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    The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday May 20th, 2022)

    (Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

    This is a fun email for Friday May 20th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂



    🎤 Listen to this email here:




    This is a cool chart sent along with a toaster that visually shows the different heat settings.

    The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 don’t really mean much to the user, but showing them like this instantly conveys what each setting does!


    This is an example of simple and effective copy visuals!





    Movie posters are basically one-pager advertisements, however they often contain NOTHING but the title of the movie and an image.

    For example this Spider-Man movie poster just says "Spider-Man" and some action shots of the main characters:


    They can get away with this because everyone already knows what Spider-Man is! All they have to do is show the new movie is coming out, and an audience will follow.

    Another sequence of posters that needs very little explanation or words is James Bond.

    The franchise is so popular that just showing a sparse poster is enough, like this Golden Eye poster:


    ...or this Spectre poster with nothing but a cool picture of James Bond:


    Now some movie posters need to add more context to the poster because the general public may not know much about the character, like this awesome Kamen Rider poster.

    Notice the extra story text on the left and right:


    Or when Scarface came out it's poster had additional context explaining the story because no one knew this character:






    One of the absolute simplest time-saving tricks I’ve seen bars do in recent years is:

    “We’ll keep your tab open but give your credit card back right away.”

    When they do this you can just leave, and at the end of night they’ll close your tab and do an automatic 20% tip.

    Customers love this because they can leave anytime without spending 10 minutes trying to close a tab.

    Bartenders love this because they get 20% gratuity on every check.

    Bars love this because bartenders are filling drink orders, not settling tabs.

    This is such a small change, but yields big results!





    Totally random, but these are the 5 different light settings my home office scrolls through depending on my mood:



    It's all controlled through a Phillips Hue remote, with 4 Phillips Hue Play lights, 2 Phillips Hue color bulbs inside lamps, and 4 LED lamps for some extra lighting power when on calls.

    It all looks like this in the day:


    ...and looks like this at night:






    I couldn't believe this actually works! Notice the difference in reading speed on the below text:

    Text on left: Normal text. Text on right:Bionic Reading” text with specifically bolded letters.

    Watch how fast you can read the text on the right with the bolded letters!


    It's kind of wild how much faster you can read the right side with these specifically bolded letters!





    I've utilized drawing little stick figures and such for years, and it's always been difficult....but over the year's it's become easier.

    My original drawings were done on tablet computers or an iPad Pro and then edited in Photoshop:


    Then for a while I used a Google Presentation file with different body parts of StickGuy (heads, eyes, noses, mouths, bodies)....so I could just drag-n-drop them into different permutations like this:



    Then I was using Canva a lot, and you can draw + add images:


    Or you could use Canva pre-existing templated stuff:


    Now I'll often edit and create images directly within ConvertKit (what I'm using to send this email):


    Making images used to be this very skilled thing few people could do, but now it's become so much more accessible with better tools!



    Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
    Neville Medhora -
    CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed



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    • Administrator

    Thank you Rhea! 

    I love making this newsletter every week, really helps me bring together all the cool stuff I've found 🙂 

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    Bionic Reading... Now that's cool.. My computer fatigued eyes went right through that., be great for books I want to read on my phone but won't because of that issue they mentioned (and dyslexia).

    You always find the coolest stuff. 

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    • Administrator

    Thanks Tamara! That Bionic Reading stuff is fascinating, I'm curious to see where that tech goes, and if it's useful for longer form reading! 

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    For the movie posters, I think they just have less copy these days and very saturated imagery. Back in the day both ads and movie posters had a lot more copy.

    Love the lighting setup and the demo gif!!

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    • Administrator

    Yeah movie posters sometimes cram a ton of imagery in to "tell a story"....especially if they are new characters people need to understand more. Not sure if it works or doesn't, hard to tell! 

    And glad ya liked the lighting setup, I love the vibe in that office 🙂 

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    • Administrator

    Yeah Bionic Reading looks promising. 

    I didn't know this was a thing before! So interesting you had a Bible like that!! I need to look that up and see if this format has a history I can trace!

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    The bionic reading is awesome. Will the websites soon adopt this as well? A lot of scanning today relies on header text….now there is a chance that the time spent on site and visitor satisfaction  increases as reading long copy is made more brain friendly😀

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    • Administrator

    Glad ya liked that Bionic Reading thing Mala! I'm not sure if it'll get widespread adoption or not....I'm curious as well. 

    I am going to run some tests with their API to see if it helps or if it's more distracting when reading long form text. 

    Will report back!

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    • Administrator

    I think you're right Kevin, I was thinking the same thing. Why not stop at 5 and call it a day??

    Level 6 looks hella burnt 😬

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    The STUPID email gives me confidence that you can have a fun, compelling, informative newsletter without writing 1000 words.

    Always look forward to seeing what you will share, Neville. Thank you! 🤘

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    • Administrator

    Thank you so much @Krista Summitt

    It's one of my favorite emails to write, because it's customized to my tastes, my natural posting, and seems to bring the most joy to others 🙂 

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