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    How to Write a Press Release for an Event The world is on information overload. People are bombarded with online marketing efforts on social media, email, and websites. So how do you grab their attention with word of your upcoming event? Well, a press release is a tried-and-true method that can help generate a lot of buzz. Here’s exactly how to write a press release for an event that will grab your audience’s attention.  

    What is a Press Release?

    People have been using press releases to generate excitement about their company, products, and events for decades. They’ve long been used to snag the interest of journalists of traditional print publications. The short blurbs have always been a great tool to get your story seen by others. Today, in the age of the Internet, press releases are even more important. Though you can still write one for a print audience, chances are you’re writing yours with an online audience in mind. Despite the change in medium, the goal of a press release remains the same: to spread the word about your event. By writing a press release for an event, you hope that bloggers, journalists, and other media members pick up the information and make it public. You write a press release to explain the basic facts about your event in an exciting way so that people want to share it with others. Of course, social media is a tremendous tool. Write a press release that's catchy enough for people to share on Twitter and other social networking platforms. Simply put, a press release is a promotional tool that lets you get the word out to the public about your next event.  

    Examples of a Press Release for an Event

    Take a look at these two examples of effective press releases for a better idea of what to include in yours.  

    How to Write a Press Release for an Event

    Now that you know what writing a press release is all about, it's time to learn how you can put this new knowledge into action. So, let’s write a press release for an event together, and break down the process step by step.  

    1. Types of Press Releases

    There are two main types of press releases.
    • Immediate Release – The information can be shared as soon as possible because the event is happening soon.
    • Time Limited – The information should not be shared until a specific future date because the event isn't happening for a while.

    2. Choosing the Main Purpose

    The main purpose of any press release is to let the media – whether a traditional outlet or social media – know about your event. The reason for doing this is in the hopes that they will pass the information along to their audience to spread the word about your event. That said, a successful press release hones in on a specific topic. You want your press release to focus on your event. You don’t want it to wander all over the place. So, choose the main purpose of the press release. In this case, that’s letting people know about your event. In addition to outlining the event specifics, the main purpose of the press release is to generate excitement and interest in the happening, so make sure that your writing is engaging.  

    3. Organization is Key

    Proper organization is by far the most important aspect of any press release. There’s actually a specific format you must follow.
    • Headline – Use a catchy headline that grabs attention right away. Keep the headline short but include the important details.
    • Dateline and Lead – Start with the date and location (example: “Seattle, April 12, 2018 –“) followed by a short sentence that explains the “who, what, why, where, and when.”
    • Body – Explain the details of the event, and why people should attend.

    4. Proper Format

    In addition to following the proper organization, your press release should also follow the proper format. Remember that the goal of your press release is to get others to share information about the event, so clearly outline all the details.
    • Basic Structure – Always use a headline, dateline, lead, and body paragraphs. Media is used to this structure and will know where to look for certain information.
    • Proper Formatting – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE is always capitalized, and the headline is often in bold. Review our example press releases for exact formatting requirements.
    • Boilerplate – Include a short paragraph about your company at the end of the press release. List contact information for your company, including the website URL.
    • Contact Info – Include contact information for your company's media or PR department so that the media can reach them for more information.
    • ### – Sign off with three hash symbols to indicate the end of your press release.

    5. Important Tips

    You have a decent amount of flexibility while writing your press release, but you should always remember a few tips while writing it.
    • The “5 W’s” – Always make sure you include the “who, what, why, where, and when” about your event, ideally in the first paragraph.
    • Short and Sweet – Don’t go overboard. A short and sweet press release makes the details easy to understand and digest.
    • Applicable to Audience – Write your press release with a target audience in mind. Put yourself in their shoes. What do they need to know about your upcoming event?
    • Include Keywords – As with all online media, it’s important to include search keywords in your press release for search engine optimization.
    • Active Voice – A vibrant, active voice draws readers in and creates excitement.

    Press Release Cheat Sheet

    Make sure that your next press release for an event includes all the essential information with our press release cheat sheet:


    • Attention-Grabbing Language
    • Includes Important Details
    • Incorporates Search Keywords

    Dateline and Lead:

    • Start with Date and Location
    • Explain Basics of Event
    • Include the “5 W’s”


    • Keep It Short and Sweet
    • Use Active, Vibrant Language
    • Relate to Audience
    • Explain All Details
    • Explain Benefits of Attending

    Boilerplate and Contact Info:

    • Include an “About Company” Section
    • Include Link to Website
    • Include Your Contact Information
    Your next press release is sure to generate a whole lot of buzz for your event if you implement these simple organizational and writing tips.

    Press release examples

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