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    What Are You Most Grateful For In 2019?

    what are you grateful for

    We’re starting to wrap up 2019, and it’s time for some reflection…

    What are 3 things you’re grateful for this year?

    What are things you could have improved?

    Leave your responses in the comments below!


    Copywriting Course

    P.S. Use a fake name if you don’t want to publicly reveal yourself (but please use a real answer—the more specific, the better).

    P.P.S. An example response might look like:

    In 2019, I’m grateful for falling in love with an awesome person, landing a flexible remote job, and finally being able to run again after 6 months of physical therapy.

    I could have improved 2019 by setting monthly goals, watching less Netflix, and calling mom more often.

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Well glad that you're doing better now Kyle!

    As for daily productivity, might I suggest my method that tons of people have used??

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Nothing is more important than your family health, glad everything is going smoothly!
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    That is awesome Daniel, and a TON of money for India!!

    If you ever need any help let us know :)

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hey Sharmaine, you have a good attitude about failure. It's just a way to learn (and it's ok if it temporarily makes you feel sad, it's supposed to).

    As for time management, I will say to this day I still use THIS method every single day:

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    Guest Sudheer Dunga


    I am grateful for:

    - Started own Digital Marketing Agency in US

    - Able to

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    Guest Sudheer


    By Mistake I have clicked Submit Comment. Below is the continuation of above comment.

    - Able to pay salaries to Employees and Consultants

    - Moved to a Corporate Office Space from a single 10x 10 room

    - Becoming Father this year

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    Congrats on becoming a dad! Now you'll have a mini Sudheer who you can teach all your business wisdom to!
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    Yo Neville!

    I'm grateful for these things in 2019 (long post incoming):

    Being able to function almost normally. I was bedridden for about 2 years. Man did that suck balls. It gave me a new perspective on life now that I'm better. Mostly a unshakable don't give a f*ck attitude.

    People like you who give great advice/value. Especially those who give it for free or affordable prices. Your course really helped me get started in copywriting. I was coding in Python and found your video. Never looked back.

    For great clients that gave me a chance in copywriting. I got seriously lucky. The guy I'm working with now found my cold email in his spam box. Now He's paying me (more than I ever got paid). You really never know what could happen.

    My mom. I Know, super cliche. For real though, she helped me get through some very tough times. Not only because of sickness but also because now I get a chance to build myself up. Plus she had a major back surgery so she also needs my help. Win-win.

    Things I can do better: 

    Exercise more. Learning how to walk again. Man going for like 30 mins walks is hard work. I sit in front the computer too long. Got to improve my health. Get swole.

    I want to improve my copywriting and marketing skills. I know eventually I'll come back to your Kourse and join you on your live sessions. I didn't have any work or things to show you last time. I think it's important I take what you taught and jump out of the nest for a bit.

    Learn to slow down sometimes. When I reach momentum I keep going hard. Even if it means sacrificing sleep, food, relationships. I feel like I've been given a second chance so I don't want to waste it. It's not worth it if I die again lol. It's good to take a step back and appreciate that you did a lot of sh*t.

    Git Gud at everything else.

    I can probably go on forever. I''ll wrap it up here.

    Thanks Neville! Keep up the good work.

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    Guest Vicky Cox


    I love this!

    This year I'm grateful for:

    My daughters moving back home with us as mature, contributing, and very fun adults.

    I quit my job cold turkey (with my husband's full encouragement) to freelance.

    After my husband getting fired, he got a much more rewarding and challenging job that pays better and doesn't require all those hours of overtime and we are closer than we have been in many, many years!

    I could have improved by:


    Making better food choices

    Being consistent in writing

    Less procrastination

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    Things I'm grateful for:

    Became a father of an amazing boy

    My partner and our families. We have had amazing support with our first kid, plus it's fun to see our parents become grandparents.

    Getting promoted

    The ability to move anywhere in the world as a result of an amazing remote policy for work. Currently trying to decide to move to Madrid or Tennessee.

    Things I could have improved:

     Better work ethic. I get a lot done in a short time, so I putz around the house. An extra hour of focus a day could go a long way.

    I've let my fitness go the past couple of years. Time to stop being lazy.

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    Guest Miranda


    In 2019, I'm thankful for: my wonderful husband, my rewarding job, and my comfortable home.

    Things that could have made this past year better: running with more regularity every week, keeping my paperwork more organized, and keeping my weight in check.


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    Guest Tony Stark Policci


    1. That I live my life and not my famous brother's.

    2. That I go to bed every night knowing I am loved.

    3. That I have the privilege of showing other men how to be strong and live with integrity.

    Things I could have done better.

    Manage my time.

    Manage my work.

    Be Kinder

    Be more loving

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    Guest Kimi Ghuman


    Well said Neville


    Being grateful for where we are and I am; an awesome place in my life,  lucky enough to to be doing something that I enjoy doing; Work, now that is an interesting place to be at.

    On another note is its equally important to be appreciated for what you do, by your family, peer's n friends.

    Work with God in mind n  to not do wrong by your fellow human beings is my mantra; that keeps me on the straight n narrow.

    God bless us all.

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    Guest Daniel Madhan


    Thanks. I will ask you out. :) Because I want to be like you!
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    Wow, Tim. So glad to hear about your recovery! That sounds like it was extremely tough, but it sounds like it forced you into some major personal growth!
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    I love it when seemingly bad things turn into good things! :-)
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    Congrats on fatherhood! And I totally agree, remote work is awesome!
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    Thanks Mitch,

    Sometimes you really need to stare right into the abyss.

    Then punch it right in the nutsack.

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    Guest Richard Jimenez


    Thanks Mitch! I’m sure you’ll have mo problem keeping the fire & passion lit!
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    Guest Richard Jimenez


    Neville,  I’m sure my passion will be stoked by the Kopywriting Kourse! Cheers to 2020!
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    Guest TimidOtter


    In January I was serving tables at a restaurant... now my hobby's also my main job.

    I am eternally grateful to that one person who saw potential in me and took a gamble, giving me the groundwork I needed to build my (mini) career!


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    Guest youssef


    The things that happened in 2019 and im realy grateful for it:                              1)  I finally now that if i master one of high incom skills i will never gonna work 8h a day for someone else.              2)I get many struggled in my life career but i got to know the only reason to acheive whatever you want is to completely start new healthy habits for exp (weak up early 4:30pm)baby step after 20 days it becams a wonderful habits thats provided more time to accomplish anything you really wanted.                      3)Just start is the solution to any problems that you realy for ex (i was overthinking to much about the things that i want start like going to the i found myself wasting bunch of time just talking then i came with this a wonderful answer just start and its realy helped me to increased my dropshipping sales. Also helped me gain more muscles on my body waw im very grateful for that
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    I'm grateful for my family, the new opportunities at work, also for leaving work, for my amazing boyfriend and for surviving this year. I'm Brazilian, so it has been very hard to take all the news and economics problems over here.
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