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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday April 21st, 2023)

    Swipe📁Wisdom🧠Interesting🧐Picture🖼 • Essay📄Sketch✍
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, April 21st, 2023


    🎤 Listen to this email here:

    #1.) Swipe:

    If you wanted to flex as a kid, you showed up with the Crayons box with the built in sharpener 😎


    That built-in sharpener was a unique feature stood out, was useful, and for kids it was the adult-equivalent of walking around with a Gucci purse!


    Speaking of showing off...this other Crayola ad from 1959 shows a little kid with his “hands against a store window” looking at a box of Crayola Crayons. The ad is designed to show parents that THIS is the gift to buy their kids:


    #2.) Wisdom:

    If you want to build something big (or run a small company with large outputs), you need to some form of "scale."

    There's 4 main ways to scale:

    1.) Scale with Code
    2.) Scale with Media
    3.) Scale with Product
    4.) Scale with People

    With the advent of new AI tools that can do more-and-more tasks, the people that can utilize those tools will scale even further.


    1.) Scale with Code/AI

    If your product consists only of computer code, this is the easiest form of scaling because you can run that computer code trillions of times for almost zero money:



    2.) Scale with Media

    You can create a piece of media, then show it over-and-over again at virtually zero cost.

    Looks at these videos I made 4+ years ago...till this day, everyday, they bring in views/subscribers/buyers. Pretty good for something I did ONCE 4 years ago:




    3.) Scale with a reproducible product

    Once you've designed a machine/process to build a product, you can crank out a bunch of them quickly, getting you to "scale."



    4.) Scale with People

    Almost any process can be scaled, but some of them currently require real humans, not just computer code or AI.

    For example a writing agency can assign different tasks to different people, and output a lot of writing:


    With AI getting better, these people can become even more effective and create more output.

    #3.) Interesting:

    This “reverse psychology” style ad campaign from Avis did a fun judo-move and turned their “being only No. 2” status into the reason you SHOULD rent a car from them! 

    They did this in response to Hertz having an ad campaign showing how they’re #1.


    This reminds me of a funny billboard David Letterman took out in response to Jay Leno’s #1 billboard in New York City 😂


    #4.) Picture:

    One of my favorite product lines in history is Philips Hue lights. I have ~85 Philips Hue connected lights & devices throughout my house 😬

    I don't get sponsored by Philips Hue (but it would totally be my dream).

    My favorite part is a single press of a button can change the whole vibe of a room, or the entire house.

    When I'm not on video calls I use this vibey light setting in my office:


    Just a couple of Phillips Hue Play and some color bulbs in lamps light up the whole office.

    One press on the remote and office gets funnkkaayy:


    I've been shuffling around furniture in my office lately, so you'll see different views of this in the near future 🙂

    #5.) Essay:

    Instead of think of "Luck" as some nebulous concept, think of it like a unit of measure.

    In other words: How many "Units of Luck" are you producing for yourself?


    Warren Buffett talks about how lucky he is:

    • Two parents
    • Speaks English
    • Born in the United States
    • Born during a time when USA was booming

    Each one of these added "Units of Luck" to his life.

    Here's other ways to add "Units of Luck" to your own life:

    • Be hard working, and willing to do more than someone else.
    • Take more shots than other people normally do.
    • When young try many different things, weed out stuff you don't like, do more of what you do like.
    • Share your thoughts on the internet, this can attract other like-minded people into your network, no matter where they live.
    • Go to places with successful people. Cities, events, gatherings etc.



    • You create "Luck."
    • "Luck" isn't a quality you have, it's a quality you build.
    • You can create more "Luck."
    • People who create a lot of "Units of Luck" get lucky.

    #6.) Sketch:

    Here's an experiment I added this week:
    Putting my own ads on SwipeFile.com (my personal swipe file).

    I added these two boxes on there as add placements:


    They show up on the site like this, in the 5th and 12th slots:



    I can't track the book ad very well since it goes to Amazon, but I can track the CC link: 85+ clicks so far, and the highest on-page time of all referrals.

    Interestingly, the normal Adsense revenue that comes from the site hasn't dropped at all....so far this has been a huge win!


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    Recommended Comments

    I love the reverse psychology with Avis. 

    It reminds me of something I read recently. The author called it a "damaging admission." By admitting something negative ("we're no. 2") it builds credibility.

    It's also just funny. 

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    Avis highlighting that they are #2 is a campaign I've always loved. It shows humility (at least in appearance). Few things are bigger turn offs than ego and few thing are bigger turn ons to customers than humility.

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    wow, this is so awesome! i've heard Warren Buffet talk about this before but the way you showed units of luck visually made it finally click! Thanks Nev! 

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    • Administrator

    Thanks Dennis! It wasn't a Warren Buffer quote, I made up the "Units of Luck" but just used him as an example 🙂 

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    I LOVED those Crayola boxes! My favorite color was asea foam green.

    On a separate note. I’m quite curious about the typos in an email newsletter from a copywriter. I can’t decide if you’re doing something tricky on purpose (but I can’t figure out what), or if you’re just getting so much busier that you’re moving too fast…but I saw 5 fairly glaring typos.

     So, which is it? 

     Still enjoying your content though! ☺️

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