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Writing a Sales Page: Step 8: Price Justification


Stickman picking pizza or ebooks and justifying the price

Money is scarce for most people, so they have to decide between buying different things.

"Should I buy these pizzas for $22, or this eBook for $22?"

"Should I buy a diamond necklace for $50,000, or a downpayment for a mortgage for $50,000?"

"Should I buy a brand new Camry for $25,000, or a used Mercedes for $25,000?"


All of these are what's know in the marketing world as a Price Justification.

A price justification is any excuse in a person's mind to buy your product.


Let's take a look at some examples:


"I'm going to buy an expensive Mercedes."

Mercedes price justification

Secretly what's being said:

"I wanna look baller to the ladies so I'm gonna buy a Mercedes!" 😎

Price Justification:

"I'm buying this expensive Mercedes instead of practical Toyota Camry because it has a rack pinion steering and a high safety rating."



"I'm going to buy an expensive wedding dress."

Wedding dress price justification-2

Secretly what's being said:

"I wanna look DAMN good and humble-brag about how much my dress was and make my friends jealous!" 😎

Price Justification:

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and this is the only dress that really connects with me, it was also hand-stitched in Italy where my grandmother was from."



Now don't me wrong: Justifying the price in your head to buy something is OK!!

However as the seller of a product, we have to give people REASONS to justify it.



People don't want to throw money in the toilet...

Throwing money in the toilet

...so let's show them why our product is a good investment.


Show them how much money they will save with The KopywritingKourse:


Show them an example of The KopywritingKourse working:


Show them a testimonial of how much money someone made from The KopywritingKourse:


Neville "Trying To Justify Buying This Mansion" Medhora


P.S. Here's the other sections of this Sales Page Experiment:

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