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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday September 9th, 2022)

    (Swipe, Wisdom, Interesting , Picture , Editorial, Sketch)
    Edition: Friday, September 9th, 2022. 
    Hope you like it 🙂
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    Here's two recent picks from my Swipe File that I like:

    First I picked this ad from 1911 for the International Exhibition of Tourism in Berlin because it just looks cool as hell:


    That dude is so daper 😂

    ....and the second one is a "subway map" of the human anatomy titled 
    "Underskin" by Sam Loman:


    I picked this one because I thought it was particularly cool and creative to map out the human support systems in subway format!


    This simple setup is what Lex Fridman runs a podcasting empire with:


    The equipment he's using is relatively simple:
    • 2 Shure SM7B mics: $800
    • 2 Sony a6400 cameras: $2,000
    • 1 Cloud Lifter: $250
    • 1 Zoom H4n Recorder: $250
    • 2 mic stands, 2 cam stands, cables: $500
    • YouTube + Podcast distribution: $0
    Total: $3,800

    The physical method of creating a podcast is almost irrelevant in his success, but the things that actually made it successful are:

    • He himself is interesting as an MIT artificial intelligence professor.
    • Massive amount of research for each guest
    • Getting A-list level guests
    • His conversations are not very "social media-y" but rather very long, slow, and deep. 

    It's kind of neat that the tools needed to get to this level are very cheap, but the other non-buyable factors are what creates the success.

    This is also related to the next section.....


    When I go to the gym and see a ripped dude I naturally think “what workout is that guy doing?”


    We tend to look for what specific exercise someone is doing, however 90% of the reason someone at the gym looks ripped is for reasons OUTSIDE the gym, such as:

    • Putting down the fork down when full.
    • Being consistent with workouts.
    • Being consistent with eating.
    • Limited drinking.
    • Eating well.

    This concept reminds me of that famous "What you see of an iceberg is only the tip" photo:


    While the specific exercise they're doing at the moment definitely plays a factor in their good health, it's mostly stuff you don't see.


    Social Tip: 
    If you're going to a party this weekend, take some nice candid pics of the crowd and the host.

    When party is done, send a thank you text message along with the pics. It's a great way to gift the host a nice memory!



    Another pro-tip is before you depart hanging out with someone, say "Selfie or it didn't happen!" 

    I do this VERY FREQUENTLY, and often it'll be the only pic or group pic of the day. 

    Later when I scroll through my photos, I remember that memory!


    It's cool being able to scroll through my photo album and retain these memories (otherwise after a few weeks you totally forget). 


    Sometimes I like making big-ass lists of ideas. 

    Here are 103 Copywriting Tips for motivation and ideas ➡



    I don't expect anyone to read all 103 of these, but rather bookmark it for later, and if you're stuck for ideas, bring this up and browse through them.
    Here's a couple I like:

    #1.) Work backwards - What’s the goal?
    Before you write about something, you’ve got to know exactly what your page / piece is supposed to accomplish. Whether it’s email replies, product sales, or something else, your job as a copywriter is to support that goal.


    #4.) Who’s your target audience?
    Avatars are great reference tools, but nothing beats the real thing! Get up, get out, and interview the people who make up your audience. You’ll learn more from a single “real” conversation than any avatar-based thinking session.
    **By the way** I've been doing 10-minute phone interviews with people on this email list, asking them about their experience with copywriting. If you wanna hop on the phone for 10 minutes reply to this email "I WANNA TALK ON THE PHONE" and I'll send you a scheduling link!


    #15.) Read what your audience reads
    Taking on a project outside of your regular niche / focus? The best way to get a feel for what an audience is thinking and feeling is to read the top publications in their field. Where do they hang out online? Which YouTubers do they follow? Start consuming the same content and you’ll be able to think more effectively.


    #17.) Use Google suggestions
    Your early research probably involves a whole bunch of Googling. You can expand and adapt your searches by scrolling down to the bottom of the results page and - voila! Google suggests a list of relevant searches you might want to check out.


    #37.) Use earplugs for focus
    Pop in a pair of earplugs and you’ll be surprised how effectively the total silence will hone your focus.


    #98.) Plug into your clients’ community + use their language
    Are you hanging out where your customers hangout online? Do you understand industry jargon and common practices? A great way to sell clients, is to be able to understand their needs and talk like them.


    You can see all 103 Copywriting Tips here ▶


    My Indian parents always count on their hands using the pads of their fingers. This lets you count up to 12 on each hand


    I thought this method was far superior to what I learned as a child, only being able to count to 5 on each hand!

    So in practice this is what it ends up looking like:


    Did YOU learn to count on your hands by each finger, or by the pads of your finger like above?? Reply and lemme know!

    Hopefully you enjoyed these tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed



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    I'm a former active member of the Club (needed to focus energy elsewhere for a bit) and a dedicated reader of this email since day 1. IMHO this is your best email yet. Why? You shared several actionable ideas but also added your personal responses which helps the reader connect with you. I know you know this stuff cuz you're a damn good copywriter. You always do these things, but this email was especially awesome. 

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    • Administrator

    That's so kind of you to say David, it means a lot! 

    If you notice I also slightly modded the name of the email to SWIPES....sneaky huh 😏

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    • Administrator

    Glad you enjoyed this edition Aisosa! 

    I love Lex, and used to think, "HOW DOES HE FILM HIS INTERVIEWS!?!" But overall that's like 10% of why he's big 🙂 

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    This is one of the most interesting mails I have received from you so far. From the image of the man in 1911 to the thoughts on weight loss, the instruments of podcast or gadgets shall we say to the hand pad counting. 

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    For Sketch, it hooked me. Me, myself as a Muslim, has a religious routine, where for our recite we always use the fingers to count the recites. Daily, we keep the routine to recite at least 100 times. So, at some occasion where the counting beads/device is not around, we usually will be using our fingers. Old but gold.  😊

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    This:  My Indian parents always count on their hands using the pads of their fingers. This lets you count up to 12 on each hand


    Also, your whole family looks so much alike...smiles and all Blush

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