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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday July 14th, 2023)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, July 14th, 2023


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Whose hot dog would you want in your mouth? 


    I love how adding "Foot Long" just makes it more enticing or that you get more value!


    This is an awesome axis-graph which let’s you see where you are on the smart/ugly/hot/dumb scale! 

    This would be awesome to recreate for your industry:



    Craigslist was basically THE main platform for individual-to-individual transactions during the early stages of the web.

    It will be interesting to see which other mega platforms get unbundled over time:



    In Texas there's this famous gas station called Buc-ee's...and each one is absolutely gigantic, almost like a small Wal-Mart:


    It's got like 100+ gas pumps, 100+ restrooms, a gigantic carwash, and it's like a mall inside with food and chachkies. 

    I saw this sign out front a few days ago, and was kind surprised by how high some of the salaries were!


    If I were a teenager or on summer break, this would be an awesome place to work!


    Platforms change, but good content and interesting people always rise to the top. For example....

    It used to be MySpace
    It used to be Friendster
    It used to be LinkedIn
    It used to be LinkedIn Posts
    It used to be Orkut
    It used to be Facebook
    It used to be Facebook Pages
    It used to be Bebo
    It used to be YouTube
    It used to be YouTube Shorts
    It used to be Xanga
    It used to be Twitter
    It used to be Flickr
    It used to be Tumblr
    It used to be Pinterest
    It used to be Podcasts
    It used to be Instagram
    It used to be Instagram Stories
    It used to be Google
    It used to be Google+
    It used to be Google Video
    It used to be Snapchat
    It used to be Vine
    It used to be TikTok
    It used to be Periscope
    It used to be Twitch
    It used to be Reddit
    It used to be Discord
    It used to be Quora
    It used to be Medium
    It used to be SubStack
    It used to be ClubHouse
    It used to be Threads
    ....the list goes on.

    There's sooooo many ways to spread your message, focus is becoming a problem:


    Here's 3 questions to figure out which platform to focus on:
    1. What social network do I have a natural advantage?
    2. Will I enjoy spending 1-3 years of time on this platform?
    3. Which one helps me create “Cascading Content”?

    That last one to me is big.

    Which social network do you create content on, that can be used as content elsewhere?

    That's what I call "Cascading Content"



    This cool graphic shows that if you take notes you can retain the wisdom of books you read:


    I personally take all my notes in Apple Notes now, not directly in books anymore because I can recall/view them from any device.

    Where do YOU keep your notes? I'm always interested in hearing how people keep these. Reply and lemme know!

    Neville Medhora



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    • Administrator

    Nice @Monica Lim! Mine is exact same, although I’d add SwipeFile.Com in there as I post interesting things I see there.

    I’m starting to try Notion again, I’m still biggest fan of Google Docs but Notions organization is much better!


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    Do you see something cool for SWIPES and just send it straight to your Apple Notes? or Google Docs? I am also playing around with Google Docs more. Copying stuff from Notion to other platforms it messes things up sometimes. So I end up doing a lot of reformating, taking markings out, etc. With Google Docs seems to be easier. So if Notion is not the END destination, sometimes better to use Google Docs.

    Love your SWIPES curation Neville! 

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    • Administrator

    Thank you Ed! I do something similar, but try to now go straight into Apple Notes since that's where it'll end up anyway!

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    I'm old school and write my notes in a notebook.

    The physical act of writing means we are simultaneously processing the information in our own way.

    Or, as this article from The Conversation puts it, we are note-making rather than just note-taking.

    Plus, I just like the reassurance on the front of my current notebook!


    Incidentally, the article also shows you're in great company with your penchant for doodles, graphics and images: 

    Leonardo da Vinci wrote:


    “…the more minutely you describe, the more you will confuse the mind of the reader and the more you will remove him from knowledge of the thing described. Therefore it is necessary to make a drawing … as well as to describe …”

    Have a great weekend!

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    1. I highlight the most critical points I want to remember in the e-book.  I go back and review the highlights after I finish each chapter.
    2. I have created a Word document called “Book Notes” and use the speech-to-text feature on my Mac to read the notes out loud and into the Word document. 
    3. I then have a reference document for each subject I read where I’ve created my own personal book summary for review.
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    I keep notes in a notebook... always to hand on my bedside table or in the inside pocket of my jacket.

    OR in obsidian an amazing opensource software to create a second (numeric) brain. 

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    Hey! Can you remind me who the divorce guy is in the membership? Rob? I have a friend who does divorce coaching and may be interested in his business.

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    Magical greetings Neville! 

    I have started using Readwise to review my Kindle highlights/notes. 

    Readwise allows you to have a daily review of a random selection from all or one of your books. 

    You can also import your own PDF's. 

    Have you heard of it? 

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    Two things 

    1) when I mark books for notes or clip articles I put them into one of two organization “bins” according to the context.   
    For physical books and pages I pile them by context and then by content.  So a marketing book would be in the marketing pile but my book marks would be according to the content I want to reference later.  

    Same with digital, but with more detail because you can’t see anything to remind you of what your looking for.  Example: a big yellow book would remind your brain of what was inside of it.  Digital copies of the yellow book would lack such reminders.  

    So for digital I have a browser folder list where I save articles by context then content.  For kindle I underline and make notes in the ebook.  For pdf I have a folder set-up the same way... context then content.  
    All this is searchable and browsable to save time.  Works great.  

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