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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday January 26th, 2023)

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    Edition: Friday, January 26th, 2024
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    This is kind of fun, look at this “Visual Style Guide” used by the animation team for the King of the Hill TV show:


    It's neat to see all the very-intricate details for every tiny movement and gesture!

    Here’s a few more slides of the style guide:


    This cool illustration shows how much you learn from theory, from practice, and from mistakes:



    Best office ever: Laying in bed on a rainy day finishing up a book 😁


    I really love laying in bed reading (when I have a good book I'm into). One of the best feelings!


    I spent last weekend in Palm Springs and it was awesome 😎


    We stayed at one of those big crazy AirBnB's for a friends bday and it was very cool.



    One interesting tid-bit about Palm Springs was the airport is 90% outdoors, felt more like a farmers market or festival than airport!

    The view from the airport entrance alone was amazing!



    Toughen up.


    There’s a lot of talk about mental health, and that’s great. But like any movement, some people take it too far.

    It’s starting to get common for people to take “mental health days” anytime they’re sad, don’t feel like doing something, or something is even remotely hard.

    Well toughen up.

    Being sad sometimes is normal.
    Being tired sometimes is normal.
    Being anxious sometimes is normal.

    These are not always mental disorders. There are normal, everyday, human feelings.

    If you just tell yourself whilst feeling sad, “This is a pretty normal human emotion. Many people have experienced it. It’s usually temporary. It can almost always be solved by hanging out with loved ones, getting some exercise, taking a walk outside, or making a concrete plan on how to get out of your funk.”

    You will then be able to bear this emotion like a big boy or girl.

    A story in my mind that sticks out:

    Someone once asked Arnold Schwarzenegger whilst he was going through a nasty divorce, and a cheating scandal, and other political stuff how he was holding up. And he replied, “Well it’s better than being in the coal mines in Austria.”



    I always dread finishing a good book, because then I go into a LACK of having a gripping book to read!

    I just finished a hard-science book called House of Suns (my brother recommended it):


    I asked people some other book recommendations and they came up with:
    @henhaohank Pushing Ice
    @theryanhelms Spin, Three Body Problem
    @MouyyadA The Expanse 
    @JohnJBlatchford The Windup Girl
    @Ldnbox Under the Dome
    @loganletsgo Anything from Ted Chiang

    Do you have any other book recs for me, (hard-science fiction or just great books)??

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



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    Have you tried any of the Travis Mcgee novels? Gary Halbert mentions them tons of times in his newsletter. Never got my hands on one of them but curious to hear someone else's opinion.

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    • Administrator

    It reminded me of the Hawaii airport, but the front was even prettier with soooo many mountains and palm trees, it looked fake!

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    "Do you have any other book recs for me, (hard-science fiction or just great books)??..."

    "Seveneves" by Neal Stephenson if you like "hard" science fiction with a focus on the "science". Humanity discovers a calamity is about to destroy the earth, so they send stations into space as lifeboats until the Earth can recover. But all doesn't go as planned, so much scientific MacGyvering ensues on the space stations. 

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    Book Rec: Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield.

    2500 years in the other direction from hard sci-fi: story takes place in 480 BC. The Spartans definitely knew about toughening up.

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    • Administrator

    Thanks for the rec Jon! I haven't read a hard sci book in the PAST yet, this could maybe shake it up 🙂 

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    Celtika, Robert Holdstock. Jason and the argonauts team up with Merlin for an adventure. Fascinating bronze age cultural tidbits. 

    Mythago Wood, also Robert Holdstock. A small English woods that is huge inside, and where all of the gods and other mythical creatures from all cultures roam. If you think about any of them, they are likely to appear and confront you or wreak havoc. The protagonist is your classic geeky, quirky, amateur scientist and becomes obsessed with exploring the woods. 

    The Wave, Susan Casey. Nonfiction exploration of big waves and rogue waves all over the world. She spends a lot of time with scientists and with top surfers. 

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    Hi Neville > Correct English > US and UK,  is 'lying'- not 'laying' (" Best office ever: Laying in bed on a rainy day finishing up a book"). 'Laying' needs an object (transitive )- thus: Come lie down beside me; but Lay yourself down beside me.

    Why do Americans keep laying when they should be lying?


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    I'm currently reading The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson and I'm loving it. I've loved almost everything from Bill Bryson. 

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    Have you read "Dark Matter" by Blake Crouch? I really enjoyed the book. From Wikipedia:

    "The story is about a physicist who is kidnapped and sent to a parallel universe in which another version of his life unfolds because of a different choice he made fifteen years previously. The book draws on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics which posits that every possible outcome of every event creates a new universe or world that runs parallel to our own."

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