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    Guest Márcio Guerra


    Man, I'm loving your site. And in fact, copy, or should I say «kopy», always got under my skin. I'm a communication designer, with focus on graphical stuff, but with some communication in my bag, but, unfortunatelly, it was no where near what you teach here. I've been reading stuff from your site (like at right this moment, I've read 2 or 3 of the newer posts, but all of those hundreds of comments too) and decided «no, this guy really knows his stuff, lets look for the first blog post», and I've wrote in the address bar something like «https://copywritingcourse.com/blog/page/20», expecting this to be some huge site already, due to your stuff's quality. Well, fortunate for me you've got so far only 6 pages, eheheh! And I'm going back to today, mate! Starting now, I don't know how long will I take in this quest, but I expect to read everything you have here. Not sure if at the same time or only in the end, I'm considering doing the Light Kopy Course (because it is free, of course, and right now I'm unemployed), and must thank, already, for all the stuff you allowed me, and I believe others, to learn!

    So, thanks and cheers, mate, keep up the good work, and I'll be seing you in the other posts. You really Rock, or Kopy!

    Márcio Guerra

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    Why wouldn't you pick ONE target and ONE lens? Do you have any tips on how to test different headlines?
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    Guest Writing Strategies (To Go From Blank Page to Finished Article)


    […] is a great strategy for writing headlines, but it works for whole articles, […]
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    Guest Detailed Blog Post Checklist [PRINTABLE] - Content Creators Planner


    […] How To Write Headlines [VIDEO] […]
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