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    What program do you write in?

    How to Write Pseudocode

    What program do you usually write in?

    Leave your answer in the comments below!




    P.S. Example responses might include:

    - "I write in Google Docs."

    - "I write in the Wordpress visual editor."

    - "I use Notepad and then copy/paste it into Aweber."


    P.P.S. Want to see a visual representation of everyone's answers?

    You can see them all in this Google Spreadsheet:

    google sheet visualization example

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    Guest Rollie Cole


    MS Word -- not so much for the formatting, but for all the add-on/third-party editing programs I can run on my first drafts. Now Word itself is providing an editor feature as well.
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    I 80% of the time write posts directly in Wordpress....but if I'm doing a sales page or consult it's just a plain old Google Doc :)
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    I really like iA Writer because its a simple interface with no distractions. Plus, its Markdown and once you learn to write in it you're stuck for life.
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    I mainly use Word but also use Scrivener especially for blog posts.
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    Guest How to Write a Clincher Sentence That’ll Blow Your Readers Mind


    […] Hope this helps! Sincerely, Mitch Glass […]
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