I'm using an iPad Pro to take these notes):

    self hypnosis notes library

    That Self Hypnosis book wasn't a book I'd ever buy, but it did have a FEW interesting tid-bits I wanted to save.

    This is the great thing about this secret "Codename Library" project.....all the books are just sitting there for you to browse and take notes on.

    Later down the line I re-read these notes, and there's a broad wealth of knowledge I have of interesting topics, unique perspectives, and information I never otherwise would've learned.



    Secret Hack #5: Ask a "Secret Librarian" for Free Research

    Library Reference Desk

    Did you know "Librarian" is actually a professional title?

    Did you know "Library Science" is actually a degree in college?

    This means that Librarians are literally trained professionals that will search anything for you....FOR FREE.

    • They will help you find old ancestry records.
    • They will help you find a job.
    • They will help you find any material you are searching for.
    • They will help you locate records or information from other libraries.
    • They will help you find free classes to learn skills.
    • They will help you find events, meetups, and services in your city.
    • They will help you find free government services you can use.
    • They will help you find information from their vast database access to public government records.
    • They will help you find details of laws and regulations.

    I am convinced this is a government conspiracy coverup because very few people know about these services.  

    But now that you know them, you can break into a "Codename Library" near you and ask these "Secret Librarians" for help on any subject.



    Secret Hack #6: Use The Top Secret Time Travel Mechanism at "Codename Library"

    One of the craziest things you can do at these secret government facilities is TIME TRAVEL.  That's right.  Here's how you do it:

    You go to the sections of "Codename Library" where they keep very old books, and you read them. This will teleport you back in time!!!

    Different facilities have different types of resources.  Some keep magazines from the 20's, some keep books from the 1700's.....it just depends on the secret government facility you're at.

    By glancing at the books of the past, you can see what life really was like back then!  It's time travel in the form of books and magazines!

    For example, there was this whole section of old Harper's Bazaar fashion magazines dating back to the 1930's.  I simply picked up a random one from 1945 and I got this when I opened to a random page:


    It was actually really eye-opening to open this 1945 issue and see that high fashion was being dictated my military fashion! It immediately flooded my head with thoughts of what it would be like to be alive in 1945 when there was a full World War in swing.

    I thought of how different it would've been that 90% of my friends would probably be in the military or involved in some way during that time.  By simply reading and viewing the materials of that era, I "time travelled" to it in my mind.

    Even though I took the above photo just for this blog post, I couldn't help but be struck by how damn cushy my life is compared to if I were a male adult in 1945.

    This kind of time travel definitely helps you gain perspective on your present-day life.



    Secret Hack #7: Free CD's, DVD's, Learning Programs, Software, Games, New Books

    One of the craziest perk the greedy government gives it's Secret Agents is free access to all of "Codename Library" assets.  In fact, they can checkout any of the CD's, DVD's, Software, Games, Books they want!!

    Look at the large amount of free resources they have (I risked my life to obtain these spy pictures):


    Most of us "regular shmucks" have to pay good money for these things.....but "Codename Library" is using taxpayer dollars to give them away free!!?!?  This is why I think you too should break into a "Codename Library" and take stuff out too.

    In the "Codename Library" facility near me there's 100,000+ square feet of Books and Games and DVD's and CD's and Software....and I regularly steal from it.

    All I do is pose as a government agent at the front desk, and those fools let me walk outta there with the assets for free!!!  Suckers!!!!!!



    Secret Hack #8: Free Computers and Resources

    One of the resources "Codename Library" keeps hidden from the general public is a large number of computers.  The government is so stupid, they don't even password protect the computers......anyone can access them!!!

    I took some spy footage of some of these computer stations, and it appears any Secret Government Agent can just walk up to one of these computer stations and use them!

    Codename Library Spy Footage

    All of these computers have high-speed internet and access to many paid databases and public information.  If you are clever enough to break into a "Codename Library" you can access and use these computers for free.


    Illegally Break Into a "Codename Library" Near You:

    I'll probably be arrested by the government for exposing this huge "Codename Library" coverup......and I'll DEFINITELY be arrest for building this tool that will show you all the secret "Codename Library" facilities near you:

    Just click this link and it'll show you a map of where all the "Codename Library" facilities near you are located:



    Download this post and signup for the list:


    Get this whole "Codename Library" post as a PDF & Word Doc for your own files.

    Now go find a "Codename Library" and suck all it's resources dry  ;-)


    Neville Medhora - Probably being detained at a secret government facility.


    P.S. What are your favorite ways to steal from "Codename Library"??  

    Any tips/suggestions/resources you've discovered or have "stolen" in the past????

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    Recommended Comments

    Guest Steve Szubert


    Neville...thank you for outlining your speed reading method. It actually works and saves effort (unlike "speed reading" courses that cost hundreds of dollars and require you to go cross-eyed).

    In a small town library like mine, just about everything is out of date. But that's good. Glancing through books written way before the internet was invented, we discover that basic principles are still the same as they have always been. And when news stories are no longer "news", then the "story" element comes to life.

    In my student days, the library was a guaranteed place to find a quiet corner to catch up on sleep in between lectures. Alas, those days are gone. Often, the library is a riot of chaos, with little kids running round doing "educational activities". We used to have playgrounds for that. Ahhh...but a new generation of spies are being inducted!

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    Our city just built one "secret" place for 9M$. State of the art secret location!

    3 inside secrets from my experience as a secret agent...

    1. If they don't have the resource I'm looking for... I ask them and they will buy it for me ...WITH THEIR OWN MONEY... (ok it's kind of mine but you get the idea...) They have a budget for special secret requests...

    2. For geek agents like me and his kids agents, they have a whole room full of toys and board games that you can "steal & bring home" for free...

    3. They actually have special rooms where you have free trainings with agent specialists about many different subjects (gardening, photography, history, etc).

    Bonus tip...

    4. This one must be very secret because nobody seems to know... You can actually rent these classrooms for free to teach your passion... I mean conference rooms with dozens of student spies places equipped with a computer for each and connected to the inter webs and giant screen TVs for the presentations...


    Great and fun post as usual Neveville!

    Link to comment

    When I can't find a particular book I'm searching for in the codename library then I talk to one of the librarians and they give me a top secret sheet to fill out so they can order the book from their top secret supplier and put it on their shelves. They even grab my codename so that when the book comes in they send me a coded message that lets me know I can go get the book!

    My codename library also has its own app. I can browse their entire catalog from anywhere at anytime and put items on hold! This is useful when doing research at home and discovering book titles that perk my interest. I just log into the app, find the title, put it on hold...and it appears in a secret pickup spot for me within a couple of days!!

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    Guest Anthony Tourville


    For me I spent plenty of money getting a nice degree, and little do you know but there are private Codename Libraries for most universities.

    You may be spending money for your degree but just like the Codename Libraries discussed here these private ones have a large database of scholarly articles and research along with all the information to take.

    Another aspect I have found is that some of this information is actually online and accessible at all times, reducing the risk to have to sneak into the physical building when you can sneak in while in the comfort of your own home and PJs.

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    Guest Charles


    I love libraries. A few uses for them that haven't been mentioned. Some aren't available at every library.

    1) Audiobooks. Want to "read" more but don't have time? Go to the library and check out audiobooks. I get them in CD form and downloadable.

    2) Learn a new language. Many ways to do this. Books, cds and my favorite Transparent Language. Transparent Language is like Rosetta Stone and Berlitz. Use the database with the apps to have access to information anywhere.

    3. Learn to program. Books obviously but also online classes. Lynda.com is available from some libraries. If you're looking at an online course, check your library to see if there is a free version.

    4. Download music for free. Check if your library has Freegal.

    5. Premium business databases for lead generation. Libraries offer quite a few databases for free that businesses pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Want to find companies in your state with over $1 million in sales and twenty employees. Use Dun & Bradstreet Million Dollar Database. Looking for key execs contact info? Use Hoovers premium access.

    6. Expert and author talks. Usually there are monthly programs with experts doing a presentation on their experience or book. Go to one even if it's an area you haven't thought before. Better yet, come up with your own library talk and pitch your local librarian. It's like your own local Ted talk. I bet Neville could pack a library in Austin doing this.

    7. Meet others. In addition to possibly meeting someone at the talks, you can also join the library book clubs. Usually they stick to popular or local books. Bigger libraries will have multiple book clubs for different categories.

    One last tip for those who haven't used there library, use interlibrary loan. Don't limit yourself to what is physically in your library offers. Almost all are in a system where you can get materials from others.

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    Guest amonymous haker


    I know I shouldn't do this

    but I breached the fbi mainframe masterunit thursday morning and they're onto you,

    talking about how people could start being focus on what they do, even singletasking

    and how it could lead to people actually being interested,

    organizing themselves in these top secret facilities

    summing up entire books for easier integration

    decreasing good consumption and ultimately destroying the economy

    and create an independant free space of experimentation

    for your safety, remove your post asap

    Sent from my iphone 8

    Link to comment
    Guest David Marshall


    I used the library as my own co-working space for the first time just last week and can testify that productivity was way better!

    Thanks for all these other hacks. You really brought the simple topic to life with your government project analogies. Great work :)

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    My Codename Library lets secret agents check out museum passes, so you can go rip off the government even more. Four passes, so the whole family can do field work. (Although mine is a tiny outpost compared with yours.)
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    Guest Matt Dobschuetz


    When I still was working my corporate job, I showed up at a meeting with Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook checked out from my local library. The Director of West Coast sales made fun of me. She was like just "buy the book."

    But here's the thing, I wasn't trying to save money. I just have a habit of pick up new books there and getting the information. It's a super efficient way to learn.

    SECRET HACK #9: Online Collections

    My library is so BOSS, they subscribe to all these online media services like Hoopla and Overdrive. I have listened to over 20 business and marketing books this year for free. E-Myth, Go-Giver, 4-Hour Workweek, Napoleon Hill, Michael Port, Gary Vaynerchuk, Zig Ziglar, and more.

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    Guest Mike Eaton


    I love the idea of exposing the library as a "hack." If fits pretty well with the whole political theme, but i thought it got a little over used because of the length of the article.


    Please send this to schools somehow. They need this level of writing for encouraging kids to get in the library.

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    Guest Candace


    I like visiting the bulletin boards where people post ads/events to see what catches my eye, how it's written, the layout, the words etc and analyze it for copywriting.
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    The Codename Library that I frequent has terrible security. They have a bunch of nice laptops, with all of the software one would ever need already installed, just lying around. You can pick one of the laptops up and walk right out of the front door with it; you don't even need to hide the laptop in a backpack. I didn't even need to buy a laptop to do all of my college work thanks to the Codename Library facility.

    Also, if there's ever a book that I want that my Codename Library doesn't have, those government agents will do all the work in finding the book and getting it in stock. I don't have to do anything besides telling them I want them book. I can even download it straight to my kindle, so I don't even need to go into the facility. Same goes for dvd's as well. Their vast collections of dvd's have made me a big hit on long car rides and team bus trips.

    Link to comment
    Guest Alex Louis Morlevat


    How do you remember of everything you read? I read a lot but I feel like I remember nothing...
    Link to comment
    Guest Roger Williams


    No!! You are giving away THE SECRET, Neville!

    I go to Amazon and create a wish list of books.

    I then use my library's search engine and request all of those books. I have about a 90% success rate finding them.

    Also, my library is connected to my State's library system so I can request books from 100miles away, and University libraries.

    My library also has subscriptions to ReferenceUSA (for business intel), and Lynda.com (learn anything!).

    TRUTH: If you pay property taxes, you are already paying for your library usage. So use it!

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    Guest Roger Williams


    Forgot to add: most libraries only stay open until 8pm. Which is a bit short of most coffee shops for late-night work. So that sucks. However, this article prompted me to search my area for a library that stays open later. Found one - stays open until 9pm, and only 15 miles away! Thanks Neville!
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    Coffee shop is way too crowded. I'd rather go to the free secret government co working space.
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    Guest Saneel Prabhu


    My favourite hack would be to use my local library here in Atlanta as a free co-working space. I realize that the one day I spent working at the library last year was one of my most productive days and I hate working at home because I inevitably take way too may naps and eat too much food...

    Thanks for giving libraries the social proof I needed to start going back!

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    Guest Mark Gavagan


    Free conference rooms are often available for advance reservations, or on a walk-in basis.
    Link to comment
    I miss my last job for many reasons, but one of the best parts of my weeks there were spending one day with my little team at a local library with a built-in coffee shop. Free DVDs and books to borrow, coffee and pastries, free meeting space and a great central location. I miss that.
    Link to comment
    Guest Mark Gavagan


    Keep a journal with succinctly-written ideas you find valuable, as well as the source
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    Guest Dog Guy Josh


    Be VERY quiet when sneaking into your local government facility!

    (You never know who's listening)

    In case I don't make it out alive, I've placed several business cards with my contact information, hidden in a variety of dead-drop books related to my business topic, disguised as 'bookmarks'.

    Hopefully someone finds them before the Secret Librarians can cover up any trace I was there!

    Link to comment

    I like being able to download digital magazines thanks to my Codename Library. They have a service that interfaces with Zinio that allows me to "subscribe" to digital versions of my favorite magazines and read them at my leisure.

    They also have a way to download audiobooks, TV, movies, and more through a partnership with Hoopla digital. I'm a big fan of free.

    Link to comment

    Awesome Article . Nev.

    Love your very humorous way of showing some truths.

    1. A new top-secret feature they introduced recently is, you don't have to visit the facility to use it. if you have a government id, You can borrow digital ebooks, Audio books and Videos right from your smarty-pants iPhone, from a website called overdrive.com. You just enter your government id and download books, audios and Videos to your hearts content into your IPhone and listen to it while you are driving or jogging instead of listening to those commercials and useless BS information on the Radio.

    These dudes have an app too. if you are following a spy and need to listen to some information faster, the app has a feature to listen at double the speed!.

    This secret digitial feature was introduced more than 5 years ago, but only very few top-secret curious-secret agents knew about this feature.

    There is vehement opposition from several pro-government organizations, that it wrong to open up this information. but the secret agents are on the field and they need to access this info from anywhere in the world.

    2. I never really knew Librarians help us do that much research. My respect for them has grown substantially and realized what a dumb-ass agent I was not to have taken help from them in the past.

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    Guest Omari (Govt Agent)


    A few years ago, I purchased "Kick Ass Copywriting" by John Carlton. I learned that he became a marketer by going to the library and reading every book in the marketing section.

    Since then, I've frequented the Govt facilities around the country (some around the world). I've leveraged these facilities for research, building swipe files, and crafting copy.

    I was hoping to keep the secret longer, but Neville has spilled the beans... (if he disappears in the near future, I'll know exactly where he is)

    Great Post!

    Link to comment
    Guest Jessica Smith


    I love the library! I used to go there often to get work done and keep myself from getting distracted with housework (the downside to working from home - so many chores trying to convince you that it's possible to multi-task). Somehow I got out of the habit of going so thanks for reminding me to use this great resource! :)
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