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The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday July 7th, 2023)

Swipe📁Wisdom🧠Interesting🧐Picture🖼 • Essay📄Splurge✍
A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Edition: Friday, July 7th, 2023


🎤 Listen to this email here:


If you want people to take action, give them an analogy they can relate to. This sign pulls it off perfectly 😂hand-wash-sign.jpg


This sign I saw at a CB2 store stepped up their copy from “Now Hiring” to “Dream Job Alert” which is far more compelling. Also checkout the 3 bullet points at the end giving more reasons to be interested!

A+ copywriting!



Before the internet, the way a “lead magnet” worked was getting someone to send you a physical piece of mail expressing interest in a product, then you mailed them back a brochure.

The bottom part of this ad is the CTA:


The lead magnet transaction process used to take 2 to 6 weeks...now it's instant 😬



I like taking pictures of signs/billboards/advertising and collecting them in my personal Swipe File. I saw “Reptile Expo” sign placed on a construction fence a few days ago.

I snapped a picture while at a red light...and later pondered:

"Did they place the Reptile Expo sign at this intersection because it was a high traffic intersection....or because of that big dinosaur in the background?" 😂



A "One Pager" is meant to be a high-level-overview on a topic, generally printed on ONE side of paper.

These are frequently used in government when an agency is trying to pass a bill or convince others on department policy, like this:



Here's a One Pager that tries to convey different thinking errors:



Here's a One Pager used in AltMBA for potential students to give to their employer:


I'm a big fan of One Pagers myself, as they can now be used for social media images, website assets, and used in all your marketing materials!


Currently reading this book….about halfway through and it’s a great read so far!

A Russian immigrant comes to America, finds out you can eat a banana even when it has some spots, and creates a huge empire. He buys ships, creates huge plantations, and controls entire countries.

It's called "The fish that ate the whale, America's Banana King"


I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
Neville Medhora



P.S. For those who've asked, we've added back the $97/mo plan for Copywriting Course!


Recommended Comments

Your SWIPES email was banging on all cylinders today! 

I look forward to reading it every Friday and seeing the graphics so that when I listen to your podcast later (yes, I do both) I can visualize them. 🙂

Hope to hear more about Banana King!

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  • Administrator

Hey Doug thanks for letting me know you listen to it as a podcast version! Appreciate the kind words, and hope to have more bangers coming your way!

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Guest Esther

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy the swipes email. Thank you so much for sharing. It's always engaging and I learn something every time. 

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Do you have any ideas on where to find other One-Pager examples? I have to create a few of these, and looking for more inspiration.

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A year or two ago your name came up in a post in the Facebook group called The Copywriter Club. 

I think they were asking for a course referral. It was back when you were using Kopywriting.

I 100% jokingly wrote that you could not even spell copywriter correctly and I noticed that soon after that you changed to Copywriter. I always hope that was not because of me poking fun at your cleverness and am sorry if it was.

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The SWIPE Book: Insights into Ads (and a few other things) with Neville Medhora

*get all past swipes mails, collate them together into one big file, then edit, comment on them.
**at first i thought 'advertizing' or maybe 'advertizing' or "put sing into ads" or "put zing into advertizing", maybe as a subtitle. you probably know U.S. English advertizing but U.K. advertising.

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  • Administrator

TBH Eric, this ain't a bad idea!!

One issues maayybbeee is that a lot of these belong to others. But other than that, I LIKE IT!!

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Also compiling my own photo swipes file: this is in Italian but elegant, light, robust - answers all objections in 3 words, ammiright? 

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Neville - question for you. You have a few "generators" on your website. How did you create these? I have 3-4 use cases for this, but can't figure out how to put one on my website. 

Any advice (paid, free, whatever) would be great! 

p.s. that dinosaur photo was hilarious! Also the banana king is a great book. 

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  • Administrator

Thanks Ryan! 

The generators are all custom built, you'd have to learn it yourself of get a developer to create HTML + Javascript for you. 

Can even try using ChatGPT to help you program!!

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You can copy a paragraph or even a page, write commentary thereon, and link back to their work. All that makes a finding of fair use much likelier.

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I took your advice, and had Chat GPT write the code for me. 
Took a bit of finessing, but it was BADASS. Thank your this idea

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  • Administrator

That's so cool Ryan, I love ChatGPT for coding, it's so cool and will keep getting better!

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Regarding the Reptile Expo sign -- 

yes, that is a massive intersection in Austin, TX at Barton Springs and South Lamar Blvd

it's like 6 lanes going all four directions lol

haven't seen it in a second, brought back memories

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  • Administrator

Totally April! It's a great intersection to advertise on, so many eyeballs!

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