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    the passive income thing

    So I told you in these other posts (first, second) how I knew my income would be higher forever.


    But here was the problem:


    Now don’t get me wrong….I fully expect to always “have to work for it” my entire life. But here’s a non-business example of what I’m talking about:

    From my blog NevBlog.com, a lot of people knew my personality and story from all sorts of experiments and hijinks such as:

    The time I got a homeless guy to sell bottled water for me.

    Those 5 days I went homeless on the streets of Austin.

    That post and video I made how I crash parties to meet rich people.

    That time I bought 100 lottery tickets to see what would happen.

    When I illegally conference-crashed and met the Prime Minister of Malaysia.When I changed a street sandwich board sign and got 50% more walk-in's.




    But what if they DIDN’T follow me when these things happened??  They would never know about any of this stuff!!

    So how do I get these posts out to new subscribers who JUST NOW found me?

    Well there’s a thing which I call “The Magical Email Slave Machine” which is what’s commonly known as an email autoresponder.

    You see, an autoresponder is simply a program that sends out emails to people who just signed up to your email list.

    Simple concept. But one helluva a POWERFUL tool for selling.

    My hijinks and experiments were well known to the people currently subscribed via email to NevBlog, but what about the people who signup for those lists NOW?

    They’re not aware of this famous Neville Medhora!

    No. They must be educated and shown what I’ve done.  But I couldn’t manually do this every single day.

    So as an experiment, I tried out making an autoresponder for the people who signed up to get my blog posts sent to their email.  Here are the numbers:


    I did sooooooooooooooooooooo many things wrong on this autoresponder.  And I still got a pretty fair retention rate.

    It wasn’t planned whatsoever.

    It was poorly formatted.

    It didn’t flow.

    In general it was pretty bad.  But even despite this poorly planned disaster of an autoresponder…..within the 1st few months, I started getting emails like this:


    I couldn’t believe how many people were LOOKING FORWARD to these emails I was “sending” them….and they were even interacting with the emails as if it was ME physically sending them out!!

    Every time someone new signed up to my email list, I could almost guarantee they’d never miss one of my “greatest hits” blog posts.  This introduced me to thousands of new people over the years….without me doing a damn thing (aka “passively”).  

    Basically I did NOTHING while this email autoresponder did all the work.

    That’s the power of an autoresponder!

    This first autoresponder I made was just to show people old blog posts. I still hadn’t thought of using it to SELL something.


    What if instead of just using this autoresponder technology to remind people of how cool I am with random blog posts……I could show them why they would want to BUY something!?!?!?!?!?!?

    For example:

    I have this thing called the KopywritingKourse (I swear I’m just giving you an example here and not trying to sell you something):

    What if when people signup to my page to learn more about Kopywriting, they are immediately sent a page that shows them HOW they can write copy that converts 3x higher than their current copy?

    Increasing a business by 3x is a pretty good deal right?

    Well what if the NEXT email I send them shows them how to write headlines that have higher open rates?  This will help them get even MORE revenue.

    And what if the NEXT EMAIL AFTER THAT shows them how to structure each email so that it gets the most amount of interest from their customers?

    Obviously this will catch their attention better than just trying to shove a $69 course down their throat.  And because they got all this awesome information, and know the value and context of the thing we’re selling……This is what we called a “warmed up customer.”


    Even small groups of “warmed up customers” outperform gigantic lists of “random emails” who have no context of what you’re selling.

    ……and what if we could create these “warmed up customers” every single day without moving a finger!?
    That’s what an autoresponder can do for you.Tomorrow imma show you how to use these to make your business more passive (I don’t mean “Do nothing and make money” bullshit pipe dream…..I mean how to “warmed up customers”  without having to do it manually).Pay close attention to this stuff. It will apply to EVERY business you go into.
    If you wanna know more about this, I highly suggest you take a second to consider investing in my Autoresponder Kourse.



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    Guest Allen


    I usually tell people that the best type of work is the kind you do once but get paid for many times. I think that counts as passive income once the work is done.

    Maybe it's a sliding scale.

    Perhaps the best kind of passive income is the kind you get from owning things. This is where people get the idea that it takes money to make money. One can simply buy assets that generate income or pay others to do work that generates income. If you paid someone to write your auto responders that would be even more passive.

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    Guest Brian


    Thanks Neville. I like the behind the scenes info. I bought your behind the scenes product a while back on developing an idea.

    I noticed that the vast majority of 'how to' marketing online is for info products such as how to sell yourself or your service.

    How can I warm up my email list to buy a physical product? Perhaps you have some pointers from your rave site experience?



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    I've been hearing a lot about passive income or residual income. What are your thoughts on the MLM industry? It's sometimes tough to filter out the good from the bad
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    Guest berry


    Nev my boy. You.Are.Awesome.

    You really are helping me understand what I've been doing wrong. Thank you so much!

    Can't wait to try this shit out.

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    Guest Example of HouseOfRave emails :: Kopywriting Kourse


    […] yesterday we chatted about how to start making a business more passive.  Now I wanna so you some charts that […]
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    Guest Rebekah Sellers


    Love your autoresponder series, Neville!

    It inspires me.

    I have sold $50K services via autoresponders. Best ROI of all my marketing by far.

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    Guest admin


    Well I actually enjoy writing the autoresponders myself, plus I think I'm better than most people I can hire (I HOPE)!!

    The autoresponders are a great way not to completely remove all need for work, but at least warm up customers automatically so when you DO sell something, they understand how it will help them

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    Guest admin


    Oh geez....I don't have much good to say about it.

    Any business that's focused mostly on getting new people to sell a product, rather than selling the product, is usually some form of pyramid scheme.

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    Guest admin


    Thank you!

    I'll be putting out more stuff on autoresponders soon, so pay attention to that!

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    Guest admin



    If you want, feel free to send me some stats on your autoresponders, and I can show em to people (if you're open to it).

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    Guest Neville


    Very true Allen!

    You could buy an asset (say a house) and receive income from renting it out.

    You could buy a working asset (say a truck) and use that to perform work for others.

    You could do labor or creative work and get paid once for it.

    Or you can do creative work that continues to work for you for several years (like an autoresponder).


    I'm not saying one way is BETTER than the other, but it's a super-valuable skill to know how to do them ALL.

    I think it's also obvious that the appeal of "doing something once and keep getting paid for it" is definitely there!!

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    Guest Leo Pato


    Hey Neville thanks again for your killer content, you have a great personable writing style which makes the reader feel like your talking directly to them, not some auotomated email slave machine thingymajob haha. Anyway I understand what you mean by using the email autoresponder to create passive income, it's a type of automatic system and a great one at that I will definitely use it when my site is up and running and PAY for some of your great courses to utilize the kknowledge and skills. Here here to the hustle!!!
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    Guest Neville


    Thanks Leo!

    People hate most marketing messages, that's why we get people to write messages that are USEFUL and that people LIKE.

    That way if you give them awesome stuff all the time and promote just a little, people don't mind at all.

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