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Creating A Tagline Or Slogan (My super quick process based on company size)

My advice for people coming up with taglines or slogans for their company:

Don’t pay attention to billion dollar brands! 
Example: Apple's slogan of: “Think Different”

Instead, you should pick a slogan based on your size: 
Small Company: Be very direct. 
Medium Company: Can be slightly vague. 
Big Company: Aspirational.

For example:


When you’re a giant brand you have many products and many services, so a “direct” slogan is hard.

That’s when you can go aspirational and vague like:


My personal opinion for best big company slogan is Geico, because their slogan also SELLS!



More resources on taglines and slogans:


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Patrick Nielson said 44 minutes ago:


@Thomas Oddo Love 'Make your day Write'. What's that from? 

Thanks, that's the company I work for. I do marketing for them and wrote that tagline a while ago.

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EONS ago I used Clarity.fm and they seemed to have their shit together, but you definitely needed to point your own audience to it. 

It wasn’t set up for people browsing to find you back then. 

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  • Administrator

Yeah it seems most of these platforms require you to point YOUR audience to them as well.

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Guest Shirlyn

Hi Neville,my name is Shirlyn. I am an upcoming marketing strategist with a passion for copywriting and  my slogan is "Hot Copy for Crazy Sales".
I'd love to get your thoughts on it.

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I just started a cold brew bag brand. So basically giant tea bags filled with coffee to make your own cold brew.

I try to write taglines that almost sound like they’re making fun of how simple the product is. Mine are: 

“We put coffee in tea bags so you can make your own cold brew.”

Or even what I already said:

“Giant tea bags filled with coffee so you can make your own cold brew.”

Tea bags = widely understood concept. 

Cold brew bags = not as widely understood. 

Obviously I don’t need to explain this to you but I do like to talk. Lolz. 

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I'm following you about 4 years ago, since I bought your book on Amazon.

This is a nice opportunity to sey hi! Great job you are doing, and this mail is especially helpful for me, as I am building the first small but serious local campaign for my (struggling to be a) business.

I sell extra quality honey, forest fruits juices, and healthy food generally.

My slogan is in Serbian, and it is hard to translate it precisely as it has a word play in it, but it goes like this:
Домаће и здраво!

Homemade (also means domestic) and healthy (also means "good by" and "no compromise")!

If you are really reading this, I would like your opinion on this.

Thanks a lot for everything!

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Mine was:

Your Guide to Fix Injuries & Get Flexible

I’m thinking of changing it to:

Build Your Perfect Body 2-3x Faster

Happy to receive your thoughts if you have any. 😊🙏

P.S. Your email newsletter is the only one I subscribe to because it actually provides value. Keep it up! 

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