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    What program do you write in?

    How to Write Pseudocode

    What program do you usually write in?

    Leave your answer in the comments below!




    P.S. Example responses might include:

    - "I write in Google Docs."

    - "I write in the Wordpress visual editor."

    - "I use Notepad and then copy/paste it into Aweber."


    P.P.S. Want to see a visual representation of everyone's answers?

    You can see them all in this Google Spreadsheet:

    google sheet visualization example

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    I write in Google Docs, with assists from Keep (thanks to you, Neville) and Grammarly.
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    Guest Dejan Gajsek


    Notes and Research - Evernote

    Long posts / blogs - Google Docs

    To-do's - Things 3

    Priorities and Daily Musts - Plan notebook and Google Calendar

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    Etch A Sketch.

    When I don't have one handy I mostly use Word and occasionally Google Docs.

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    I jot down phrases and ideas in a Notepad document, then I transfer all to Dropbox Paper for writing.
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    I use Poe and then paste it in MS Word so the rest of the team can manipulate it further (designers etc.).

    It's simple and black and it gives me a sense of dark atmosphere for writing, which makes it more fun :) I kind of feel like I'm creating super cool-stuff like Stephen King (but don't tell anyone) :D

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    Guest Jim Perez


    I'm old school.

    I hand write my first draft, use Dragon dictation software to dictate my draft into Word, rewrite and edit, then drop it into Notepad to strip out extraneous coding before posting to my blog.

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    Guest Jamie Tillman


    Google Docs almost exclusively these days. Can't beat the global access and easy sharing. Occasionally I'll whip out notepad2 if I'm in a hurry, but it's always copied to GDocs afterward.
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    On my laptop I use scrivener for.long form, word for one offs and docs for sharing.

    On my android phone, I use Fast Notepad and share notes to dropbox to pick up in the laptop.

    My blog I write straight into wordpress. Experimenting now with Gutenberg and WPBakery

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    Guest Colleen Hurley


    You mean there are "other" programs....gasp. Lawd, I've got to catch up! I write in OpenOffice, and use grammarly
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    Guest John C O'Leary III


    I use Day One on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and Apple Pages; really love both.
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