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    • About Copywriting Course


      I’m Neville. Nice to meet you! I help curate Copywriting Course.
      Here’s a 30-second summary:


      “What is Copywriting Course?”

      We’re half copywriting agency, and half copywriting training. We train entrepreneurs, content writers, and sales teams to become top-notch copywriters so they increase conversion rates across all the materials they produce. We also just help you write it.



      – Reduce the amount of time wasted by bad communication –

      – Create advertising focused on educating, rather than hot air –

      – Find ways to install knowledge in brains faster –


      Currently involved with:

      • Copywriting Course: Businesses make sure all their employees watch this so they reduce wasted communication time, talk with clients better, and make more sales.
      • NevBlog: One of the very first financial blogs on the internet. Now used for accountability.
      • AppSumo: Big discounts on SaaS products sent to over 850,000 people.
      • Sumo: Tools to get traffic & signups on your website. If you have a website, this should be on it.
      • Author: Wrote a book. It was really short. Sold it on Amazon. Companies use it as a style reference guide. Wrote another book.
      • HouseOfRave: Owned one of largest rave retailers till 2011. Still never been to a rave.
      • RealSavvy: A software that helps real estate agents communicate with their clients.
      • Sausage Dog Central: One of the largest online retailers of Daschund products.
      • AlphaPaw: Pet industry retailer for multiple breeds.
      • PinkJavaMedia: One of the largest networks of soap opera blogs on the internet.
      • TheHustle: Media company that runs a business news site and puts on HustleCon.

      Featured In, Seen Around, Written On:

      Entrepreneur | Business Insider | HubSpot | Digg | Forbes | Buffer | HostGator | Medium | KissMetrics | Reddit | CampaignMonitor | AppSumo | UserTesting | Writtent | GumRoad | LeadPages | SitePoint | NeilPatel | Teachable | Mixergy | TheArtOfCharm | TheHustle | FourHourWorkWeek | WallStreetJournal | NewYorkTimes | SingleGrain | CrazyEgg | TheHustle | Ask | OneMonth | ProductHunt | SumoMe | LifeHack | Clarity | GrowthHackers | QuickSprout | Ahrefs | Inbound


      Nice things said:

      EasyAgentPro: 20+ leads already from that email….You the man!

      DataStories: Thank you, Nev! Something is happening, there is an avalanche of visitors from Reddit to the page now. I wonder whether our website will handle it 🙂

      TheHustle: Neville is the brown Don Draper of words.

      AppSumo: Neville took over emails and didn’t stop till 750,000 users. It’s taken 3 years and 7 different writers and we still haven’t been able to replace him.

      Leighton: I just wanted to write a quick note and say THANKS! I started using the techniques you teach in your Copywriting Course last year and I can’t tell you how much it helped. Well, actually I can…I bagged a freelance gig that earned me $3,000 in side income. That’s good money here in the hills of Appalachia 🙂

      SumoMe: One of the best writers in the marketing space is Neville Medhora.

      Dave Cobb: I need a “like” button for your emails.

      Andrew: Thanks for all your great content you’ve generously given away for free. I recently had to take on a part time job and drew some inspiration for writing a cover letter from your Kopy Kourse. This guy commended me on the cover letter and couldn’t give me a job fast enough! Thanks man! Much Appreciated!

      Kim Davis: I just want to say… I get a ton of emails every day and I always open yours because they are filled with great information. You videos are very entertaining as well. Very happy to be on your list. I learn so much in an entertaining way. And one more thing… I have never sent an email to anyone thanking them for me being on their list. Awww you are my first.

      Revor Douglass: More than the $10k in 24 hrs…..it was the personal replies back from a number of them, thanking me for thinking of them and asking if it would be ok to pass on to a friend! I NEVER get those sort of personal replies to email campaigns. And I realise now the intimate connection of a plain email (like yours) is appreciated in a totally different way.

      Chris Parsons: I recently used Neville’s “Three Prong Pricing” tactic for over $1 million in service contract proposals at my job. So far we’ve closed so much that we had to delay accepting any others to be able to ramp up & perform.

      Devesh Khanal: Neville, just wanted to give a huge thanks for your Autoresponder Kourse…It gave me the confidence to start helping clients with their email campaigns, and it’s netted me four figure a month contracts already!! So my NevROI is ridiculously high 🙂

      Jamey: Thanks for the help getting to a profit of $16k in 1 month. That’s 1 of the last 6 months. It took some learning. Mostly copywriting. I was helped by your courses. Cheers.

      See more testimonials →


      Neat Numbers:

      Our words have been read by 280,000,000+ pairs of eyeballs.

      Over 2,400,000 people have an email from us in their inbox.

      Copywriting Course has a signed-up audience of 102,000+ people.

      Copywriting Course average daily visitors increased 28X from January 2015 to present.

      Copywriting Course largest single-traffic day: 17,299

      28,240 registered Kopy Product users.

      Copywriting Course has 247 posts and 15,432 comments.

      Over 8,882,450 views of Copywriting Course.

      People have spent 6,214,980 minutes reading Copywriting Course (103,583 hours).


      Press Kit:

      Want to feature Copywriting Course in an article or piece of media? Here’s some official resources for you:

      Logo Small:



      Logo Large:



      Logo Large White:



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      neville-smiling-1024x683 (1).jpg triple-threat-neville (1).pngneville-thumb2.png

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      Neville Medhora
      Founder: Copywriting Course, NevBlog, HouseOfRave.
      Advise: AppSumo, Pink Java Media, Sumo, The Hustle.

      Neville Medhora figured out in the pre-Google days you can get a bunch of very-targeted people to come to your website, consume your material, and even buy. He then applied this to every businesses he was a part of, including a rave company, the first financial blog online, Copywriting Course, AppSumo, and even TheHustle. He currently advises numerous companies and runs a copywriting company called CopywritingCourse.com where companies go to make their copy awesome.

      Neville is fascinated by ways in which humans can transfer information from one brain to another through different mediums. His fingers have typed words that’ve been sent across hundreds of millions of emails, his training videos have been viewed by thousands of entrepreneurs, and his terrible jokes have made at least 3 people laugh.

      Copywriting Course
      The internet is full of websites and content that performs for it’s owners poorly. Copywriting Course aims to reduce the number of non-performing content on the web, including websites, blogs, emails, and an assortment of offline marketing materials. Signup to get the free emails here.


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