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    Writing a Sales Page: Step 6: FOMO

    FOMO fear of missing out

    So today we're still incrementally building our sales page content, we're going to pull a section from our Skeleton Outline, this time:

    [show what will happen if they don’t have it]

    In this section we're going to show people the difference between their life WITH the product, and WITHOUT the product.

    This section always reminds me of the term FOMO:

    Fear Of Missing Out

    However instead of just making them jealous they are not part of Kool Klub, we need to demonstrate why this product will make their life better....and if they AREN'T using it, how much crappier their life will be.

    There's a couple ways to demonstrate what life would be like without the product:



    Show the amount of steps reduced WITHOUT the product, and steps WITH it:


    Demonstrate how much Easier, Better, and Faster things will be:

    So for our sales page we are promoting The KopywritingKourse paid product, we need to describe what life is like WITH the product.






    As you can see from the previous installments of this experiment, our sales page we're making together is slloowwwlly coming together.

    Main takeaway:

    It's not that difficult to make a sales page when you break it up into little installments like this!



    Neville N. Medhora - FOMO Inducer

    Neville Small Headshot

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