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    Copywriting Can Be Easy

    Copywriting can sometimes be INCREDIBLY easy. Here was one of my favorite examples of straightforward copywriting:

    The point of copywriting is to get someone to take an ACTION you want. So for emergency rooms, people just want something that is close and available NOW. 

    For this reason you can be incredibly simplistic in your writing:






    In this situation you don't need to be clever....in fact being **too** clever might distract from the message and mess it up. 

    Remember: Make sure the copy gets to the point quickly, you don't need to go all over the place:



    Neville Medhora


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    Totally @Johnny! I've seen people go way down a rabbit hold trying to be too clever, when in reality you should just get straight to the point.


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    Love these emergency room billboard examples! You want to get straight to the point when it's an emergency. 

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    This might be off-topic.

    One of the ways I see if my copy is clear and to the point.  Is see what grade level I'm at.

    I usually try to shoot for grade 3 or lower.  I use Hemingway App to do that.

    Love the examples btw.  Keep it simple and to the point.



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    Hey @Hitesh Rana that's a great way to think of it! 

    I'm not AGAINST using fancy language if it makes sense, but using big words for big-words-sake just obfuscates your point. 

    (See what I did there) 😂


    I previously wrote how using big words stacked on big words becomes a shaky pyramid very quickly:


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    Neville said 2 hours ago:

    (See what I did there)

    @Neville Haha. Very clever.

    I totally agree. Not against fancy words either.  If it calls for it.

    I think "Easy reading is hard writing".


    Because you have to make sure what you are writing is clear. And not confusing.

    That is not easy to do.

    As you know.  Reading out loud helps to find confusing spots in your copy.

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    Reading out loud is an AMAZING WAY to improve your writing! 

    By the way I'm writing this from a plane right now, hi! 🙂 


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    Neville said 33 minutes ago:

    Reading out loud is an AMAZING WAY to improve your writing! 

    @Neville Yeah.  It totally is.  Johnny was reading my copy last week in a video critique.  I was kicking myself for not reading it out loud.

    Lesson: Read it out loud. Until it flows.

    Neville said 35 minutes ago:

    By the way I'm writing this from a plane right now, hi!


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