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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday July 21st, 2023)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, July 21st, 2023


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    This “Ours -vs- Others” visual on Amazon shows why you should pick THIS product instead of their competitors.

    A simple image like this could be the final decision that convinces someone to end their Amazon search and just buy:


    I don't know if there’s real data on this, but my theory is that 85% of the decision to buy a product on Amazon is 4/5 Star Review + Pictures.

    I think the “copy” on a product listing plays a supporting role, but not a staring role.


    The Chevy Cruise autonomous driving project took out this full page in the New York Times to show how many lives could be saved by letting computers do all the driving:


    Interestingly right before this print ad came out, there were some gripes about these driverless cars blocking traffic for hours in San Francisco:


    It seems like ad was to get the public back on their side (showing that you can potentially save 40,000+ lives a year is pretty compelling)!


    Each dish pictured here is just 200 calories….but look at the volume difference of the left column vs right column!


    I learned what a calorie was in 2010, and made my own pictures to show myself the difference in calories between a Snickers bar and fruit.

    I could eat one Snickers bar….or TWELVE CLEMENTINES 😬


    As much as I loved Snicker's bars (I probably ate 5 a week), I slowly started giving them up after realizing what a bad bang-for-your-calorie it was.


    This week I did a little morning co-working with @heydannymiranda and @Patticus.


    I'm still amazed at how many of my friends I originally meet over Twitter (come say hi)!


    This is an interesting chart about the hidden rules between income classes.

    This could be used to speak clearer to your target audience:


    This is a more fleshed out version of the same chart:



    This is a cool graphic showing how the classic Excel Spreadsheet has been un-bundled by many companies:


    I love these types of graphics. Here's another one about The Unbundling of Craigslist:


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



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    Thanks @Michael Muttiah!

    It's kind of wild how Craigslist used to be THE ABSOLUTE PLACE for everything...kind of cool how it was the jumping off point for all sorts of companies. 

    They don't talk about it now, but one of the ways AirBnB grew was spamming the hell out of the Craigslist rentals section, including hitting up all the people posting there. 

    I first signed up to AirBnB 10+ years ago because I posted my apartment for rent on Craigslist for the SXSW Festival in Austin, and AirBnB sent me a one-click link to post my apt on their new service!

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