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    A New Paradigm In Writing

    Or listen to my smooth voice read you this post:

    It used to be a reclusive writer goes off for 2 years and emerges with a finished book.

    But nowadays it's possible bang out hundreds of Tweets, see what works, see what sticks, then create a larger piece of writing based off that.


    Write in pieces at first, then assemble later:

    This isn’t some new concept necessarily, but writers like Hemingway never had access to a system which could gauge interest on the fly.

    Authors would use friends and editors as test subjects to see if sentences, paragraphs, and chapters clicked.

    Now they can use followers on social media to gauge these things.

    Previously my writing process:

    1.) Find article topic.

    2.) Spend days writing in a silo.

    Now my writing process evolving:

    1.) Tweet a bunch of stuff on the topic.

    2.) See what gets interest.

    3.) Incorporate that into large article.


    You can see a similar pattern emerging in video:

    People can now take small clips on TikTok (or whatever platform), see what sticks, then make larger videos on YouTube.

    Most likely full TV series and movies will be based off small TikTok clips that hit!

    This is a common thing seen from Saturday Night Live:

    1.) A random sketch on SNL like the “What Is Love” song guys totally nails the landing.

    2.) It becomes a recurring sketch with huge laughs each time.

    3.) It becomes the movie Night At The Roxbury!



    The next step will be AI that models what's popular:

    Writing with AI is already getting popular, and I assume the next step in writing tools will AI that’s able to gauge popularity before you hit publish.

    This can be done by analyzing all of Twitter/Quora/Wikipedia/YouTube or other relatively open dataset to learn what’s popular by a group of humans at a particular time.

    There’s already visual cortex models of the brain that can show where human eyes will focus on a given image. For example I ran this ketchup ad through the 3M Visual Attention System and it will show what grabs a humans eye:

    Even better I ran this “The Man In The Hathaway Shirt” ad through the Visual Attention System.

    It knows through thousands of examples that humans are drawn firstly to eyes (or eye-singular in this case) 😂

    When AI gets good enough, imagine being able to bang out a few Tweets on your phone, the AI “tests” each Tweet for virality, modifies it, then re-tests hundreds of times before sending it out.

    You could have highly optimized Tweets every time!


    To sum up this new paradigm in writing:

    Post buncha stuff  ➜ turn the bangers into more permanent articles :)



    Neville N. Medhora


    P.S. This video idea came from a random Tweet thread I wrote while still in bed 😀

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