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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday November 4th, 2022)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, November 4th, 2022


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Checkout this beautiful Western Electric ad that visually shows the history & evolution of the telephone up till 1964 ☎ 

    Fun fact: Crude forms of analog video calls existed back in 1964. You had to book a time slot, and it cost $100+ for 15 minutes, but it existed!



    Goals. They're important to have. It drives you towards something.

    For example here's my November 2022 Goals:


    If I'm ever wondering what to do, I can look at this sheet of paper sitting on my desk and start working on getting one of those three things scratched off. 

    We do this in our community where we ask people to list out their goals in our Goals Tracker (If you're a member go post now)!


    One word of advice: Limit your monthly goals to around 3 major goals. Anymore and the list becomes daunting:


    Feel free to respond to this email with your November goals. 

    Also respond to this email with "I WANNA CHAT" if you want to chat with me for 10 minutes!


    This graphic shows all the hidden work that goes into writing and sending emails to a large number of people, including:


    Sending emails seems like such a simple little thing, but there's often a lot behind the scenes!


    A few days ago I woke up and it was rainy and grey skies outside. I decided to stay in bed and work. 

    While sipping coffee and working from bed, I had one of those moments where you look around and think, "This is nice 😊"


    Get the mug reference?? 😛


    You can make your life so much more convenient if you buy multiples of commonly used items:

    There've been some purchases in my life where after years of frustration I would think, "Why the hell didn't I do that sooner???"

    For example:

    When I first moved into a house I would have to bring phone chargers and laptop chargers into different rooms allllll the time. Sometimes I wouldn't have one in the room, so my devices would start to die. 

    Instead one day I spent a few bucks and bought chargers galore for every room. 

    I put them everywhere. There's on in my closet for when I get ready, one in my bathroom, an iPhone and USB-C in my kitchen: 


    I use chargers all the time, so shuffling them back and forth through the house was a huge waste. 


    I like randomly stretching, and I have one of those foam roller thingies I keep in my garage gym. 


    Sometimes I wanna use it in the living room.
    Sometimes I wanna use it in the master bedroom. 

    But I have to go get it, so I don't use it!

    So in a flash of brilliance, I BOUGHT THREE:


    A simple cheap purchases like this encourages me to stretch more, and spend less brain power on useless tasks like shuffling foam rollers between rooms!


    I mentioned last week the CC Blog has side menu bars that show member content, but only members can access it:


    So if a non-member clicks, they see this error message which gets shown between 1,000 and 1,300 times per day:

    Error Message CC.webp

    I asked people if they could give that an update, and two people really stood our: "Cinderella" and "Joe." You both are getting sent t-shirts for your contribution!

    Cinderella's version was this clean two-column:


    Joe's version was this "sales page" style message:



    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


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    I'm with you on the Essay section this week. I wear glasses for reading/computer and the prescription changes a little every year. I use to get frustrated having to leave what I was doing to get a pair of glasses. I initially got a bunch of cheaters and put them around, but in recent years I have replaced them with older prescription glasses. I have a pair of glasses just about anywhere I may need one, and the older ones are in less used places. Ultimately, the oldest ones get donated to the Lions Club.

    One day you may experience the troubles of aging eyes 😉

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    • Administrator

    Hey George that sounds like a smart move! When you need those glasses you NEED them, so it's just wasted time to be running around the house for them!

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