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    The S.W.I.P.E Email (Friday September 2nd, 2022)

    (Swipe, Wisdom, Interesting , Picture , Editorial)
    This is a fun email for Friday September 2nd, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂
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    #1.) Swipe:

    This is an ad that every time I see it....I just smile 🙂

    This delightfully cute “Happy Turtle” ad from a 1936 Guinness Beer campaign is just hilarious to me:


    I'm not sure if having a beer is always the answer to tiredness, but this happy turtle seems to think it is!

    #2.) Wisdom:

    This is some old-school wisdom from ~5,000 years ago:

    I grew up "Zoroastrian" and I think we have the best motto of any religion:

    “Good Thoughts. Good Words. Good Deeds.”


    I'm not an extremely religious person, but I always thought that was a marvelously simple yet clear message to live life by!

    #3.) Interesting:

    On Twitter these things called "Tweet Threads" seem to get more engagement than normal Tweets. 
    It's actually a simple function of how any social media algorithm.

    Let's make a simple algorithm together, it adds "points" like this:
    1 Like  = 1 point
    1 View  = 1 point
    1 Re-Tweet  = 1 point
    1 Comment  = 1 point
    1 Media Click = 1 point

    A Single Tweet: 5 point potential per reader.

    Three Tweet Thread: 15 point potential per reader.


    Our simple algorithm is designed to showcase Tweets with higher "points."

    So it will favor the "15 Point Thread" over the "5 Point Tweet."

    This is a massive simplification of the algorithm, but it roughly works in this manner.

    This similar thing also works on other platforms. 

    For example this post in a Facebook Group got:

    ....so Facebook's algorithm assumes this post stinks and no one wants to interact with it


    Where as this post asks for responses so it generated a ton of comments and interaction which makes the algorithm say, "hey this is far more engaging, let's show it more." 


    If you were Mark Zuckerberg, and your goal was to keep people active on Facebook, which one of these posts to show the user?

    That's right, the one with higher "points!"

    #4.) Picture:

    We're done with August, and I crossed out all my August goals:


    Here's an August 2022 Re-Cap:
    Copywriting Course Web Traffic: 142,545
    Swipe File Web Traffic: 41,279
    • Friday SWIPE Email (what you're reading now!): 56,071 subs
    YT Channel: 63.1K Views, 2.2K new subs
    Twitter: 664 subs, 827k impression, 7.5k profile clicks

    Now it's a new month, so new goals. Here's my September 2022 goals.

    Feel free to share your goals with me if you want accountability 🙂


    Also I randomly attended a copywriting conference yesterday and wore this shirt, what do you think? 😂


    #5.) Editorial:

    Whether you're at your job or a small business, what if YOU become the person no one can live without. It's actually quite simple. 

    Let me tell you a quick story:


    You can become indispensable by:

    #1.) Being the go-to-person for a skill.
    In the video I tell the story of John whose department of 500+ people got laid off....everyone except him and his director.


    #2.) Become a triple threat:
    Being pretty good at three (or more) different skills.


    #3.) Volunteering for everything
    Within reason, the people who volunteer to do more work (especially when you're young and learning) tend to rise.


    Just curious how do YOU make yourself indispensable at your work or business?

    Reply to this email and let me know!



    Hopefully you enjoyed these tid-bits!

    Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


    Recommended Comments

    Thoroughly enjoyed this email.

    Indispensable by…

    1. Asking deeper questions than others to find the root issue. Leaders are rarely asked questions to better solve their biggest problem.

    2. I listen

    3. I try to solve the biggest FELT pain point 

    YOU DA MAN! 

    P.s. you should do a copy meetup in Austin. I would be willing help.

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    Thank you Neville.
    I've read all your copywriting guides and I'd love to thank you for them.

    Well, for the volunteering, I'm a medical student becoming a rising copywriter so I volunteer for writing the copies for the students who have businesses on campus. There's no pay yet but I'm still developing. Soon sensei... Soon.

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    From Stupid to Swipe, nice pivot -:)!

    Interesting question Re: Making Yourself Indispensable.

    I think it’s a double edged sword.

    The challenge I have found is if your someone that does excellent work, you tend to get more work until you can no longer do excellent work.

    So I think it comes down to consistency in both quality and delivery of work product. 

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    • Administrator

    Hey Jarie I totally get it, if you do more work, people load YOU with more work. 

    I think the trick is to volunteer for things within reason, and try to select higher value things. 

    Also this works better if you work in a small company, startup, or for yourself. If you work in a giant company with little upward mobility then yes sometimes this can sort of backfire.

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    I made myself indispensable by being cheerfully helpful to coworkers and clients and eager to learn. 

    By having some skill at copywriting and not being shy about wording suggestions for client projects. 

    By doing my best to have a solution on mind when I came to my boss with a problem. 

    Ultimately when he let me go, it was because he had to let one of us go (covid slowdown) and he judged me better equipped to thrive on my own. 

    I'm freelancing now, some clients I had done a lot of rewrites for jumped straight over to me, and my ex boss pays me to write blogs for him and another of his clients.

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    Always love these emails. I had never seen this Guiness ad before I moved into my condo and discovered that the last residents left a light switch cover with that printed on it. It's been up ever since!



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