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The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday June 9th, 2023)

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A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, June 9th, 2023


🎤 Listen to this email here:


I thought this image was awesome because it teaches you multiple ways to help out a business for $0.00...and makes it look like a “receipt!”



If I were born 200 yrs ago, I’d live in a 200-person village in India, with poor eyesight, laboring in a hot field my whole life.

I am thankful for all inventions, especially the internet, that came before me, to allow for the possibility of escaping that fate.


If I do these 3 things, I’m almost guaranteed to get 90+ on my Oura Ring readiness score:

- Read a bit before sleep, no screens.
- Don’t eat 3 hours before bed.
- Don’t drink.


If anyone has advice how to get these same scores by drinking a bunch + eating like crap + not sleeping...please let me know 😛😛


I like how this image starts with a picture of Bruce Lee, and the corresponding workouts he does. It gives you an idea of what this workout can create.


Funny thing is my own workout is a pic I took of my friend Billy's workout he had listed on a page.

Years later this random screenshot is still what I follow at the gym!



If you're advertising something, the ULTIMATE way to spread your advertisement is by making it so valuable people want to save it, maybe even share it. 

For example I saved this stain chart because I had a stain I couldn’t get out, and instantly referred to this chart to see how to remove it:


David Ogilvy made a "stain chart" decades ago, and it was one of the most popular detergent ads ever because so many people saved it, even posted it up!


Or look at this classic Guinness Oyster Pairing ad....it was so helpful that bars would frame it and post it up for allll their patrons to see!




I've had a sponsor lined up for a while called Jaspr which makes high end air purifiers, and since the sky in many parts of the USA and Canada currently looks like this, we decided to release this promo early 😬 


This is my Jaspr Air Purifier (or as I call it: "A big-ass Alexa"):


Here's some of what it does:


I have one, and here's the quick run-down of why I like it:
1.) It looks like a big-ass Alexa so it blends in the room.
2.) It's incredibly simple. I don't like annoying complex devices.
3.) It clears out a ton of air in very little time (I use it when we cook Indian food....and one time while contractors were doing tile work that "dusted up" my house, I ran this for 5 minutes and it cleared the entire floor).

Here's mine hiding in the background of a room:


This thing is industrial size, look how big it is, so it cleans a lot of air quickly:


I generally leave it on "Smart Mode" and it just....handles everything.

I also like the "Turbo Mode" which goes on super-high for 5 minutes, then goes back down to normal (this is what doctors offices do between patients to clean the room).

Grab one here, and get $200 off with code: SWIPES200

I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
Neville Medhora

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@Neville Love the receipt swipe.  

"If I were born 200 yrs ago, I’d live in a 200-person village in India, with poor eyesight, laboring in a hot field my whole life."

I had similar thoughts exactly about that.  Being Indian myself.


I did know you were Indian until I read this post. 

I thought "He is like me."

This reminds me of Robert Cialdini's book Influence where he talks about the Liking Principle.

"The more you like someone the more likely you are to say yes to them."

And started to think...if I'm using that principle in my copy.


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  • Administrator

@Hitesh Rana yes I'm Indian! Actually I'm Parsi Zoroastrian, so I'm half Iranian and half Indian. 

So that means my ancestors are from Iran 1,000 year ago, but then migrated to India where some mixing happened 🙂 

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I was reading this email and went to open it in a browser to download the first business receipt pic to share, and this attached picture was on Google after just seeing your air purifier picture! Crazy. You ain't lyin

Love all your content!! And I hate reading. Haha

Screenshot_20230609_074743_Samsung Internet.jpg

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  • Administrator

Thanks Kelly, I'm glad you read these (even though you hate reading)!

And yes...kinda wild to see the sky like that 🔥

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  • Administrator

Thanks Federick, so glad ya liked it! I just used it the other day, was grilling on the deck, left the screen open, and a lot of smoke got into the house. 

Fired up the Jaspr and cleared it all out 🙂 

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Neville, I can’t tell you HOW MUCH I enjoy your teaching and emails.

Very entertaining and valuable. You mastered it as an art and science!

Grateful for all you do.

2 Quick questions…

Can you guide me to where you show how you do the stickman characters for email?

And are there templates to do story based emails?

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The stain chart is awesome. Also considering getting a Jaspr myself :) 

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