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    The 5 components almost EVERY SINGLE PAGE needs

    #1.) Social Proof

    Think about how you buy. If it comes highly recommended, you’ll buy with no hesitation. 

    - High Ratings
    - Testimonials
    - A friend telling you about something
    - Seeing someone important use it
    - Aggregate testimonials important.
    - If long text, summarize for people.

    I most often see people leave social proof out.

    Example 1: 

    Example 2:


     Example 3:


     Example 4:


     Example 5:



    "85% of our customers get a 5X return or more."

    "3,500+ clients served."

    "15 years in business."

    "BBB Accredited"

    #2.) Descriptive Images

    Your images can often tell the whole story without a lot of copy needed! 

    - Don’t post generic pics that convey zero info.
    - Showcase different uses of the product.
    - Explain whole product in images if possible.
    - Treat your images like a presentation or slideshow.
    - Make image so good people screenshot it.

    This is a huge mistake on most sites. Lots of wasted space with useless images.

    Example 1:


    Example 2:


    Example 3:



    Example 4:


    Example 5:


    #3.) Different uses cases for the product

    So many products can be used for many different things, but many pages will show only one use. 

    Showing multiple uses makes the product more valuable to the customer!

    - Show off different ways people can use.
    - Show unique customer use cases.

    Example 1:


    Example 2:

    uses cases.png

    #4.) Benefits of the product

    What people want is a TRANSFORMATION. 

    How will their life get better with this product?

    - Saves them time.
    - Makes something easier.
    - Make another product better.
    - Makes them smarter or more educated.
    - Makes them seem rich.

    What is the transformation that will take place?

    Example 1:

    Benefits of the product.png


    Example 2:

    Benefits of the product (2).png

    Example 3:

    Benefits of the product (3).png

    Example 4:

    Benefits of the product (4).png

    Example 5:

    Benefits of the product (5).png

    Example 6:

    Benefits of the product (6).png

    #5.) CTA at the end

    Often the most overlooked thing is just TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO NEXT.

    - Try to pick only one action.
    - Either tell them what to do, or make it obvious.

    Ultimately everything we’ve talked about in this presentation is to lead people to take an action.


    Example 1:

    CTA example.png


    Example 2:

    CTA example (2).png


    Example 3:

    CTA example (3).png


    Example 4:

    CTA example (4).png


    Example 5:

    CTA example 5.png


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    • Administrator

    Thank you @Johnny and @Susana Crofton

    I'm sure ya'll see these similar mistakes allll the time!

    Easy cheat sheet for pages:
    #1.) Social Proof
    #2.) Descriptive Images
    #3.) Different uses cases for the product
    #4.) Benefits of the product
    #5.) CTA at the end

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    Loved your video ofc.

    I think your most powerful point is:

    Improve each aspect of your sales to make more sales
    in a cumulative and mutually reinforcing feedback loop.


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    @Neville Thanks for posting. Very interesting. 

    Social proof:
    I like how Clorox targeted the moms in the ad. Because the majority of their buyers are moms.   

    Just double-checking. So you put the summary below the testimonial?

    Very good tip btw.  You are right.  I don't want to read big long testimonials. 

    Different use cases:
    "Product is more valuable because it had more use cases"

    Very insightful. 

    Get feedback from your customers.

    Benefits of the product:
    "People want a transformation when they buy your product"

    Something to keep in mind when you write.  Talk about the transformation the reader wants.


    Just curious. Do you ever put the CTA at the beginning of an email?

    I don't do it. But I see people do it and I don't get it.  

    I think the email is supposed to pre-frame the reader to what you are selling.  If they put the link at the beginning of the email.  You don't get that chance.




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