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    Units of Luck


    Instead of think of "Luck" as some nebulous concept, think of it like a unit of measure. 

    In other words: How many "Units of Luck" are you producing? 

    Warren Buffett talks about how lucky he is:

    • Two parents
    • Speaks English
    • Born in the United States
    • Born during a time when USA was booming

    Each one of these added "Units of Luck" to his life. 

    Here's other ways to add "Units of Luck" to your own life:

    • Be hard working, and willing to do more than someone else. 
    • Take more shots than other people normally do. 
    • When young try many different things, weed out stuff you don't like, do more of what you do like. 
    • Share your thoughts on the internet, this can attract other like-minded people into your network, no matter where they live. 
    • Go to places with successful people. Cities, events, gatherings etc.


    Personal Example:

    I have a wealthy family friend, and growing up people used to refer to him as "lucky." They said this because most of his investments did really well. 

    I approached him to be a sort of mentor, and after a year of observation I realized he was just really good at producing "Units of Luck." 

    He didn't look at 5 investments and all 5 did great. 

    Rather he looked at hundreds per day, and evvveeerrryy once in a while he'd spot gold. 

    To me this didn't seem like luck, but rather hard work and effort he put in.



    • You create "Luck."
    • "Luck" isn't a quality you have, it's a quality you build. 
    • You can create more "Luck."
    • People who create a lot of "Luck" get lucky.


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    I like that. I can control how much luck I have versus just being lucky or unlucky. The latter being an easy out..."oh well, it's not my fault, I'm just unlucky".

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    I love it. This follows right along with what Naval Ravikant has to say about the four types of luck. With the right work you can maximize the amount of 'luck' in any pursuit.


    Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 11.55.29.png

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    Couldn't agree more.

    So many stories of heroes and modern day success stories, who simply kept going.

    One my friends favorite piece of business advice is simply

    "Just don't f%^&ing give up"


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    Wow this is very true. You create your own luck by working a little bit of luck each time. Especially at the right place and at the right time. Luck mostly don't come out of nowhere. 

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