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    This is a simple plugin to allow your comments section to have an optional "Visual Editor" tab. This allows your commenters to leave richer, more interesting comments. WYSIWYG means: What You See Is What You Get (It's pronounced "Wizzy Wig"). If a commenter wants to bold something, italicize something, or make a list inside your comments, they can now do it, just like Google Docs or any other common WYSIWYG editor!


    This uses a standard Wordpress plugin installation process:
    1. Upload wysiwyg-visual-editor-comments.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Unzip wysiwyg-visual-editor-comments.zip
    3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
    4. That’s it!
    5. Settings can be adjusted to your preference in Settings -> WYSIWYG Comments Settings.




    So listen, this plugin might not work on EVERY single Wordpress installation perfectly. It should be ready-to-go for many standard Wordpress themes However it's designed to not mess anything up. If the plugin does not work on your installation, simply de-activate it or delete the plugin, and your comments should be back to normal. Unfortunately some Wordpress themes will take over the styling, so the styling of these comments might not look right on some Wordpress themes. Leave a comment on the WYSIWYG Visual Editor Comments page here for help:


    This plugin was developed by: Jon & Carmen Cavanaugh: Website | Contact Neville Medhora: Website | Contact Version 1.0:  - Release Date: 7-4-2018 - Changes: Basic WYSIWYG Visual Editor Comments

    Try the WYSIWYG Visual Comment Editor below!


    Comment in STYLE with this visual editor. Feel free to report bugs also.

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