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    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Getting older young to old

    If you're a business owner, where do you see this going?

    What's the 5 year goal/plan?

    If you're a freelancer, where do you see this going?

    What's the 5 year goal/plan?

    If you're an employee at a company, where do you see this going?

    What's the 5 year goal/plan?

    If you're something else, where do you see this going?

    What's the 5 year goal/plan?

    I ask because I always have a tough time with this question. I may know a certain number for FU Money in my head or things like that, but I don't quite know a 5 year plan. It would be really interesting to see other people's 5 year goals/plans!


    Neville Medhora - Short Term Thinker



    P.S. Lemme know in the comments where you see yourself in 5 years, I'm super curious what other people's true motivations are!

     (Feel free to use a fake name if needed)

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    That actually sounds like a super solid plan :)

    I'm not big into property right now, but it seems duplex-life is the best. Your neighbors are much better because they know Mr. LandLord lives next door, you can quickly solve problems, and your neighbors basically pay off your mortgage :)

    Nice plan!

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Sup Big D!

    If you get your income taken care of and then work on what you really love to do that would be awesome. Generally what you really love to do also has a higher potential of become a big business since you're genuinely willing to invest a lot of effort/money into it.

    Best of luck completing the goal in 5 years, start mapping it out!

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    Basically, I want to (5 years from today) be  Leveraging  other people's skills, talent and hardwork  to my benifit.

    Yeah... sounds  "Douchy" right?

    So let me rephrase that...

    I want to be in a position where I will be able to be in charge of a Team that will coordinate their knowledge and effort to work toward a Definite Purpose.


    Ps. Guess what that I mean by "Definite Purpose".

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hey Axle, great goal, but you need to plan out how you'll get there.....and in the beginning YOU will probably being doing much of the work!

    Obviously everyone wants to "sit back and make money while everyone else does the work" but that happens only for very few people, and only after a long time.

    Also the people that have this luxury are usually the type of people who NEVER want to "sit back and do nothing." They tend to enjoy working and NEED to work.

    Just make sure you're realistic with these goals and plot out how you'll do it!

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    Awesome notes thanks Neville!

    I listened to that book on Audible on a recent trip here in the UK.

    Loved the simplicity of how they scaled back to only doing logo design and still grew.

    Another worthy read/listen is the E Myth if you’ve not done that already.

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    Guest Gary Medd


    Deadline is 5 years from now!

    Also, would be nice to hear it out from you, what are your plans for the next 5 years, Neville?

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    Guest Christopher


    I have just started building my business, which specialises in ui, ux and front end dev. I am starting to learn the procurement processes for big business and government. In 5 years i will have a business built on large tenders (large for me is a 150k+ contract), this is a niche where I'm only competing with other small businesses because these tenders are not worth the time and effort of big consultants.

    Having this base of well paid contracts i will leverage the skills and money of my business to build digital art installations and other creative projects.

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    But, I'm a Disciple to it... everyone is actually whether they realize it or not. As for myself, I came to this realization just recently (bout 2 years ago).

    I mean, just look at these 👇🏻. They're basically Mathematical Equations:

    • 5 Years from now.

    • Plans

    • Money

    I mean... for someone to have FIGURED out what they'll be 5 years (1,825 days) from now to the "T", I salute you bro/sis! For you have you Calculated (Guess-Ta-mated) all the Probabilities and Variables and came up with a Conclusion!

    Not to overthink this...


    what if 5 Years from now... people became Zombies?

    [Note: If you try to laugh at that statement about "Zombies"... I'll  slap the ignorance out of you with Links from Credible Resources proving that this is indeed Plausible!]

    Ok. That one's ☝🏿on me. Chances are low that you and I will be roaming around looking for malls to settle down in in an event of a Zombie Apocalypse.

    But here's some variables that have a higher possibility of happening (Within 5 years):


    1. We get Diabetes-

    Because we are emotionally weak and crave dopamine that we can only attain from below 👇🏻(And NOT exercising!):

    A ) Watching Porn

    B ) Playing Video games

    C ) Social Media-ing

    D ) Eating Donuts (Filled with fat sugar!... Duh 🙄)


    2. The Rotchild's say's FU to all of us-

    The world's most richest and powerful Clan decided that, it's time that these "Maggots" (Humans) stop dreaming of having Financial Freedom (No thanks to The Tim Ferrises, Dan Loks and Tony Robbins of the world) and Monopolized the whole E-Commerce thing.

    Buying off Ali Baba, Amazon and all the Self help Gurus like Tai Lopezs and Jack Pittmans, leaving us all in an Abyss aka, Dark Age 2.


    3. You get someone (or yourself) knocked up-

    Having a day job that REQUIRES you to LISTEN to a Superior everyday is like a buffalo taking a diarrhea dump in your ear (AVGN reference 😉).

    But, I LITERALLY can't afford to lose mines because, if I did, We'd literally have nothing to eats 5 months from now ("Third worlder" here! $760/mnth salary baby!!).

    And I can't even phantom how to juggle my day job and an ecommerce business. It be like, having 3 masters:

    • Wife and Kids ❤️

    • That fucking Boss 💩

    • That [insert Adverb] Client [insert Emoji].


    So, to give you'all the hard truth, we're a Slave to the "Laws Of Probability".

    And that calculating and PLANNING is good... it's actually good. I'm not gonna knock on it... EVER.




    As an Old and Wise Poet once said:

    "Life's a Journey, not a Destination"

    [Note: Lyrics from Aerosimth's song "Amazing". And... YEAH! Fucking Aerosimth Coined that! Don't care what source anyone of you'll throw at me! I'll believe that till the end! 😂]


    To Answer that question though, I'll try to hone my Skills (I'm a Bear Hunter by day and NightClub Bouncer 😉) and keep on honing them for I know that the more I become skillful at a "Craft", the higher the probability I'll be employed (Will receive money in exchange for a Product or service).

    And IF I do manage to acquire sufficient resources that is needed, then HOPEFULLY, I will execute my plan of Leveraging People's Skills, Talent  Hardwork and Loyalty to my benefit...


    Or to rephrase to sound less "Douchy":

    To be in a position where I will be able to be in charge of a Team that will coordinate their knowledge and effort to work toward a Definite Purpose.


    Ps. To be completely honest, this "Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years From Now?" question scares the shit out of me.

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    In 5 years, I will have 5 to 7 corporate B2B repeat copywriting clients. Next year I will startup a writers group to leverage each others skills and experience to collaborate. The local metro here is large and has plenty work for everyone. In five years we will dominate this market and region by supporting each other and even sharing projects when feasible.
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Oh snap, that sounds awesome Dmac! Why not start the group now? Seems like an easy effort to start then slowly build till you're ready to hardcore build it. I'll join :-)
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Oh dang Axle, you're taking a kinda dark look at this question.

    It might be useful to put aside the DOWNSIDES of what can happen in 5 years, and concentrate more on the small steps you can take every year to reach a goal.

    Like maybe "I want a paid off $300,000 house and $30,000 car." Then focus on how to gain that income or savings in 5 years.

    Try to avoid thinking of the negative outcomes as much!!

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Oh nice, seems like you have a good plan :)

    I remember a long time ago going to city council meetings to see if I could win web design contracts, and was surprised at how that whole bidding system works.

    I know some family friends who have extremely lucrative businesses going after those government contracts.

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Respond to this comment in 5 years 😛

    Not 100% sure on my 5 year plan. I've written things down that seem cool, and likely to happen, but I'm not totally sold that I've nailed it yet.

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hmmm....you'll like the 1,000th person to recommend Emyth. I might have to pick this up as my next book :)
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    Guest Dennis Kian L. Paras


    Sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes huhu

    But thanks for asking Mr. Medhora, but yes copywriting is there, I am currently studying digital marketing specifically PPC for Google and Facebook, social media, email, SEO but I need to be more sophisticated in that, I oddly enough have some Squarespace web design, content marketing with emphasis on SEO Content Writing.

    I am a little all over the place but I am banking on the fact that I am lucky to have not as much responsibilities and just focus on this. I eventually want and have researched courses on Wordpress development and website building design with a focus on UX and UI and maybe a bit Graphic but to the extent that Canva, Stencil and Crello can teach me and maybe the Adobe stuff and programming more on hopefully full stack but it's looking like a focus on front end stuff so React JS. Maybe data science also but I know I have to be patient with all of this and as much as I have a plan, I know Philosopher Tyson's words on Plans so yeah haha

    Be a bit of a Swiss army knife of skills of sorts so I can have a quality of life for me, family and maybe the future lady but also be able to go back to working with tech startups making a difference and occasionally freelancing/consulting with small businesses in general because small businesses  helped provide for meover here in the Philippines when I was growing up so it's me giving back while also being back with tech starttups.

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    Guest Dennis Kian L. Paras


    Sorry typos and clarifications again,

    I study digital marketing stuff while practicing while practicing them with local small businesses here. I am lucky to already have clients which is pretty cool

    I eventually want and have researched courses on WordPress development and website building, design with a focus on UX..... (I forgot the comma)

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    I'd like to be a "Successful"free lance copy writer but at this point in time a complete beginner I am
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    Hi Neville (wavies)!

    I used to be mired in 5-year plans.  I have no idea who started the tradition, but it's really only useful if you have a going corporation that is ready for expansion.

    I've found that for the rest of us, x-days, x-weeks, 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month plans are plenty, and way less stressful.  Goals one can actually accomplish in a short amount of time and pat ourselves on the back for.

    So long as I stay on track, what I want 5 years from now will fall into place nicely.

    I'm building a journey blog about building niches; I'm working on creating a product for a Spring launch; and I'm grabbing material to use for a membership area next year.  In between those tasks, I spend time on list building.  That's it.

    If all I do is stick to my guns with what I have on my plate, I'll be able to afford the immediate goodies I need in a few months, with more available for enjoyment for years to come without worrying about distant time frames on distant planets.

    Don't get caught in mindless or misinterpreted tradition, sweet friend.  Save yourself.  Aaaah!



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    Guest Quinton Hamp


    appreciate the honesty.

    life is going to happen.


    but the meaning you ascribe to these events.is what steers the ship.


    all the best

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    Guest Marie M.


    5 years from now I'm seeing myself living in Japan as an entrepreneur, my e-commerce business keep on growing. Then I'm excited to read this comment again because I made it :)
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    As a copywriter centering only on SaaS projects, I'd like to niche further down. Build upon my freelancer management skills and ability to work on more significant projects (I really hope their data doesn’t faze me!!) Besides, want to be classified as a copywriter who actively insists that my copy is tested & measured, all the time.
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    At 57, I've decided to pursue a career change.  I'm in the research stage right now as to which direction to take my 'love for writing'.

    In 5 years I hope to be a successful blogger, freelance writer, proofreader and published author.

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    Hi Neville! Thank you for your daily insights in my mailbox!

    Well, I'm 27-yo Brazilian architect and, while I face a scarcity of projects and opportunities in my country, I'm finding in kopywriting a new perspective. Five years from now, I see myself living in a better country, making great money writing kopy and taking frequent "work-cations" as you mentioned in one of your latest e-mails!

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    Funny you should ask. I just put together a very detailed year by year plan to retire in 5-6 years. It’s a combination of staying at my current job, continuing to live like a broke college student while saving 50%+ of my income, growing my side business and investing in cash flow real estate. At this point the only unknown is wether I’ll be able to hit the income goals for my side business. But having numbers that are tied to a specific goal helps. If I don’t grow the side biz I’m looking at 9 years till retirement. If I grow the side biz and see my salary rise in my day job then 4 years till retirement isn’t out of the question.
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