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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday February 17th, 2023)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, February 10th, 2023

    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    This helpful magazine guide shows how to use a cast iron skillet...the guide is so good you can cut it out of the magazine and frame it.

    I love when helpful information is so good it can be art!

    cast-iron-skillet-rules-chart (1).jpg

    It reminds me of this Guinness Oyster Guide that was designed for bars to clip it out of a magazine and frame it in the bar (and conveniently advertise Guinness to all the bar patrons)!



    Here's an interesting thing about copywriting: 

    A lot of copy can be replaced by a simple image.

    This one-image ad shows a great Before/After example of a shower that was old, but has been remodeled: 


    This is a perfect example of the classic copywriting advice:


    The image does all the heavy lifting, not much need for additional copy!

    ....this other bathroom remodeling ad takes it even a step further, and cleverly uses "This Morning" and "Late Afternoon" in place of "Before and After."


    By giving specific times this ad demonstrates not only that they can remodel a bathroom, but also how FAST they can remodel a bathroom!


    I've watched some great documentaries lately and thought I'd share!
    - Ms Cleo doc (HBO)
    - Shaq doc (HBO)
    - Bernie Madoff doc (Netflix)
    - Playboy Hugh Hefner doc (Amazon)
    - Dana Carvey Show doc (Hulu)

    I had run out of documentaries to watch so I asked for recommendations, here's some of them you all wrote back:

    • Man on Wire
    • Operation Odessa
    • My Octopus Teacher
    • Icarus
    • The Dissident
    • Redeem Team
    • Coinbase documentary
    • Toni Morrison documentary
    • Air
    • The Elephant in the Living Room 
    • Pepsi, Where's My Jet?
    • Full Swing
    • Fire of Love
    • Bill Russell doc
    • Roadrunner
    • Dealt
    • The Great Hack
    • (watched) Free solo
    • (watched) Andre the giant
    • (watched) Comedian by Jerry Seinfeld
    • (watched) Stutz by Jonah Hill

    I keep a list on my phone of docs to watch, hope this helps you add to yours!


    Soon after this email goes out, I'm headed off to go to a friends bday party at this ranch in an undisclosed location!


    Should be fun 🙂


    I heard a friend talking about a daily check-in practice his team does at work called: P.E.I.

    You rate each of these from 1-5:
    Physical: How you feel physically.
    Emotional: How you feel emotionally.
    Intelligence: How sharp or clear you feel.

    Everyday when they meet the team shares their PEI. This lets you know if someone is grumpy, or isn't 100% fit to do a certain task.


    Years ago I made a small checklist to see why I would be grumpy on some mornings:


    ...however this PEI methodology is much simpler and better. 

    On a day where you are:
    Physical: 2
    Emotional: 2
    Intelligence: 1

    ...that may not be the ideal day to do creative work. So you know you need to rest up and handle your life before you're at optimal creativity. 

    I thought this was a cool check-in practice and hope you try it out!


    This interesting scribble shows you the different endings of surgical terms, and what they mean:


    I learned something from this, but wish 12 year old Neville knew about this! 

    Then I could've invented terms like:

    • Buttectomy: You cut your butt off.
    • Buttplasty: You change the shape of your butt.
    • Buttrraphy: You sew up your butt.
    • Buttdesis: Your butt is stuck together.
    • 😂

    Ok...that's enough for today, have a great Friday!!
    Neville Medhora




    Recommended Comments

    Question, please. In the copywriting course, are we going over AI? How to use it?
    I realize we can use AI to generate quick articles, but I've read some of the information, and it's fairly flat, no energy or life. 

    What say you? 

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    Before & After is the laziest and most effective way to promote almost any product or service :)

    You can tell:

    • How life will look like after using the product 
    • How fast your service is
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    You gotta add this to your doc watch list:

    The Century of self 

    The best doc about advertising the wasn’t meant to be about advertising ever made 

    You can find it on YouTube for free too

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    First off, thank you for such a great newsletter! Yours is one of about 3 that I actually read (Okay, skim).

    BUT I can see that you expect people to have a white background under your transparent images.

    I’ve included a screenshot of what your emails look like to those of us that keep our phone in dark mode.


    My suggestion: simply out a white background to your images. 

    Just wanted to bring this to your attention.

    Much love,

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    • Administrator

    Hey Butler this happens sometimes with older PNG images, but we usually try to make a white background before embedding....but yeah sometimes that happens 😬

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    Hey Neville,
    Thanks so much for your emails! I learn so much from you.

    Regarding P.E.I., under ESSAY, and your friend's daily check-in practice:
    I have something you might find interesting. And you can share it with your friend. 

    Have you heard of the app, BiorhythmΩ ?

    It tracks your four elements: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Intuitive--in a 31-day algorithmic cycle. 

    It's amazingly accurate! I've been using it for about three years now.

    1. It’s based on your birthdate. See the screenshots below for details. 

    2. I use it for myself and my parents. Users also like to use it for their kids and significant others. It helps to know what may be affecting their daily lives as well. 
    Very useful!

    3. The best thing is to try it yourself and see if it is true for you on a daily basis.

    4. For example, I meant to share this info with you yesterday. My Physical Element was “0” which is considered “Dangerous 😩.”

    5. This just means the algorithm was transitioning from the +value to the -value or vice versa.  In other words, it's the lowest, worst, most stressful point in the 31-day cycle. And I was tired, or exhausted. Your stamina will be at it's lowest point.

    6. That was me yesterday. 100% exhausted--even though I went to bed early the night before, I awoke exhausted. 

    7. Needless to say, your email went unsent.😕

    8. Think about how useful it is to have this information BEFOREHAND?!

    9. Say your child has an upcoming event, like a track meet or a piano recital 17 says from today. With this App you can skip ahead to that date and see what their algorithms will be. Incredible, right?!

    10. Then you can plan accordingly to help your child/ yourself/ spouse be in the optimal condition to do their best. Or you may decide to reschedule or skip it.

    11. Your friend can also do this for his team members--as a group or individually.

    12. The other cool thing--you can view the graph by each element on it's own. 

    13. So, you can take away the other three elements and just view the Physical for the next 60 days and mark your calendar accordingly.

    14. Another cool thing--on any given day, you can look at how effective you will be in certain (maybe 30) activities--like presentations, sports, creativity etc.!  

    15. It gives you a percentage-79% effective, 39% effective. It's amazing!

    16. The app is small, effective and simplistic. Takes up very little space. I really appreciate this.

    17. And the developer is accessible and he keeps it updated at least every three to four weeks!

    Please give it a whirl. Let me know what you think 🤔.

    Best regards, Neville. I appreciate ya!

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