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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday April 14th, 2023)

    Swipe📁Wisdom🧠Interesting🧐Picture🖼 • Essay📄Sketch✍🏼
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, April 14th, 2023


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    #1.) Swipe:

    A constant chore of marketers is to demonstrate why a cheaper product is not necessarily better, and might even cost you MORE in replacement over time. 

    This graphic does that with two pairs of running shoes:


    #2.) Wisdom:

    I’ve always believed copywriting is a skill to learn so you can apply it to a business you own, not necessarily to BECOME a professional copywriter.

    This way you can improve any piece of marketing you ever send out:



    #3.) Interesting:

    My advice for people coming up with taglines or slogans for their company:

    Don’t pay attention to billion dollar brands! 
    Example: Apple's slogan of: “Think Different”

    Instead, you should pick a slogan based on your size: 
    Small Company: Be very direct. 
    Medium Company: Can be slightly vague. 
    Big Company: Aspirational.

    For example:


    When you’re a giant brand you have many products and many services, so a “direct” slogan is hard.

    That’s when you can go aspirational and vague like:


    My personal opinion for best big company slogan is Geico, because their slogan also SELLS!


    #4.) Picture:

    To me, this is what ideal male body looks like:


    • Muscles look big (but not too big)
    • Maintainable body fat
    • Can still be limber

    Judging by the picture above, he is 10% to 12% body fat.

    My current goal for myself by the end of May is 15% body fat, and I think I can comfortably live at that percentage for most of my life.

    #5.) Essay:

    One regret I've had is not putting my consulting on a platform. 

    This tiny hidden page is what 100% of my consulting has come through 😂


    That dumb page has results in hundreds of consulting calls over the years, I reserve Tuesdays for them, and they are great fun and educational!

    • You get to hear people's cool stories and numbers.
    • You get exposed to a bunch of different industries.
    • You get to advise on marketing tactics and see the results.
    • You make some extra cash.
    • You get clients out of it.

    But my big mistake has been...

    Not putting myself on a platform and building credibility through those hundreds of sessions.

    I wish I could reverse by a few years, and built tons of reviews and credibility on either: Intro.co, Clarity.fm, UpWork.com, MentorPass etc...

    While consulting is not scaleable as other business activities (which is why I relegate it to just Tuesday's), I feel like personally LEARN a ton from other people, and make genuine connections as well (plus get paid for it).

    This will probably be something I try to build up in Q3 of the year.

    Step 1 is going to be picking the right platform to build on. I'm undecided about this still. I just made a profile on Intro here and will try that first:



    Step 2 would be to build up reviews and results on some platform.

    While UpWork is associated with cheap hourly work, it has 50m+ views/mo, is world-wide, has many high end workers, and now has a consultation feature:


    I'm curious if YOU have any experience with any good platforms for this? Reply and let me know!

    #6.) Sketch:

    What I like most about this ChatGPT Cheat Sheet is that it all fits on one page. What a great download or one-pager to send people, and this type of “screenshottable” image does very well on social media!

    Created by: @hasantoxr


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



    Recommended Comments

    I have been reading your stuff for a while (several years I think) and I have to say that you are one of the simplest and but most highly copywriters I have seen and read. I hope to join your group one day and one day (in the middle of making it) have you on a business podcast thingy- me - bob (British slang). Take care and keep killing it 

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    I love your newsletters!

    Just wanted to reach out and say you *might* want to reconsider promoting Conor McGregor as the 'ideal male' body type - he's a wife beater and a rapist, and isn't well liked in his homeland (here in Ireland).

    Looking forward to the next S.W.I.P.E.S. email!

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    I think if you scan what other copywriting and marketing consultants make on Upwork, you'll be...underwhelmed. 
    That said, it's not like you have to keep those clients on there. 

    So who knows. Maybe use Clutch.co or Upcity? 

    I use Clutch, and the recommendation came from a client of mine who deals in six and seven figure video production. Big companies. 

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    Your Friday newsletter is jam-packed with useful, insightful stuff and I'm always excited to see it in my inbox.

    Just wanted to let you know - have a great weekend!

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