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    We've got an insatiable curiosity for real life experiments, data, and cool stories.....and want to share them with the world. We love publishing guest posts, but only if they meet some criteria:  

    What we do NOT want:

    If you're writing a regular-old marketing articles with no experiments, no evidence, or no new perspectives, we're not super keen on publishing that. Here's some examples of articles we don't want:
    • 3 Ways To Increase Your Email Conversion Rate.  (No thank you).
    • Creating An Audience Is Great.  (Ummm no).
    • 37 Ways To Make A Better Landing Page.  (Nope).
    We'll have to politely decline if your article adds no new knowledge to the world.    

    What we DO want:

    Do you have any real-life experiments you've done, complete with pictures or screenshots? We love that stuff! Here's some example of stuff we'd LOVE to hear about:
    • Maybe you increased the conversion rate for a pizza restaurant by changing their menu.  (Sounds cool)!
    • Maybe you invented a small product, manufactured it, and sold it. (That sounds super interesting)!
    • Maybe you run a brick-n-mortar like a dry cleaners and increased your sales with some clever marketing.  (Neat)!
    Posts that have examples of marketing in real life are great. Posts that have real life experiments are great. Posts that show a new way of doing something are great. You don't even have to fully flesh out the post sometimes.  If you have a great experiment, we'll work WITH you to make the post awesome. Here's some examples of posts where we worked with the author to crank out a highly successful post:      

    Publicity / Exposure / Comments!

    If you scratch our back, we'll scratch yours.  We reward our guest posters with links to their website, products, or services.  We also send out a dedicated email newsletter blast. We are happy to share the credit for posts, and guest authors have seen some awesome results:  

    "Thanks so much for posting this. My list just tripled in the past few hours, so I'm feelin' pretty fancy." --Marian Schembari

    "Just wanted to reach out and say thanks again for posting the guest post.  Got some really cool emails/phone calls and great intros, I never would have gotten otherwise. The response has been better than I thought :)" --Peter Straaten

    "FYI, the guest post netting me about 90 signups for my offer (It's only been 1 day so people are still signing up for it) and 2 new clients already." --Denise Renee

    As you can see we make it a point to publicize our guest authors and get them exposure, clients, and more.      

    Have A Cool Experiment or Guest Post To Share?

    Send us a quick snippet about an email briefly describing your experiment or post:
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