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    March Goals (what are yours)??

    This is just a friendly reminder to set your March 2023 goals this month!

    Here's my personal goals for March 2023 (just two):


    What are your March 2023 goals? (Reply to this email with them)!


    GOAL #1.) Improve CC Navigation.
    This has been a technical project I've wanted to do that involves:

    A.) Watching new customers browse the members area and seeing where they get confused (I start these calls on Tuesday)...

    (If you buy a Yearly plan right now I'll hit you up with this offer and also take a full hour to work on your project...essentially a free consulting hour):


    B.) I wanted to re-make an insanely long blog menu into a snappy accordion such as this on the blog (FINISHED IT TODAY):



    GOAL #2.) Book finished by March 31st.
    I've been working on a new small book (much like my last one).

    Writing a book is always harder than it seems. In my mind "it's just a long blog post" but it's just....harder 🙄

    Anyways, this is just a friendly reminder to....


    unnamed (1).jpg


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    My Goals for May: 

    1. List 100 new products on Shopify per day. 
    2. Focus all paid on Google Shopping.
    3. Spend more time/money on SEO. 
    4. Send more/better newsletters. 

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    My goal is to get Neville Medhora to sign up for my substack newsletter to strengthen Indo-American relations as part of my mission to build global peace through common prosperity, tolerance, and inclusion.

    OSINTBRIEF | Eric Engle | Substack

    I write about China, Ukraine, Law. I don't write much about India since I am trying to build peace through prosperity rather than stoke Sino-Indian tensions. I hope you or your friends, contacts, even family might enjoy my ideas about international relations law and politics.

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    • Administrator

    Great goals Joy!

    And yes....lots of Instagram account impersonators, please report whenever you see. Sorry about that, I'm doing my best to combat it (Instagram isn't extremely helpful in some cases)

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    My March 2023 goals:

    Learn more about writing copy for Facebook ads.
    Learn email copy.
    Pay for a coaching course. 

    Ps: I sent you a message on Instagram concerning an account similar to yours that sent me a sales pitch about cryptocurrency.
    PPs: Is that you or someone else???

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    Thanks for asking! I read the book, Your Best Year Ever in January, and wrote down my goals for this year.

    Thanks to your prompt, I revisited them and checked my status. It seems I am on track for most of my goals, but I need to figure some things out and catch up on other goals. 

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    Thanks for the email. Really appreciate it! You remind me straight away to write down my 3 goals this month! Love it!

    Just want you to know, I created a Notion template for my personal use to help me keep track of my weekly productivity.

    After you sent this email, I inserted the screenshot monthly goal from your blog and added it to the template.

    Since you always give great stuff to your audiences, I thought maybe you can share with your audiences as well. (I created a new one so that your audience can duplicate the template)


    Need to click on the month, for example March, then it goes to the subpage:


    This page is quite long. If you scroll down, you will see this:


    Note: Pending work part at the bottom can be deleted, super mario photo can be changed.

    The thing I like with this template is, at the end of the week, I can see how I did for the week; am I being productive? What have I accomplished? What should I improve on etc etc.

    I'm not sure if you're using Notion, but maybe some of your audiences who are using Notion can benefit from it.

    So, here's the Notion link for the template: https://www.notion.so/minsmedia/To-Do-List-Neville-s-v1-fa7f6205fc45427cbbff263c2b68fac6?pvs=4 

    No strings attached. Not asking for anything in return 🙂

    I'm Wan btw, I'm from Malaysia. I really love all your emails. Grateful for what you're doing to the world!

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    Hi Neville!

    Kashish here. Hope you are having an amazing day. Sharing my march goals (the brackets are the "HOW" will I complete them) 

    So my March goals are:

    - Bring in new client that pays $1000 (Consistent posting on LinkedIn and Insta, starting conversations in DMs)
    - Get some awesome results for a client (Analyze last month's posts and improve the strategy) 
    - Complete a lead magnet (Research and figure out a topic, sit for a few hours and write it down) 
    - Write welcome emails to go with lead magnet (Write them, find a platform to deliver lead magnet) 
    - Get consistent posting content on Insta and LinkedIn (Batch write content on weekends, schedule them) 

    Learning on the go, so wish me luck 

    All the best with your goals too, Neville 

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    Hi Neville, I'm pretty new here. To be honest I forgot I was a member 🙈

    My March goals, already underway include re-writing all the copy on my Etsy shop:

    • Announcements
    • About Us
    • FAQ's
    • Email Touchpoints - abandoned cart, order confirmation, post purchase 
    • Listing Descriptions
    • Policy

    Happy March!

    Let's get it! 👩‍💻

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    My March goal is to create more than one landing page for our membership site. So a landing page for people's different pain points (businnss development, leading a team, etc)

    I am starting from a blank page instead of editing the current landing page so that I can use everything I've learned in the 18 months since I wrote the original one 🙂


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