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    Become Indispensable

    What if you just become indispensable? Whether you're at your job or a small business, what if YOU become the person no one can live without. It's actually quite simple. Let me tell you a quick story:


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    #1.) Be the go-to-person

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    I first saw someone low on the totem pole become "indispensable" when I was in college, there's was this guy named John and we were in a business club together. 

    He worked for Intel as a lowly employee, and one of the things he did was he noticed that everyone needed to learn how to use Microsoft Excel and no one knew how to use it. 

    People needed to put stuff from one column into another column and take the first letter and put it into the next column. No one knew how to do that. So he looked up on the internet and found out that you can do a thing called concatenation. The next day he goes to work. He's like, Hey, we can concatenate these two columns. And everyone was like blown away. 

    So, what he did was he actually bought a book Excel for dummies flipped through it, learned a couple of things. Next thing, you know, he's the go-to guy in the entire office for Microsoft Excel stuff.

    Fast forward a few months. Intel's not doing so hot. It has to lay off the entire department. He was in. This is hundreds of people. Here's the funny thing. There was two people that weren't fired. The director who got moved around. And my friend, John. And the reason was. He's the guy that used to go to the director all the time. When the director had questions with Excel help. 

    He was the only guy in this tech company who knew how to use Microsoft Excel really well. And so the director kept him on specifically like this 22 year old kid. Because he knew how to use Excel . Isn't that hilarious? He made himself indispensable. 

    In today's world. It's very easy to just watch a couple of YouTube videos about Excel or follow a couple of TikToK or Instagram or Twitter accounts about Excel tricks. And you will learn so much more than the average person. 

    Over the years I've seen this happen over and over with a couple of people and the people that are indispensable spend maybe 25% more time just researching a topic. That's it. It seems the bar is so low to become the indispensable person. It's ridiculous. 

    #2.) Become a triple threat

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    And if you want to become even more indispensable, I would to just becoming a triple threat, this is what mark Andreessen describes as someone who knows how to do three things really well. So if you know how to write a blog post, that's great. But if you knew how to write a blog post and make a video out of the blog, post yourself. 

    Now you're a double threat. Now, if you know how to write a blog post, make a video out of the blog post and distribute that content on the internet through different social platforms and market it. You are a triple threat, you know, three things pretty well. I would say you have a 75% proficiency at three different skills. 

    So an easy way to become indispensable is learn a skill really well. Just take your own time to research it and become better than everyone else in your organization. It probably won't take all that long. And then the second tip would be to become a triple threat, meaning learn that skill then another then another. 

    It's super easy to learn skills nowadays. The information is out there. The only thing holding you back is just your desire to do it.

    #3.) Volunteer for everything

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    If there's a project that someone wants done, what if you just volunteer to do it? How much time will it really take? A lot of people will have a job and they'll say, that's not my job. I don't want to do it. 

    They think that their superiors are going to be like, Hey, you're doing the bare minimum possible. You're totally replaceable. Why don't we just make you a manager? Why don't we put you ahead of everyone else? I don't think that's how it works and I've never really seen it work that way. 

    This concept also works in sales. There's a lot of people that are using email. They're using text messages are using LinkedIn. They're using social media to make sales, but instead I have seen a better way to make sales. 

    And that is just doing it for someone. For example, one of my goals this year was to grow my Twitter account. Someone saw that and they took the initiative to message me. And instead of saying, Hey, I can help you grow my Twitter account which I've got several requests for that kind of person. They just rewrote some of my blog posts into Twitter threads. And they're like, here you go. You could use them. 

    This instantly caught my attention because they just did all the work for me. Did they have to do this? No, they could've just said, do you want some help with your Twitter? Sure. And maybe we'll have a conversation, but instead they took the time to do it themselves and show me that they could do the work and they could do a well. 

    This put them far ahead of anyone else. I took them way more seriously. And I eventually started working with them. 

    #4.) Combine all three

    One of the very first mentors I had in college, he came to speak at a group, a club that I was in, and I really liked the way he thought I literally liked what he was working on. And so I went up to him and said, I'll do anything for you, whatever you want, if you want. Like, I can design web pages. 

    I know SEO pretty well. I could do all that kind of stuff. Back in the day, those were kind of hot skills that were hard to find. 

    So I literally met him up at an office and I said, what do you want me to work on? And I'm just, I'm just going to do it for free. I don't care. I have nothing to lose over here. 

    So I started building his websites. I became the guy that was indispensable. He could update the website without me. He didn't know how to change anything. He couldn't get ranked in the search engines about me. I became indispensable. 

    In return, I got money and I got access to places that I could never have gone, such as very fancy parties. 

    This was all from taking a skill that I easily learned over the internet and applying it to someone's business that didn't know how to do that. I made myself indispensable and I hope you take something from the story and make yourself indispensable too. 

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    Love this advice,

    That's pretty much what I did:

    1. Learnt how to write. I've written professionally for 10+ years and took every job going. Even became the COO of a company by default as improved my writing skills. When I found copywriting about 2 years ago, I bought a membership to CC and then volunteered to moderate until I got the gig. This led to me getting great clients and being exposed to world class copywriters

    2. Learnt how to sell. I've sold things since I was a teenager. From selling cookies, to door to door and even telesales. I learnt how to sell really pricey coaching packages (£28K+) and also very small items. Through this I also learnt what people want, how to disqualify leads and how to find a market

    3. Learnt to build audiences. Through copywriting, I learnt how to email, make video, write blogs and build audiences. Our content now gets watched and read over 200K times a month!

    Now I just concentrate on increasing any of these 3 skills and also creating products 🙂 

    You don't have to be the best, you just have to be willing to learn, fail and stay humble.

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