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    Free Email Copywriting Course (Full Videos and Examples)

    #1.) Build A Weekly Email Newsletter

    One of the most commonly asked questions we get asked right now is about building out email newsletters. 

    In this training video I go over how you can build a weekly newsletter yourself, including how to:

    - Come up with a name for your newsletter.
    - How to find content for your newsletter.
    - How often to send your newsletter.
    - How to structure your newsletter.

    You can read more in depth about creating your own newsletter here.

    #2.) Live Writing Emails to 100,000 People, In 1 Hour, Got $10,878.77 Revenue

    We did a fun experiment with selling through email:

    In 1 hour, write 2 emails (one short, one long), and send it out to 100,000 people. Turns out it made $10,878.77 Revenue.

    Watch what we did, and try implementing this on your own business or product.

    You can see the full emails here.

    #3.) Built a 1.7million reader email list with Sam Parr of The Hustle

    We sit down to interview Sam Parr, who sold his email list The Hustle to HubSpot. 

    We dig in to see how he built the email list with it's humble beginnings as an email list to notify people of his live conference events. Eventually they realized the email list itself was more valuable than the live events!

    #4.) Email Marketing Is Still King, How To Write Sales Emails People Love

    Peter Keller of Fringe Sport sells millions of dollars of gym equipment through his brand, and much of it is over email. 

    "Every email we send out generates sales."

    Peter says 30% of the company revenue comes from when they send out an email blast. 

    He describes how they "think" about emails before they send them, so they send emails people love reading.

    #5.) AppSumo's 1,000,000+ Person Email Marketing Strategy with AppSumo's CEO Ayman Al-Abdullah

    Ayman took AppSumo from $3m in revenue to well over $80m in revenue, and it's built off the back of email. 

    50% or more of that $80m in revenue came from email 🤯

    #6.) Why are emails so powerful? How cold emails change over the years

    Sujan Patel knows emails are incredibly powerful, so much that he started MailShake to automate sending sales email sequences.

    #7.) Noah Kagan's Best Marketing Channel? "Email and YouTube are the only ones."

    Noah Kagan talks about how email and YouTube are the only two channels he pays attention to.

    #8.) Which Email Software To Use?

    Since I help clients with email all the time, I use almost all email softwares out there. For my personal use, I choose ConvertKit because it does everything the easiest.

    Here's why I like it so much compared to other software.

    #9.) What to look for in an email editor?

    I go through all the things I look for in an email software. I personally use ConvertKit for my own businesses, but a lot of these others can work as well. 

    I've used 10+ different systems, and here's how I would think about finding the correct email service. 

    #10.) Short Email Copywriting Tips (watch the playlist)!

    Some rapid-fire email tips!

    You can follow along these short tips by following here:

    Hope you liked this free email writing course, and picked up some helpful knowledge along the way! 

    If you want professional copywriters to help re-writer your emails, consider joining the Copywriting Course

    Not only do we have much more in-depth video training inside, but we have professional copywriters go over all your emails in our 24/7 forum, or on our weekly Office Hours calls! 

    Also make sure to signup for our email newsletter here:



    Neville Medhora - Copywriter and Email Marketer


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    • Administrator

    Thanks so much @Michael Muttiah! While this is a free version for the public, I still like all the private stuff we have even better 😬

    I've definitely noticed in the members area those videos can get more in-depth. The YouTube videos need to be more entertaining to hit!

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    I saw this guy in Nuremberg in Germany, I thought you'd enjoy his 'clear copywriting comms'. You'll be interested to know, his 'weed' cup was the fullest!

    Feel free to use the pic however you want, if you want


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    Think this looks great Nev, looking forward to putting some of this to use!

    Is your course on building a course available anywhere these days? Seen it on appsumo’s teachable page but it’s not available to buy

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    Good work dear for sending this special course.

    I was in dire need of it.

    Always dreamed of accessing such a wonderful source of information.

    It is really nice.

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    Hey @Neville,

    Good stuff!

    Here are a few things that might be helpful. 

    1. Do "Before" and "After" of a few completely different examples from your bad email bank

    Example: B2B , Ecomm Cold Email

    2. Present a few emails that did really well and annotate the structure and what you think made it work.

    I think this will help acquire patterns for good copy, especially for selling emails.


    I'm not sure how labor-intensive this would be for you, but it's definitely something that will be valuable for people to pick up your brain at scale.


    It would be a nice selling point if you decide to put it in the paid membership. 

    Edited by Mony Simeonov
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