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    Example of HouseOfRave emails

    So yesterday we chatted about how to start making a business more passive.  Now I wanna so you some charts that show why your business doesn’t take off even if you spend hard hours making cool content.

    I want you to see what constantly pumping out blog posts or content at random looks like:


    Basically you spend TONS of time writing/creating and get a flat result.

    Even if you are smart and send out your content to an email list, the people that signup in the recent dates miss all that content :-/


    But if you actually had an email list going…..and had an autoresponder in place, your engagement would look more like this:


    GOD JOB!!!!!


    But not everyone does this.

    In fact….MOST businesses I’ve seen don’t utilize the insanely powerful effects of an autoresponder.

    I noticed this in my HouseOfRave emails I used to send out.  For example:

    This single email took collectively over 11 hours to make (individual photoshoots + editing + formatting + creation):


    11 hours of work for one email!!

    It drove clicks to the website, but only on the day I sent it out.  Then it was lost forever and never seen by any new customers.

    This next email cost me the equivalent of over 15 hours of work with all the photo shoots and editing (although it WAS fun playing with that glowing gel)!


    All that work for a one-time email that went out only once…..and simply shoved products in the customers face!

    So what could I have done differently for this rave company!?

    I could’ve used the concept of “Give, Give, Give, Give, Ask” and given the people some great stuff in the emails (will be showing you how soon).

    But that's not what I was doing AT ALL.  I was just getting people to signup with this dinky signup for on the top-right of the HouseOfRave website:


    ….and only when I had a new email ready would they get an email from me.  And sometimes it was months before they'd get anything, and by then they'd forgotten they'd signed up!

    If this is how your current business is running (or this is how you THINK a business should run), then you’re missing out big.

    With the magic of a well-tuned autoresponder, I get emails like this every single day with people telling me they want a product that I haven’t updated or promoted in over two years!


    Now that’s truly passive income.

    This weekend (Sunday, 4-27-2014) I’m gonna show you how I do it, including the exact emails and tricks.  This will be stuff you can apply to ANY business you ever start.  So pay close attention.  This stuff is more valuable and practical than every single business class I took in college put together.

    Stay tuned on Sunday young grasshopper!


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    Guest I want it! I want it! I want it! :: Kopywriting Kourse


    […] I showed you how despite not fiddling with a product for over two years, I still get emails everyday like this to my personal […]
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    Guest Tyler, Easy Agent Pro


    I CANNOT wait until Sunday. I've sold 3 products to a list of over 2.5k. Whatever it is you're posting Sunday Nev...count me in.
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