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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday August 25th, 2023)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

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    Edition: Friday, August 25th, 2023


    🎤 Listen to this email here:

    #1.) Swipe:

    The Tesla showrooms show that after a $7,500 federal credit a Tesla Model 3 is technically cheaper per mile than a Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, or BMW 3-Series.


    Comparing your pricing to something else is a popular tactic (i.e. “This software is cheaper than buying a coffee everyday.”

    [YOUR SERVICE] → Compared to something relatable:

    1. "Our monthly subscription costs less than a gym membership."
    2. "You can get our product for the price of a movie ticket."
    3. "Our service costs less than a daily newspaper subscription."
    4. "For the price of a Happy Meal, you can get access."
    5. "Our pricing is comparable to a cup of coffee."
    6. "You can get our product for the price of a couple of cups of tea."
    7. "Our annual subscription is cheaper than a night out at the movies."
    8. "For the cost of a pizza delivery, you can have our product for a whole month."
    9. "Our pricing is equivalent to a single ride on public transportation."
    10. "You can get our service for the price of a magazine subscription."

    #2.) Wisdom (​Watch Video​):

    Who is REALLY your target audience? Find them and sales become easier...sometimes it's not who you think:

    Many people sell to the wrong audience for years (I did). Here’s a way to figure out who is REALLY your target audience, and to find out where they hang out so you can grab em.

    #3.) Interesting:

    AI thinks I’m the 8th best copywriter. I’ll take it 😂



    Nadeera ChatGPT'd about copywriters and saw this!

    It's kind of interesting: Maybe the new form of "SEO" is being mentioned in generative AI results.

    Ironically the way to do that is by being ranked high in the search results (which AI learns from).

    #4.) Picture:

    Around 1999 British Airways was the main sponsor of the London Eye, and they had problems “erecting it” on time. Richard Branson…ever the provocateur…took advantage of this and got a blimp to say “BA CAN’T GET IT UP!!” resulting in a ton of attention for Virgin Airways 😂


    #5.) Essay:


    I started consulting years ago when UpWork was a small platform for small freelancers. 

    But now it's a top 1,000 site on the planet with ~50m visits/mo:


    I was thinking: 

    If start consulting again today, I would start on UpWork FIRST. 

    There seems to be major benefits to doing consulting on a platform such as:

    It brings new customers to you:
    People searching UpWork for copywriting or digital marketing would find me, and many times wouldn't have found me any other way.

    If people don't buy consulting, they may buy other products.
    There's been a few times I've searched on UpWork, and while I didn't hire the person I found the portfolio or website interesting and started following them.

    **Reviews** This is a major one...perhaps THE reason to do it:
    I've done consulting for hundreds of companies big & small, and it doesn't get published (or proved) anywhere. That would change if it were all logged and rated on a platform. 

    For example here's just a fraction of the companies I've worked with:


    ...but you'd never know it.

    Imagine if I'd been logging all these consults (with reviews included) for the last 10 years.

    If I did an UpWork Experiment, would you be interested in buying a 1-on-1 consult for a greatly reduced price?

    Reply to this email with your:
    - Name
    - Phone number
    - (Optional): What you'd like to talk about.

    I would pack the schedule with consults in exchange for reviews. Also these calls are awesome, we can talk strategy, or just do work on the spot (my favorite)!


    #6.) Splurge:

    I’m assuming there was a marketing meeting where they showed a chart of the best sellers in a gas station, then slapped this product together 😂


    I was at a gas station when I took this pic....and something about the "SNICKERS" logo just instantly grabbed (maybe bc I used to eat them all the time 😬), so I ran it through an eye tracker and confirmed that's generally the first thing people see!


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



    Recommended Comments

    I always love reading your Friday tidbits and what makes it stand out above all the other "noise" (other weekly email newsletters I've signed up for, click bait news emails, sales emails etc) is that I really look forward to clicking it and seeing what's up for the week and what is going on in that brain of yours.  

    Your info really adds value to my life quite honestly - and not just for work purposes, copywriting for example, but just overall life - fun and interesting and intriguing facts and the way that you see the world.  I really love it.  I always click on and see what you've got going, so I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and creativity and keep up the good work! (I don't know if I will ever convert to a paid customer or client for you, but my boss has purchased your stuff and keeps encouraging me to check it out - so maybe I'm a prospect and not just a suspect LOL).

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    Dude, one of your best newsletters! PROOF:
    S: would have been better if their headline was: "Cheaper than a Corolla!" … don't you think?
    W: This video is GOLD!!! You are SPOT ON here: present to your TARGET, then retarget those leads!
    I: Social proooof! I've been following you for over 10 yrs and I know you're the shit, but this is level*10.
    P: This would've been provocative as a POST, but the blimp in the actual photo..WOW sends quite the msg
    E: THE BIGGEST THING…want to talk to you 1-on-1….details below.
    S: How the F*ck did you do the eye-tracking on yourself??

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    Thank you for sending the S.W.I.P.E.S. EmailSwipe. I appreciate the interesting information and insights you shared. The comparisons and examples you provided were thought-provoking and helpful. I also found the wisdom video about identifying target audiences particularly valuable.

    Moreover, the picture you included of the British Airways blimp incident was both amusing and attention-grabbing. It's always interesting to learn about unconventional marketing tactics.

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this Friday edition of S.W.I.P.E.S. and am grateful for the effort you put into creating these emails.

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