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    What program do you write in?

    How to Write Pseudocode

    What program do you usually write in?

    Leave your answer in the comments below!




    P.S. Example responses might include:

    - "I write in Google Docs."

    - "I write in the Wordpress visual editor."

    - "I use Notepad and then copy/paste it into Aweber."


    P.P.S. Want to see a visual representation of everyone's answers?

    You can see them all in this Google Spreadsheet:

    google sheet visualization example

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    I like to use WriteMapper! Its a mind mapping tool with expandable nodes which allows for full text editing. Perfect for visualizing the big picture and still keeping all the details.
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    I use Word for writing, checking on Grammarly. And sometimes Notepad.
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    Makes spell check, and others input easy. As well as structuring the final text.

    Copy it into my Wordpress site and Mailchimp, where I do the designing.

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    I use mostly Word with a Grammarly plugin. But I also have Scrivner for organizing and writing screenplays and novels. Recently, I started using Typora. It is a minimalist, writing software program. I like it a lot because it reminds of paper. I will let it take over the screen, and I will put my Tomato pomodoro clock on another desktop (mac), so when 25 mins are up, it will automatically stop me. On occasion, I will use Google docs, but because I rent Office for my tutoring job, I rarely use it.
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    Guest Stephen Bray


    Pages - then I cut and paste to Text Edit to clear any extraneous code before uploading to the web.

    If writing for paper or PDFs I just use pages :)

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    Guest Jacqueline


    Word. After that I just copy and paste to whatever platform I need
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    Bear looks a lot like Slack which I started using recently as well.
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    Guest Débora Rodfer


    Microsoft Word, not sexy haha :)

    And WordPress for the final touches...

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    I usually use google docs then copy and paste into WordPress. Or export as a docx to email assignments in.
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    Guest Charles Paquin


    I use ByWord. Minimalist and distraction-free. Optional white copy font on black background is a life saver at night. Syncs across all my Apple devices via iCloud or Dropbox. Love it.


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    I use the Google machines docs.

    Sometimes word. I’ll voice to text into Notes on my phone then cut n paste into goog docs.

    I like Evernote but wish it had a word counter.

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    I use Google Docs mainly, and sometimes Stickies for the first draft.
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    Guest Shimona Hirchberg


    Ideas go in Keep, then I flesh them out in Google Docs or straight in Mailerlite
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    Guest Chiara Ferrari


    Evernote/Google Docs.

    Hemingway to check the readability.

    Grammarly if I have to write in English. (I'm Italian)

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