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    Writing a Sales Page: Step 7: Adding In Testimonials

    giving testimonials to someone

    Alright my young pupil, it's about to start getting hairy.

    As you know.....you and I have been hired to write a sales page together, and we're several steps in:

    • Step 1: We made a "Skeleton Outline" of our sales page.
    • Step 2: We defined exactly what we are selling.
    • Step 3: We wrote out 20+ headlines.
    • Step 4: We wrote a personal story of how the product helps us.
    • Step 5: We summarized everything customers get.
    • Step 6: We showed what would happen if they don't have the product.

    Now we're going to the next part:

    Step 7: Adding In Testimonials.

    One of the key elements to convincing someone to buy is having had OTHER PEOPLE have success with your product.

    "Well if this guy had success with it, I surely can too!"

    Social Proof is a very important concept in marketing, so collecting a whole stash of testimonials is important. In fact I have three primary places I store testimonials:

    testimonial folders

    Desktop: I keep a folder on my desktop computer called "Testimonials" where I take screenshots of everything nice said about me or KopywritingKourse. I usually just do SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 on my Mac and it takes a screenshot of the area I want, then I drag it into the folder. This can be screenshots from Facebook, websites, YouTube comments....anything.

    Email: I have a folder called "Testimonials" in my Gmail folders where I tag anything that says something nice about me or KopywritingKourse.

    Wordpress: All those stored testimonials don't mean nothing if no one sees them, so I also store them in Wordpress.....read the next section to see how it's done.


    How To Store Testimonials (free plugin):

    Wrangling tons of testimonials is a bitch-and-a-half. So I have software to handle this. Fortunately the software is free!

    It's a Wordpress Plugin called Strong Testimonials.

    I simply dump lots of testimonials into this system, and it makes displaying them FAR EASIER than pulling testimonials and designing them manually.

    You can see a sample of all my KopywritingKourse Testimonials here. The entire page is generated with the Strong Testimonials plugin, and is even random (if you refresh the page you'll notice it switches the order of the content each time). Like this:

    kopywritingkourse testimonial page

    This plugin is going to allow us to embed testimonials into this post without having to deal with all the CSS and HTML junk.

    For the rest of this post when you see a testimonial displayed, it's being displayed through the Strong Testimonials plugin.


    Let's add real testimonials to our page:

    Sales pages often split up testimonials by type of testimonial. For example:

    So let's make 3 different types of testimonials for the sales page we're writing together. I'm going to raid my KopywritingKourse Testimonials Page for them:


    Show "Results" Testimonials:

    We are going to select some testimonials that demonstrate actual results people have got with The KopywritingKourse:

    [testimonial_view id=4]


    Show "Video" Testimonials:

    In this section we are going to feature a testimonial that includes a video.

    [testimonial_view id=5]


    Show "Character" Testimonials:

    This section is going to feature testimonials that talk about my character, and demonstrate I'm a good guy and good teacher:

    [testimonial_view id=3]


    Show "Changed My Life" Testimonials:

    This is going to feature testimonials that show the product can be life altering and therefore a great investment.

    [testimonial_view id=6]


    Show "Office Hours" Testimonials:

    A major part of this KopywritingKourse product is the live Office Hours that happen every two weeks, so we want to feature some testimonials showing they are really valuable.

    [testimonial_view id=7]


    Show "Before/After" Testimonials:

    These are going to be testimonials that visually show before and after examples.

    [testimonial_view id=8]


    Show "Company Training" Testimonials:

    We want to show companies they should buy this course for their employees and train them to become excellent copywriters, so all their marketing materials convert better.

    [testimonial_view id=9]


    As you can see my friend, by collecting various testimonials over the years, you can build up quite a collection. I would highly suggest you do this for your own business.

    Now that we have an assortment of testimonials locked and loaded, we can sprinkle these throughout our final sales page in different sections.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you learned something new here!



    P.S. Here's some additional resources on testimonials:


    P.P.S. Do you have any examples of how KopywritingKourse has helped you??

    Let me know in the comments. I'll be bribing giving away 2 free t-shirts, sent to anywhere in the world for free to my favorite commenters!


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    Thank you so very much for the plugin tip. Been looking around for a way to get testimonials off a clunk Word doc and onto the web. Have learned tons from you over the years Nev!
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    Guest Vinod


    Hey Nev, your writing style stands so different out from the crowd that I suspect every time after reading if you really are from planet earth or you are from some another planet. I am damn impressed with it.
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    Guest Jesse


    Hi Nev,

    Really loving this easily digestible kourse ;)

    Do you have tips for getting these types of testimonials? Do you make a specific "ask" for such things, or let them flow organically?

    My company has some very nice testimonials, but many are not very useful because they are so general (i.e. "Great course, the instructor was awesome..." — though these are satisfying for us to hear as a company, I don't think they sound very authentic or interesting. I want to extract the story (like yours do!).

    Thanks again for such a great resource; planning to grab the course soon.


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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Why thank you very much Jeff! I was using a clunky Google Doc filled with tons of random quotes and screenshots till I found that plugin. SUPER USEFUL!
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hey Jesse!

    I personally let them kind of "flow" for the most part, however I HAVE in the past asked for them to my email list. This is a great way to get a bunch.

    The one that worked best for me was on my birthday last year, I asked people in an email to respond with something about KopywritingKourse.

    I've reproduced the whole email for you below:

    Today is my bday! I'm 34 today. Since I plan to die at 85, I'm currently 40% through my entire life.

    You can view this scientific graph of my lifespan here:


    (The current winning plan is to skydive into an active volcano on my 85th bday).

    I have an ask of you on my bday:

    If you could respond to this email with either.....

    OPTION 1.) Respond with feedback if you like my material or how I could improve. Brutal feedback welcome.

    OPTION 2.) Tell me how KopywritingKourse has directly impacted you. Whether it's my free material or paid, I'd love some story (or even actual before/after numbers) of how KopywritingKourse has helped you.

    That's all :)

    I sincerely appreciate you reading me stuff, it makes me feel very special :)


    Neville Medhora - 34 year old birthday boy


    Hope that helps!

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    Guest Jesse


    That is fantastic! Reminds me of a principle that was in "Made to Stick" (I think; been a while since I've read it), combining seemingly unrelated ideas to make something more compelling/engaging/sticky.

    I love your idea above, I only wish my birthday were sooner now. Thanks for reposting it above.


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    Guest Kieran


    Q - what if you don't have testimonials YET🤔 ? haha
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    Guest Brent Robison


    Here's a copy and paste of an Email I sent you (Neville) 12/6/16 Right after I sold my previous business.

    Once I started learning Kopy and some email marketing principles, we eventually generated wellll over $100,000 via email in our brick and mortar stores.


    Hey Neville!

    Just wanted to update you.. it’s been a little over a year since we worked together from your kopykonsults [and taking the KopywritingKourse].

    Wanted to give you some quick details and say thanks!

    When we worked together you 7Xed my money spent on you immediately/directly. So you “failed” your 10x goal… however, the principles and things you taught easily 100Xed the money I spent with you in only a few months. That was HUGE.. you 10Xed your 10x goal ;P

    Long story short, The things I learned from you, the KopywritingKourse and your blog helped me grow Revenue, Profit, and simplify my marketing, which lead me to get the right buyers for my business and get multiple SIX-Figures more for my business when I sold it, only ~ 14 months later!

    Thanks again man, SO much.. you rock!



    PS If you ever need a testimonial, hit me up, i’d be happy to connect and give you one.

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    Awww so much love and positivity in and around this blog post - nice one, Neville!

    I have to admit that I haven't taken the Kopywriting Kourse yet 🤭, but I read all your emails and am always blown away by the amount of useful info contained in your blog posts. Thanks for being so generous with your free content! And this sales page lesson came at a super helpful time for me personally, as I have to start writing a sales page for my own business website soon... (It's like you JUST KNEW *eerie psychic vibes*...)

    Lol, also, just gotta say that you were the first "modern-day" copywriter whose mailing list I joined, and your opening greeting ("Uhhhh hi") blew my mind after 7 years spent writing for slightly more stuffy (ahem) academic audiences!! Now this looks like a fun way to write, I said to myself...

    And the rest, as they say, is history - now I'm a full-time copywriter! Cheers, Nev, and looking forward to your next post! Keep up the amazing work 🙌🙌🙌!

    And the

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    Guest Writing a Sales Page: Step 8: Price Justification :: Kopywriting Kourse


    […] them a testimonial of how much money someone made from The KopywritingKourse: “Loved these lessons on […]
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