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    Here are the recordings from past office hours, including all questions and notes: Thursday, 10-18-2018 Thursday, 10-04-2018 Wednesday, 9-19-2018 Thursday, 9-06-2018 Thursday, 8-23-2018 Thursday, 8-09-2018 Thursday, 7-26-2018 Thursday, 7-12-2018 Wednesday, 6-27-2018 Thursday, 6-14-2018 Thursday, 5-31-2018 Thursday, 5-17-2018 Thursday, 5-03-2018 Thursday, 4-19-2018 Thursday, 4-05-2018 Thursday, 3-22-2018 Wednesday, 3-07-2018 Thursday, 2-22-2018 Thursday, 2-8-2018 Thursday, 1-25-2018 Thursday, 1-11-2018 Wednesday, 12-27-2017 Thursday, 12-13-2017 Thursday, 11-29-2017 Wednesday, 11-15-2017 Thursday, 11-02-2017 Thursday, 10-19-2017 Thursday, 10-05-2017 Thursday, 09-21-2017 Thursday, 09-07-2017

    Past Office Hours Playlist:

    Use the playlist on the side of this video to view past office hours and clips:  

    Office Hours Question: "I am new to blogging. How do I start an awesome blog that generates a fan following?

    This person wants to know how to start a blog that generates a fan following, and wants to know the steps to take:

    Office Hours Question: "How would you structure a blog post that's not SELLING anything?"

    Notice how much better his REAL STORY is than the one he was previously telling! Perhaps you can do this with your own story?  

    BONUS VIDEO (It normally costs $99 to buy this video interview):

    If you have a little bit more time, you can watch this interview with me and Andrew Warner of Mixergy about copywriting. If you can stand the low-resolution of the video, it'll give you a quick rundown of copywriting in 1 hour:

    I admit the video quality on my side sucks (we lost one of the files during recording), but the content is rock solid.

    After it was released, this video got TREMENDOUS feedback, and still does to this day. It goes over almost the whole copywriting process in about one hour, and is moderated....so there's no excessive ranting.

    Andrew Warner immediately used what he learned in this interview to increase one of his email open rates by 3x and sent me this image:

    "Neville....this action video BLEW MY MIND. I immediately went to my webpage and axed almost every piece of Krappy Kopy I had. Thanks again for making me money."


    Re-Writing an "About Page" with an emotional story:

    Watch as Neville helps John from the poker training site PLOquickPro.com re-do his about page:
    Notice how much better his REAL STORY is than the one he was previously telling! Perhaps you can do this with your own story?

    How and where to start applying this copy info?

    Vladi asked a question on where to get started with some copywriting practice.....here's my answer (sorry for relatively poor video quality):

    How do you convince a client to buy copywriting as an upsell?

    Tate wanted to know how he could get existing web development clients to also buy his copywriting services:

    Direct Mail: How to send to sell to plumbers, painters, roofers?

    William wants to send pieces of direct mail to these professionals and get them to buy websites, how can he do it?:

    How to get big name clients?

    Tate wants to know the process to get big name clients. The process is more difficult when you're a totally newbie to copywriting, but it can still be done with some hard work and hustle. Here's how (plus my personal story of the first time I did that myself):

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