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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday June 30th, 2023)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, June 30th, 2023
    *Last Call for Copywriting Course Mid-Year Sale*


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Over the course of 120 years you can see a design macro-trend happen with the Burberry logo: They go from complex design style, to simple, back to complex.


    I think in the last 10-20 years I've seen the "simplification" style of design, and now I think it'll start to swing the other way with bolder and more complex designs. 


    This image is a cool demonstration why it’s better to take smaller steps. 
    Instead of “I want to make $1,000,000 right now” try “I’m going to make $100 this week.”

    Then expand goal, and move to the next step.



    Originally listed out by Joe Sugarman in his book The AdWeek Copywriting Handbook, he identified 24 “Triggers” that can cause people to purchase something.


    I have referred to this list countless times when building campaigns!


    I'm trying to spruce up my home office video setup, so @theKevinShen and team helped me first design this rendering for the backdrop: 


    I bought all the stuff required, and this is how it looks in real life (I don't know anything about lighting, so forgive the picture). 


    Kevin will be helping shuffle things around soon, and I'll update how that goes. Some constraints I had for this backdrop:

    #1.) Make it a cool vibe for working.
    #2.) Don't clutter it up with tons of studio equipment.
    #3.) I didn't want to rip out the grasscloth wallpaper.
    #4.) The room must also doubles as extra guest bedroom when I've got a full house of people (that couch turns into a queen bed).


    Currently the setup looks like this with me in the shot.


    The next step is to get the lighting setup correctly. 

    I'm trying to keep my desk as un-touched by equipment as possible which is difficult. 

    I also like having all the cameras and lights be sit-stand with my desk...another hurdle. 

    This is the desk against the wall I usually work at:


    Anyways, I'll update more as progress continues! Hope you liked this little desk tour 🙂


    Sometimes in marketing, math formulas are used, but they are often too boring or dry....and people glaze over them. Like this:


    Instead I like to make these into “Visual Math Formulas” which makes them easier to understand. 

    Here’s 4 examples: 
    - Churn Rate 
    - Average Order Value 
    - Conversion Rate 
    - Customer Acquisition Cost

    Churn Rate:


    Average Order Value:

    Conversion Rate:


    Customer Acquisition Cost:


    When you add easy visuals to something, it reduces the number of "Brain Cycles" people need to comprehend it.


    Should you answer this call??


    I'm letting you know TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to get a full 35% off the Copywriting Course for a full year. 

    That brings the price from $750 → $487.50 for the entire year.

    I want you to optimize the hell out of your Q3 and Q4 this year, and starting right now is the way to go:


    I want you to strengthen the hell out of all your marketing materials, which adds up to a having a great Q3 and Q4:


    The deadline is tonight at 11:59pm, so jump on this now:

    Normal: $750
    Today: $487.50
    (use coupon
    MIDYEAR at checkout)


    I hope you enjoyed your Friday, and hope to see you in our private Members Area today!
    Neville Medhora


    Recommended Comments

    • Moderator

    Great newsletter, @Neville

    Love the psychological triggers list.

    Enjoyed the desk tour. Fun to see how others work.

    Glad you're keeping the grasscloth wallpaper.

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    • Administrator

    Thank you @Susana Crofton! The grasscloth wallpaper looks amazing in person....maybe not the best for a video background, but goal #1 is to make the room look awesome in person 🙂 

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    I want to buy you pizza! So I cut a slice off my price. Copywriting course, just 50 bucks. That's 20 dollars cheaper! Do want pepperoni or cheese?

    I don't think % or $# is as effective as putting the savings in concrete terms. This is why "When you order I will send you my FREE welcome gift" is often better. Maybe I am wrong, and it depends on the customer? Me, and maybe most people, will see a concrete benefit better than an abstract one.

    Which excites you more? A pizza? Or 20 dollars? Why?

    I have some other thoughts, but i really want you to sell lots of your kopywriting and think your audience might respond better. Then again, on just a smart phone you've got maybe 20 or even 10 words? Here goes

    Want free pizza? Click here & learn more smart ad trix!

    Thanks for swipes! still thinking...

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    I am interested in the copywriting course, but am curious if I would be able to use it appropriately. I am a graphic designer and want to get better at writing copy. My full time job is in the AEC industry where I primarily manage social media and compile project proposals with lots of technical content. In addition, I pick up freelance graphic design projects on the side, but I often rely on clients to provide copy for the content. So here's my question – if I join the copywriting course, would I be able to use it for both my full time and freelance work?

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    • Administrator

    Hey Katie absolutely!!

    This is what we are good at. 

    Actually you can bring specific projects (freelance or work) you're working on to our 24/7 feedback forum, or show up every Thursday and just ask me directly and I'll help you myself. 

    Would be a perfect fit! https://copywritingcourse.com/join

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    Now what if i told you, in addition to the pizza, I want to send you the whole pizza factory! Don't worry, it will totally fit in your kitchen!
    You could have as much pizza as you want, all the time, any time! And it would cost just 487 pieces of paper. But you have to order your pizza factory today because tomorrow it will cost over 700 pieces of paper.

    Piece of paper? Piece of pizza. Choice seems obvious to me.

    Order your "pizza factory" (or whatever else you want to factor!) today for just $487.

    Should you answer this call??

    You totally should. I think the USP is more appealing when put in concrete terms instead of % or $

    It's "just" warm, cheezy, tomato saucy, and crispy crust, plus whatever "toppings" YOU want!

    I think the ladder was brilliant.
    "100 bucks a day to a millionnaire: How to get rich!" by Neville Medhora.

    I still have to generate a good mnemonic to remember those 24 psychological triggers.

    SWIPES always delights and pleasant surprises.

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    I’m interested in your Copywriting Course. I know there’s a promo on right now, but just wanted to ask if there is a refund policy/money back guarantee for the program. I didn’t see one on the website.

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    • Administrator

    Hey Jonathan yes it's right on the sales page! 


    The Copywriting Course offers a Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you give our programs an honest try, come to our Office Hours sessions, ask for help from the community, and are still not satisfied with our materials, tell us and we'll take care of you.

    Although if you're already planning on refunding might not be right 😕
    We offer a great product/service and hold up our end of the bargain!

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    • Administrator

    Thank you so much for the kind words Esther!

    BTW I think this got replied to twice....sorry about that!

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    • Administrator

    Hey Clint thank you!

    I do MyBodyTutor.com for diet and very recently started a new workout program with a company in Austin call Central Athlete.

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    Maybe turning the wall-mounted lamp to face the ceiling, especially if the ceiling is white or any other light color, might help a bit here. Alternatively:

    • Move it a little farther from the wall.
    • Have it point a little more towards the ground instead of the art.
    • Replace the bulb with something that's about 25% less bright.


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    • Administrator

    Oh wow thanks for the advice Abhilash!

    These are actually all Hue Bulbs, so they can be remotely controlled to dim. This specific pic I had them kinda bright. 

    I'm having a lighting person swing by soon so correct all these things, I'm no good at lighting 😬

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