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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday March 24th, 2023)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, March 24th, 2023

    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Cough syrup in the 1920’s was LIT!! 🔥


    A fun thing about browsing so many old ads is you see the INSANE ingredients that were in some old-timey medications. 

    This "Cough Syrup" contained alcohol, weed, chloroform, and morphine...I bet this worked WAY TOO WELL 😂



    Remember that people pay money for things that:
    • Saves them time.
    • Supports a cause.
    • Saves them money.
    • Improves their status.
    • Teaches them new info.
    • Gets them access to info.
    • Satisfies a need or desire.
    • Solves a specific problem.
    • Improves their earning power.

    If you sell a product, ask yourself which of these things your product solves!


    Some people specialize, some people generalize. This guy (who is an electrician) decided to list evvvveerrryything he can do plus some funny stuff for novelty 😂


    I would say this business card falls under the "novelty" category and entertains the reader enough so they might keep the card. 

    This card reminds me of this soap I use called Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. The packaging has these looonnggg rambbbllinng paragraphs of ultra small text all over the bottle: 


    I use the soap because it's a quick way to rinse off (the soap "comes off" your body very fast compared to other stuff), but I'm always tickled and entertained by it's insane packaging 😂


    My friend just posted a book I recommended The Male Mid-Life Crisis by Nancy Mayer:


    I first read this when I was 17 in high school, and it fundamentally shifted the way I viewed life/relationships/death.

    It was cool to see from a young age what causes (men in particular) to blow up their lives in middle age, and I took away many methods of avoiding it.

    The book shows how males can approach a “mid life crisis” when all these stressors hit at the same time:

    • They look at their children and realize “THEY are young, I am old.”
    • Their parents are starting to fade or die, and they see they're next.
    • Financial demands from children, spouse, life, parents.
    • Time demands from children, spouse, friends, work, parents.
    • Some men got pressured into marriage way too young and never got to explore the world outside their relationship and they realize "this is it."

    According to the book a combination of these things happening at the same time can make a man snap.

    I talk about it in this one minute clip:


    Anyways, checkout the book if you're interested in the subject. I found her writing style to be incredibly raw and honest which is what I liked about the book.



    Sometimes I’m jealous of people who are like: “I was broke as shit 2 years ago but now I’m hella rich and I’m gonna teach you how!!” 

    My story is way lamer: “I haven’t been broke since I was 17, and have always had several years of savings ready!!”


    This current economy seems like a repeat of 2008: 

    A bank fails, then another, then another...then a BUNCH.

    During an obvious recession like this the climate shifts from get-rich-quick schemes to preservation of money. 

    All of a sudden the get-rich-quick guy goes out of favor, and a boring-advice guy like Warren Buffet (who has been consistently rich for 60+ years) becomes more trusted. 

    The next few years will be super interesting to watch as non-useful products fall by the wayside, and the useful products rise to prominence.


    So many people obsess about the "Subject Line" of their email, but this is short term thinking.

    Your sender reputation is far more valuable than your subject line!


    Imagine your mom sends you an email but it has a crappy subject line.

    You’d probably still read it! 

    If your emails are:
    ✔️ So good readers forward them.
    ✔️ So good readers learn from them.
    ✔️ So good readers respond to them.
    ✔️ So good readers screenshot them.
    ✔️ So good readers look forward to them.
    ...they will likely consistently get high open rates.

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    Recommended Comments

    The business card gives me the impression that Dave Miller is full of sh*t. (Apologies if he's your close friend, I'm just reacting to the card design)

    Convince me if I'm wrong. But, usually, the most diverse, jack-of-all-trades who are like human swiss-army knives don't go listing all of their non-sequitur talents and accomplishments on a business card. This is an example of bad copywriting, right? I don't even see "electrician" on the card.

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    • Administrator

    Hey @Thomas Oddo no he's not my friend, I saw this elsewhere! It is funny that "electrician" isn't even on there 😂

    I'm assuming this guy is a gregarious kind of character, and he does most of the selling himself and the card is just a contact info mechanism!

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    The following seems to be ordered by character length. 

    All things equal, how would you order them by "power to get the customer to make moves" (not a real term that anyone says)?

    Remember that people pay money for things that:
    • Saves them time.
    • Supports a cause.
    • Saves them money.
    • Improves their status.
    • Teaches them new info.
    • Gets them access to info.
    • Satisfies a need or desire.
    • Solves a specific problem.
    • Improves their earning power.

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    Case in point concerning what you said in the "Sketch" section, I always make it a point of duty to read your S.W.I.P.E.S Email.

    It's like opening a box of surprise gifts, you never know what you'll see.

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